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Another Catch-up Post Twofer

Seems I’ve been writing a lot of these of late. Work and life are conspiring to keep me busy. Here’s the last couple of workouts, plus we did yoga with V on Friday night (thanks V!)!

Saturday Team WOD

Saturday morning, Ev and I headed in for Team WOD at 10am. And we weren’t alone. There were 8 teams all together – mostly teams of 2, maybe a team or two of 3 people. But the place was definitely hopping. Caleb & Megan, Heather, Brent, Jimmy, Nick & Lisa, and a whole bunch of other folks. πŸ™‚ Coach Drea had her hands full!


After warming up a bit (400m jog, some other things) it was time to pick teams. It looked at first like I would be on a team of 3 with a couple of other guys, but Ev and I decided to work together and we took it slow and steady the whole way through.

  • 2 person teams
  • Cash in – Row 2000 meters
  • 25 push press #135/#95
  • 25 burpees over the bar
  • 25 deadlift #135/#95
  • 25 burpees over the bar
  • 25 thrusters#135/#95
  • 25 burpees over the bar
  • 25 front rack lunges #135/#95
  • 25 burpees over the bar
  • Cash out 2000 m bike

pablo (4)Ev and I started on the bike and ended with the row. She used a 65# bar for everything except for a few deadlifts she did with my bar. I used 95# for everything except for the front rack lunges – I dropped the bar on those.

Bar over burpees were awful. The bike to start was rough. But surprisingly it was the row at the end that smoked me.

We finished in 30:45 and I was happy to be done. πŸ™‚

Monday’s Metcon – Shoulders and Knees

This morning it was me, the two Melissas, and Bill with Coach Drea at 8:30. And I have to say I was not excited about this one. The numbers and movements are not among my strongest and I knew my body was going to object. πŸ™‚

kangaroo-warm-upWe started with two rounds of the warm-up:

  • 1:30 rowing
  • 10 walking lunges
  • 10 reverse grip PVC passthroughs
  • :30 plank walk up

90 minutes of rowing? No worries. I managed about 18 calories the first round and sprinted to 25 in the second. Walking lunges? Bah. Reverse grip pass-thrus – these were a challenge. I couldn’t get past my elbows – very awkward. And the 30 second plank walk-ups? Interesting – plank, then down to elbows, and back up again.

Good warm-up. Definitely tests flexibility and gets things moving.

body-weight-movementsBut then… we had to face the rest of the workout.

  • Metcon for Total Time
  • For time:
    • walking lunge
    • push-ups
    • medicine-ball cleans
    • pull-ups
    • walking lunge
  • Competitor: 100m, 100 reps, 100m, 20/14# medicine ball
  • Performance: 75m, 75 reps, 75m, 20/14# medicine ball
  • Fitness: 50m, 50 reps, 50m, 20/14# medicine ball

Walking lunges are never going to be one of my favorite movements. The fact that my knee has to touch the ground over and over again just tweaks everything from top to bottom. And then just the sheer volume of reps in-between with two shoulder-intense movements like push-ups and pull-ups, plus med-ball cleans.

bodyweight_walking_lungeYeah, this was not something I looked forward to attempting. I seem to recall trying to get through 100 push-ups for time with Isaac & Bill one day and struggling mightily. Add to that hundreds of reps of other movements and yeah… Ugh.

So how’d it go?

  • Performance reps:
    • 75m walking lunges outside
    • 75 push-ups (started with 10 and did sets of 5 mostly, happy to say I didn’t drop to knee push-ups)
    • 75 med-ball cleans (20# medicine ball – sets of 5-10)
    • 75 pull-ups (started with a set of 10, then a set of 5, then dropped to ring rows for the remainder – sets of 5 for the most part)
    • 75m walking lunges – more awful than the first set
  • Final time: 33:06 (or so)

The switch from pull-ups to ring rows was not unexpected. My knees were ticked after the first round of walking lunges and my shoulders were fried before the end of the push-ups. The med-ball cleans added insult to injury, and the pull-ups were bound to fall apart.

survived-didnt-dieI was more surprised I think that Melissa, Melissa, and Bill all crushed the walking lunges and left me in the dust. The final 75m, I started before any of them and was still the last one done. They are uncomfortable, slow, and still better than they were 5 years ago.

Ultimately, I’m just happy that I finished this one.

Thanks all!


Back Squats, Thrusters, and L-sits, Oh my

In the last few weeks we’ve only had few strength days. This week, we had two. I think the CrossFit gods are messing with me. πŸ™‚Β Made it in this morning with Ev for the 8:30 class. Coach Lara had a few of us — Melissa S, KB, Lisa, and Caleb joined in the fun.

20180823_093515Started with a similar warm-up to the last few days. Only did one round because we had a lot to get through in the workout, and then got right into some movement warm-ups with an empty barbell: back squats, front squats, push press, thrusters…

From there, we found a rack to work from and got moving. I paired up with Caleb today, who is nursing a sore quad today. He is a beast, but was a bit slower today and more patient with weight because of the quad.

The workout was a triplet of 4’s:

  • Back squats – 4×3
  • Thrusters – 4×3
  • L-sit holds – 4 attempts at a max hold

So how’d it go?

illustrated-squatBack squats went pretty well, and I got a bit further than I expected…

  • 135# x10 (warm-up)
  • 155# x7 (warm-up)
  • 175# x5 (warm-up)
  • 185# x3
  • 205# x3
  • 225# x3
  • 235# x3

Last time I wrote down we did this was back in December 2016, so it’s been a while since I updated the old spreadsheet. But I hit 3×265# back then. Looks like we did 5×3 back in March and I stayed at 225#, so a bit better than a few months ago, but not as good as a couple of years ago. That’s about par for the course. πŸ™‚

2013-thrusters-combinedThen we shifted to thrusters…

  • 45# x5 (warm-up)
  • 95# x5 (warm-up)
  • 95# x3
  • 115# x4 (felt good enough, I did an extra without thinking!)
  • 135# x3
  • 145# x3

This was actually surprising to me. Last numbers in the spreadsheet for thrusters were 2x 145# in December 2016 and my one rep was 175# around my birthday in 2016. Though we’ve had a few workouts where we’ve done thrusters, it’s not been a movement we’ve gone heavy on for quite a while.

But they didn’t feel too bad today (obviously if I got an extra one in that one set). Caleb and I chatted about it afterwards and he mentioned that starting with heavier back squats actually warmed up the system to where it was readier for the thruster load than it normally is. Neurological load. (Here’s a good article about it.)

I also changed my feet a little, making my squat a bit wider. That definitely helped.

Mine didn’t look anything like this. πŸ™‚

Makes me wonder what my one rep might be now for a thruster, since it’s dropped on many other movements. The body is a funny thing.

When all that was done, we did L-sit holds for a maximum time. Not one of my strongest movements, for sure. And one where I knew my first attempt would be the longest of the four.

Well, I managed one hold of 19 seconds. The rest dropped precipitously after that… 10 seconds, 7 seconds, and 9 seconds… Just as predicted. πŸ™‚ But I was very happy with the 19 second hold.

All in all, not a bad strength day. πŸ™‚ Thanks Lara and thanks for all the encouragement Caleb!!

Light Thrusters Were Ugly

So after doing well on Monday and surviving Tuesday, I have to admit that my body was starting to tell me some things yesterday. I was glad I took it as a rest day. πŸ™‚

Today however I was wondering what the heck I was doing!

Made it in for Drea’s 8:30 class with Ev & AJ and we were joined by a whole bunch of folks – Caleb & Megan, Todd & Melissa, KB, Sarah, Stacy’s sister, Kelli, and Dee. It was a fun bunch and Sarah’s last workout before moving out of state. (Hoping to work out with Jonathan next week before he heads out too.)

and-for-a-warm-up-some-mountain-climbers_o_1678197We started with a different warm-up than earlier in the week:

  • 2 rounds
  • 200m run
  • 10 supinated grip pvc passthrus (these were tough – my wrists/forearms don’t like twisting in that direction apparently)
  • 10 good push-ups
  • 10 PVC good mornings
  • 10 lying hollow straight-arm press downs with a PVC pipe

From there it was straight into front squat and thruster practice, first with a PVC pipe and then with an empty bar. Shoulders were still a little fired up from Tuesday’s dumbbell work – especially my left.

My thrusters didn’t quite look as good as these

The workout? An interesting one –

  • Competitor –Β 4 rounds for time of:
    • 15 GHD sit-ups
    • 30 thrusters, 65/45#
    • 45 double-unders
  • Performance – 4 rounds for time of:
    • 10 GHD sit-ups
    • 30 thrusters, 45/35#
    • 45 double-unders
  • Fitness – 3 rounds for time of:
    • 15 sit-ups
    • 30 squats
    • 45 single-unders

look-at-scaling-featOf course, I scaled a bit:

  • 4 rounds for time
    • 15 floor-based GHD sit-ups with an abmat (accentuating the kick-out and pushing knees to the ground)
    • 30 thrusters with a 45# bar
    • 1 minute of double-under practice
    • 45 single-unders
  • Time – 19:30

I managed to actually get 9 double-unders throughout the accumulated 4 minutes of double-under practice I did outside (busy class – lots of bodies). All of them were essentially in the single-single-double pattern. I almost got a couple of them strung together (single-single-double-single-single-failed double) but couldn’t control my feet. Apparently I can do single-unders with my feet in a lot of weird positions, but get caught up on doubles in those same positions.

Talking with Drea, she wants me to focus on a different pattern. Double-double. So stringing two together in a row. If I can do that, she thinks I should be able to do more. I may attempt some single-single-double-double combinations just to get going and see how that goes.

survived-didnt-dieThe thrusters however were by far the worst part of this one. Sit-ups were easy. Double-unders are a work in progress. Thrusters with an empty 45# barbell sucked. Something about the combination of sore quads and my left shoulder made a good number of them go wonky. I was breaking them up in odd ways:

  • 15-10-5
  • 10-5-10-5
  • 10-5-5-5-5

But we got through them even if they were awkward and slow. I wonder if adding a little weight (the 65#) would have helped or made them worse.

Anyway – great work folks!

All the Calories

So today I was the sole representative of Clan Fitzpatrick at Team WOD. Made it in about 9:45 for a 10am workout and was joined by a number of folks. Coach Drea kept us in line. We had Lisa & Nick & Katie, Marino, Caleb, Steve, Jonathan, Shaun & Stacy & Stacy’s sister, Kelli, and maybe a few others. It was a good crew.

We started with a similar warm-up to earlier in the week, with a 200m jog and thenΒ Cossack squats, inchworms with a push-up, and Spider-man crawls, with a few PVC pass-thrus. At the end we added some warm-ups with a bar for the movements we’d be doing during the workout itself.

keep-calm-and-amrapI partnered with Jonathan and Steve today, which had an entertaining consequence I’ll get to in a minute.

What was the workout? In teams of 3, we tackled a series of three AMRAPs:

  • AMRAP 7:
    • 100/70 Calorie Assault Bike
    • Max Clean and Jerks (155/105/115/75)
  • Rest 3 Minutes
  • AMRAP 6:
    • 80/60 Calorie Assault Bike
    • Max Power Snatches (135/95/95/65)
  • Rest 3 Minutes
  • AMRAP 5:
    • 60/40 Calorie Assault Bike
    • Max Thrusters (115/75/75/55)
Pure Evil

So our team of 3 had a fun mix of heights. Steve is a runner, tall and lanky. I’m middle of the road. And Jonathan is a bit shorter than I am. We decided early on that Steve should take the bike and Jonathan and I would split the other calories on the rower. As a result, our workout changed a little.

  • AMRAP 7 – 80 calories (Steve did 30 on bike, we did 25 each on rower)
  • AMRAP 6 – 60 calories (everybody did 20)
  • AMRAP 5 – same as AMRAP 6

We grabbed two separate bars and warmed up. Jonathan and I used one bar and Steve went with a little lighter bar. I think he did 65# for the whole workout. Jonathan and I varied it a little:

  • AMRAP 7 – 135# clean & jerks
  • AMRAP 6 – 115# power snatches
  • AMRAP 5 – 115# thrusters

And we were off to the races with everybody else.

In the first row, I burned through 25 calories in about 55 seconds. That got Jonathan’s attention and we started racing in the next two rounds. I did 20 calories in about 43 seconds in the second round. He responded by doing 20 in about 36 seconds. And in the last one, I tried to keep up with him and did 20 calories in about 37 seconds. He STILL beat me about 36 seconds.

Jonathan pointed out that he’s younger than I am by about 10 years, but hey… that didn’t stop me. πŸ™‚


So as far as reps we did pretty well – we alternated a few each and went until time went out.

  • AMRAP 7 – 23 clean & jerks total
  • AMRAP 6 – 32 power snatches total
  • AMRAP 5 – 35 thrusters total (because Jonathan did 20 of them!)

Not too shabby. We made it to 80 reps across the three AMRAPs and never really stopped moving. It was a fun workout.

Thanks Jonathan & Steve for being my teammates and great work everybody!

Sleep? Schmeep!

It seems just about every time I have written one of these posts in the last few weeks, I’ve complained about how crazy things are. This week is no different. Started with Murph and got crazier from there.

  • Crazy-Job-2015020406Monday: Murph
  • Tuesday: Walk 2.8 miles
  • Wednesday: Mobility work
  • Thursday: Hero WOD – Otis
  • Friday – Walk 2.8 miles
  • Saturday – Team WOD

And I think in the last two nights I’ve had less sleep than I have in months. Last night I was up about every hour from 11pm to 4am waiting for the 4:15am alarm to go off so we could get a kiddo off on a fantastic school trip this morning. The night before I spent a few hours on the couch and then tossed and turned in bed a few hours after that. Ugh.

What was today? So we were up at 4, dropped off a kid at 5, home by 5:15 – crashed hard when we got home until 7:30 or a bit after. Headed into the box early (8:30) for a seminar on our new nutrition challenge that starts Monday. And then we did the team WOD about 10:30…

20180602_112141There were quite a few folks there this morning for team WOD. We maybe had 6-8 teams of 2-3 people. I could barely keep track. πŸ™‚ Ev, Jonathan, and I teamed up and tackled the following workout from Jimmy:

  • 36 minute AMRAP for 2-3 people teams
  • Five 6 minute AMRAPs
  • #1 – 12 thrusters, 9 burpees over the bar (95/75#)
  • #2 – 12 SDHPs, 9 t2b (95/75#)
  • #3 – 50 foot yoke carry (pick the weight)
  • #4 – 12 power cleans, 9 push-ups (95/75#)
  • #5 – 12 KBS (70/53/44/35#), 50 ft sled push (pick weight)
  • Rest 90 seconds between

20180602_111744Our team started with station #4.

  • 9 rounds + 15 (55# bar)
  • 9 rounds – 53# KB for Jonathan and I, 35# for Ev; 45# on sled for Ev, #90 on sled for us
  • 5 rounds + 3 reps (55# bar)
  • 7 rounds + 5 (55# bar, mix of t2b and k2e)
  • 22 rounds (no additional weight on 180# yoke)

Not too shabby. We kept moving for sure.

I think the burpees and toes to bar were the worst parts for me. T2b really tweaked my left shoulder for some reason. But we made it through.

Great work everybody!

18.5 is done!

Little things. I’m coming to find big satisfaction in little things. Like being able to string together chest to bar pull-ups and laugh with my crossfit family.

crossfit-games-open-2018That said, I’m happy to report that 18.5 is done. Went in for Friday Night Lights at Continuum and built up the oomph to jump into one of the heats that started earlier in the night. Cheered on friends. Warmed up a bit. Nothing I did really made me feel “ready” to do this workout. But when a spot opened up in a heat with Jordan & Lara, I shifted into position and did the workout anyway. πŸ™‚

I’ll talk about the motivation problem later, but let’s get into the workout.

Castro had all of us #intheopen vote for one of three workouts for 18.5. Ultimately we chose c2b and thrusters.

  • Workout 18.5 = 12.5 = 11.6
  • Complete as many reps as possible in 7 minutes of:
    • 3 thrusters
    • 3 chest-to-bar pull-ups
    • 6 thrusters
    • 6 chest-to-bar pull-ups
    • 9 thrusters
    • 9 chest-to-bar pull-ups
    • 12 thrusters
    • 12 chest-to-bar pull-ups
    • 15 thrusters
    • 15 chest-to-bar pull-ups
    • 18 thrusters
    • 18 chest-to-bar pull-ups
  • This is a timed workout. If you complete the round of 18, go on to 21. If you complete 21, go on to 24, etc.
  • Men use 100#

I knew that the chest-to-bar pull-ups would be my limiting factor. Last year I could only do jumping c2b, but over the last 12 months I’ve worked my way up to doing real c2b more consistently. Maybe not for prolonged periods of time, but two or three at a time were doable.


100# thrusters weren’t going to be fun, but they were doable. And the bonus for this workout was the 7 minute hard cap. Go until you’re out of time and then you’re done. Woo!

So how’d it go? I managed to get through 3 and 3, 6 and 6, and 9… and the 9 chest to bars took FOREVER. Then, when that was done I did another 8 thrusters. Didn’t hurt that Jonathan was urging me forward again as my judge.

I no-repped myself at least twice on that set of 9. Hand position was an issue — plus the tear on a finger on my right hand (from rope climbs on Thursday) made things tricky. But we managed.

44 isn’t a huge score, but it was my third Rx’d workout this year in the open. I’m more than good with that – I’m very happy. And later this week I want to reflect on this year’s open a bit — the good and the bad — and what I need to work on going forward.

My motivation issues were interesting. It happened last week a bit with 18.4 as well, where I knew what I needed to do and warmed up a bit, but never felt really energized to do the workout like I did the first couple of weeks. But here’s the thing — I was there to do the workout and I did when the opportunity presented itself.

It wasn’t ever that I was not going to do the workout, it was just getting into the “ok, let’s go” kind of mentality I needed. So I was grateful for my coaches and friends at the box for encouraging me to go in that moment. I may not have made it as far as I would have liked, but I did what I went to do and did a good job when it needed to happen.

Congratulations to everybody who did 18.5 last night at Continuum and around the world. Y’all killed it!


Team WOD Saturday with Mickey!

Hello Saturday!

This morning it was just Mickey and I from Team Fitzy going in (indoor soccer and work prevented AJ and Ev from joining us), but we made it in for Team WOD with Coaches Jimmy & Drea. We were definitely not alone! Marino, Caleb & Megan, Lara, Dee, Brent, Robert and his cousin, Stacy, Amber & Liam, and a few others were there to join us.

b04c6ed2970ac4c861a63625f42d9532We started with the med ball warm-up and did some PVC work before diving into a refresher on all the various movements for this workout using an empty barbell. Mickey and I teamed up and used different barbells, but decided we’d chug through the workout together. πŸ™‚

Jimmy put together a good workout today… I never took his name in vain so far as I can remember, so it must have not been TOO bad. πŸ™‚

  • AMRAP – 5 rounds of 5 minutes each with a 2 minute rest between
  • 2 person teams
  • each person must complete the couplet before the next person can start
  • Round 1
    • 5 Deadlift #185/#125
    • 9 Push-ups
  • Rd 2
    • 5 Front Squat #135/#95
    • 9 Sit-ups
  • Rd 3
    • 5 Thrusters #95/#75
    • 9 Burpees
  • Rd 4
    • 5 Back Squat #135/#95
    • 9 Pull-ups
  • Rd 5
    • 5 Front rack Lunges #135/95
    • 9 Cal Bike/Row

lift-all-the-weightsSo how’d we do? Well, I knew a few things would be scaled through there. πŸ™‚

  • Round 1 – 10 rounds
    • 185# deadlifts (me)
    • 105# deadlifts (Mickey)
    • regular push-ups for me and a mix of regular and from-knees for Mickey
  • Round 2 – 7 rounds
    • 115# front squats (scaled from 135# for myself)
    • 75# front squats for Mickey
    • regular sit-ups
  • Round 3 – 5 rounds
    • 95# thrusters (me)
    • Mickey started at 55# and dropped to 35#
    • Burpees sucked across the board. πŸ™‚
  • Round 4 – 5 rounds
    • 135# back squats (me)
    • 55# back squats (Mickey)
    • pull-ups – I got through two sets of 9 unbroken and Mickey did a combination of regular kipping pull-ups (looked great!) and ring rows
  • Round 5 – 4 rounds +5
    • Dropped all the way to a 45# bar for me on these — lunges aren’t my favorite thing anyway, but adding weight makes them even worse!
    • Mickey did a 35# bar for her lunges
    • and we rowed

So not too bad… We kept moving, had fun, and didn’t scale a whole lot. πŸ™‚

Plus I got to talk geeky with Robert, Caleb, and Liam. What more could I ask for? πŸ™‚

Have a great weekend folks!!