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Gymnastics plus Team WOD equals Tired

So this morning I had the opportunity not only to attend Coach Nicole’s gymnastics class (my core will be sore) but attend a Team WOD put together by Coach Clare. (And then I sat through the 2 hour 45 minute running time of Blade Runner 2049, but that’s a topic for a different blog.)

I was able to attend both with AJ today, which was cool. She’s had so much going on with soccer over the last few weeks that she hasn’t had many opportunities to WOD with us, so that was great. Plus it gave her an opportunity to meet Nicole!

Unfortunately she may have banged her head while at an all-day party for a friend’s birthday up at Great Wolf Lodge, so we think she may have a minor concussion — which came into play later.

Gymnastics Class

There were quite a few of us for Nicole’s class — Clare, Clara, Stacie, Deana & Marino, Carrie, Caleb & Megan, Jed, and Adi.

We started with some fun stuff. We started in two teams and did a kettlebell relay race where each person got into a plank and touched a line of kettlebells with each hand (one at a time), scuttling sideways, then did a bear crawl to a cone, and ran back. It was entertaining. πŸ™‚ (Here’s an example from Youtube!)


From there we did a few other movements, like holding a good plank for 1 minute, 48 seconds, and 36 seconds, with a 30 second Jefferson curl hold, and a decreasing rest (1 minute, 48 seconds, and 36 seconds funny enough).

And then we moved to the rig to do some “hanging around” — hanging from the bar in an active shoulders position for a 3 count, then putting your feet into a 45 degree hold for another 3 count, and then a 90 degree hold for a 3 count (or holding your knees up, which is what I did). I had a hard time showing AJ how to pull those off, so Nicole came over and helped.

supermanAfter that we did a Superman hold with 5 cat/cow’s and a rest, in the same 1 minute/48 seconds/36 second pattern we did with the plank/Jefferson curl/rest combination.

We did a bit of ring dip work, trying to focus on getting our shoulders into the proper place with our elbows up… That was entertaining. I definitely felt it in muscle groups I’ve not felt it before — especially my pectoral. Not sure I have that down yet, but it gives me somewhere to start.

Lastly we did some push-up work, because apparently we have a lot of push-ups to do on Friday. It was interesting to see the “snake” method vs. the butt-up method shown. Mine were ok, but they always give up eventually — so it was good to see some scaling options to change the angle — i.e. to weight plates (she used two 45#s), a weight bench, or a plyo box.

Team WOD

And that was it today for that. Of course, we couldn’t just let it be… No, we had to do the team workout as well — and I set myself up for that one by roping in Robert as well. πŸ™‚ (I felt a little bad that I think Adi thought we would be on a team together — using a 70# kettlebell for part of the workout– but he ended up going with another team and did great.)

assault-bikeSo we started the team WOD with a little competition… Devil’s Tricycle to Devil’s Tricycle. Two pairs would face off across from one another with a poor, unsuspecting foam roller in the middle. The breeze blowing from the assault bike would push the roller towards the competition — and the one who got it all the way across won.

We’ve done this before, but it was entertaining. I went vs. Brent and the damn roller didn’t move for what seemed like minutes, but it was only seconds. And eventually I ran out of steam and Brent got the better of me. Caleb went vs. Darcy with some help from Larry… AJ went vs. Adi with a bit of help.

It was a hoot.

2013-thrusters-combinedAfter that, we did some thruster refresher work with a PVC pipe before we broke into our teams and started gathering equipment. It was me, Robert, and AJ on a team, but we were far from alone. I think we had 6 or 7 teams all together.

We needed:

  • A kettlebell (we had two — a 55# for Robert and I and a 25# for AJ)
  • An empty barbell (45# for Robert and I and a 15# trainer bar for AJ)

kettlebell-swingItems in hand, we tackled the WOD in question:

  • Teams of 3
  • 100 KBS 53/35
  • 400m run
  • 100 barbell thrusters 45/35
  • 400m run
  • 80 burpees
  • 400m run
  • 100 barbell thrusters
  • 400m run
  • 100 KBS

Yes, this was going to be a doozy. Running and lots of reps. Yay? πŸ™‚ And, to make matters worse, Clare added the following to the workout:

  • While a member was doing KBS, another member had to do air squats (and the third could rest)
  • While a member was doing thrusters, another member had to plank (and the third could rest)
  • Burpees we could arrange however we wanted, together, separately, or sequentially…
  • And all three team members would do the run together.

That said, we started out with the best of intentions, but AJ’s headache got worse after the KBS and some air squats, so we had her bow out. She squeezed in a few more planks later on, but that was fine.

burpees-suck-white-e1415664950623We did:

  • 100 KBS
  • 100 thrusters
  • 80 burpees (these were no fun)
  • 66 thrusters
  • 66 KBS

And we did a lot of walking. There wasn’t a lot of rest for the two of us, so we used the “run” as our rest. πŸ™‚

Great work Robert! AJ’s head felt better later, but we’ll keep an eye on her just in case. And we all survived in the beautiful weather today.

So thank you Coaches Nicole & Clare for the fun workouts today. Definitely a challenge.

And somehow I managed to not fall asleep (much) during the movie! Have a great weekend folks!


Last Team WOD for a Bit

Soccer season is upon us, making team WOD Saturdays a bit less of an automatic thing, which makes me sad. However, we shall enjoy them when we can, like today. πŸ™‚

Today the girls stayed home, but Ev and I headed in to join the madness. Coach Clare was there to lead the troops and we had Monica & Dan, Deana & Marino, Shaun, Brent, Larry, Logan, Caleb & Megan and their crew, Austen, Adi, Robert, and a few others.

We started with a 400m run and a brief round of stretches before moving into some PVC pipe work for power snatches. But that didn’t take long and we were getting equipment to the floor pretty quickly after that to get moving!

  • Teams of 3
  • AMRAP 15 – rotate after each row
    • Athlete 1: 250m row, Athlete 2: Box jump overs 30/24″, Athlete 3: Deadlifts 135/95#
  • THEN
    • Team “Randy” (75 power snatch for time 75/55#) – 1 person works, 1 does OH weighted lunges, 1 rests

20170916_105917Robert, Ev, and I teamed up today and woof. We were done in 21:57 but worked our tails off.Β The first 15 minutes was the hardest I think. No rest as we just rotated through the three movements. Robert started us off, I did deadlifts, and Ev did box step-overs (we did 20″ box jumps or step-overs, but left everything else at the prescribed weights).

  • 27 deadlifts + 17 box jumps/step-overs = 44
  • 30 deadlifts + 18 box jumps/step-overs = 48
  • 29 + 14 = 43
  • 20 + 12 = 32
  • 28 + 20 = 48
  • 27 + 19 = 46
  • 20 + 14 = 34
  • 20 + 19 = 39
  • 27 + 20 = 47
  • 12 + 16 = 28
  • Total reps for 15 minutes: 409 (27 or so reps a minute)

Then we did the power snatches + weighted lunges where someone would rest. After swapping out weights on the bars, we were done with everything in 21:57, so about 6 minutes for that.

The second part was a little easier I thought, just because of the brief rest. But the OH lunges were awful. I stopped using a 25# plate pretty quickly because my legs were fried and just did lunges, which were a little easier. But either way, I wasn’t moving fast.

We watched Brent & Dan burn through this in about the same time we did, but in a team of two. They were flying and doing 30″ box jump overs. Crazy.

Great workout from Clare. A little bit of everything and no running. And not a 45-60 minute workout. I’ll take it. πŸ™‚

And not bad for my 5th workout of the week. Last week I did 6 and that was about my limit. 4-5 would be ideal because I get some recovery time in there.

Hope everybody has a great weekend!!

Sneaky Team WOD Kicked My Butt

Like most weekends during soccer season, I never have a clue whether I’m going to be able to make it to the team WOD at Continuum until I’m actually inside the building. Today was one of those days.

Mickey finished her game at 9:40 and had plans with a friend afterwards that didn’t involve me, so I drove straight to the box with my gym bag in hand. Arrived at 10:01, changed out of my jeans, and started prepping for the insanity that Coach Jimmy had in store for us.


Robert was already there and ready to be my partner for the day. We also had other brave folks like Caleb & Adi, Brent & Nick, Darcy and her friend, and Clare & Carrie.

We started with a light jog, then did Jimmy’s warm-up inside — butt-kickers, high knees, toy soldiers, the works. Then it was time to scope out some floor space for a plyo box, a barbell, and a wall ball.

Photo byΒ Blake Richard VerdoornΒ onΒ Unsplash

Today’s was a workout in two parts. The first part we “waterfalled” into — one partner started, then when they finished a part the other partner would go, etc. We decided to take the rower instead of the assault bike and Robert kicked things off.

  • 30/25 Cal Row
  • 25 Wall Balls 20/14#
  • 15 Power Snatches 115/75#
  • 10 Burpee Box Jumps 24/20″
  • 5 Squat Clean Thrusters 115/80#

After the rest of the madness this week, I suggested that perhaps Robert and I lower the weight from 115# to 95#, so we did that. And though he did 24″ box jumps with his burpees, my knees were telling me that 20″ step-up-and-overs was just fine.

I was already feeling it by the wall balls, if I’m being honest, but we finished all of that in about 10 minutes or so and then moved into the second part of the workout:

  • 100 Cal Bike/row and 60 Power Cleans 115/80#
  • 100 Cal Bike/row and 40 Push Jerks 115/80#
  • 100 Cal Bike/row and 20 thrusters 115/80#

Again, we stuck with the rower and a 95# barbell. And this part royally kicked my ass. I’m not going to sugar coat it.

Olympic weights

We traded off every 15/25/or 30+ calories on the rower. Robert was much more efficient than I was there, so he chewed through that pretty steadily. But holy cow, you never really got a chance to recover.

Power Cleans, I think we divvied up pretty evenly. Push jerks, he did 28 and I did 12. And thrusters, we both took 10.Β The only movement that felt even remotely “ok” was the push jerks.

At the end, after 42 minutes, I was pretty much dead. But I didn’t know how dead until I got home. It didn’t take long for the “crossfit cough” to kick in.

We chatted for a while and everybody cleaned up and headed out. I stopped by Starbucks for an “Iced Dirty Chai with Almond Milk” and got home about noon, where I simply sat on the couch and took my shoes off. I believe I stared into space for a good 20 minutes.

A little while later, I went and lied down thinking “maybe a 20 minute nap will help.” Um, no. I pretty much crashed from 12:30 to 2. I’m still feeling it in my lungs.


So here’s my theory.

The continual rowing never provided an opportunity for recovery time. Some folks can “recover” during a run or the row, but I haven’t quite managed that feat yet. As a result, when I hit the next movement, my body was already at a high breathing & heart rate and I couldn’t calm my system enough to approach things as rested I would have hoped.

The only way to fix the issue there is to get to a point where I can “actively recover” during some of those cardio-based movements like running or rowing. Just not sure I’m going to get there. πŸ™‚

The other part of the issue was this was my fifth workout this week. I only took Wednesday off (was kind of bummed I missed “Cindy” actually). I’m guessing I may be pushing my limits again!

This was a killer workout, Jimmy. Thanks for that. πŸ™‚

Labor Day 2017

This past weekend has been a blur as we drove more than 150 miles round-trip to and from Aurora over three days for six separate soccer games for our two girls. It was a rough weekend for them, but Ev & I both managed to hit the two team workouts this weekend. The one on Saturday first and then the one on Labor Day with Coach Larry.

1vbtxdWe were surprised by the turnout on Monday actually, but it was awesome. I don’t know how many folks were there but we had probably ten or more teams of two people hopping around, so that was great. The only bad thing was the smoke that was in the air from the wildfires in the west and northwest that was blowing into Colorado skies. It’s been a while since I’ve seen that much smoke in the air and it not be from a Colorado wildfire, so I hope everybody in California, Montana, and elsewhere stays safe.

We started with a 200m jog and Jonathan was kind enough to be my partner and Evelyn paired up with Danielle. We did a good amount of warm-up with a PVC pipe and a wall ball, but I’ve spent enough time in the sun and with limited sleep I don’t remember exactly what. πŸ™‚

But the workout was a good one…

  • 1tjdsfTeams of 2
    • 400M Med Ball Carry (20/14)
    • 50 Push Press (95/65)
    • 50 Front Squat (95/65)
    • 50 Med Ball Sit-Ups (20/14)
    • 100M Med Ball Carry (20/14)
    • 40 Push Press (95/65)
    • 40 Front Squat (95/65)
    • 40 Med Ball Sit-Ups (20/14)
    • 200M Med Ball Carry (20/14)
    • 30 Push Press (95/65)
    • 30 Front Squat (95/65)
    • 30 Med Ball Sit-Ups (20/14)
    • 300M Med Ball Carry (20/14)
    • 20 Push Press (95/65)
    • 20 Front Squat (95/65)
    • 20 Med Ball Sit-Ups (20/14)
    • 400M Med Ball Carry (20/14)
    • 10 Push Press (95/65)
    • 10 Front Squat (95/65)
    • 10 Med Ball Sit-Ups (20/14)
  • *Both partners run together alternating who carries the ball.
  • *Both partners do sit-ups passing the ball on each rep.
  • *The rest of the workout one partner rests while the other works.

Jonathan and I did it with a 20# medicine ball and a 95# barbell and went to town. The first 400m med ball carry was the quickest and we slowed way down after that. But we didn’t slow down much on the push press, front squats, or sit-ups.

When all was said and done, our time was 40:25. And Ev & Danielle finished in 45:19.

The worst part for me was the front squats, but by the end my push presses looked bad enough I had two separate coaches (Nicole and her husband) helping me out. And Larry didn’t shirk in his duties either, giving me grief about elbows in my front squats and push presses, plus some “assistance” with a med ball sit-up when I wasn’t fully extending the ball over my head. πŸ™‚

Honestly it was a solid workout, but I was glad to be done when we finished. πŸ™‚

Hope everybody had a great Labor Day weekend!

Flipping the Titan 100x

Weekends during soccer season are very hit and miss for us as far as the Saturday Team WODs at CrossFit Continuum. We try to make it whenever we can. And today, Ev and I were lucky enough to be able to fit it in.

We arrived along with about a dozen other people for Coach Clare. She had a good workout planned for us. But first, we had to do the warm-up. πŸ™‚

So we did a brief 200m jog and then came in. She told us to find our partners and get a stack of three weights (10#s or 15#s preferably). Robert and I paired up and he grabbed a trio of 15# plates for us.

And then Clare had Robert demonstrate the exercise. Stand on a plate, chuck a plate ahead, jump to the second plate. Partner 2 then gets on the first plate, hands the third plate to Partner 1, who chucks it forward and jumps to it. Partner 2 then steps to the plate their partner was just on, grabs the plate they just left, and repeats. The last team to get past a designated line had to do 5 burpees. Oh, and the ground was “lava.”


This is probably a lot hotter than the floor at the box. πŸ™‚

Robert got a bit overzealous at first, chucking the plates really far away, which made it very difficult to hop to and grab behind us. But we eventually figured out that shorter, more frequent hops were better.

And I’m not too proud to say that my hands got “burned” in the lava a few times and nobody did the burpees at the end, but we had a fun time and were almost, but not quite, the last team across the line.

Once that was done, we put away those plates and got out the rest of the equipment we’d need. A heavy kettlebell (53# for us). A medicine ball (20# for us). And we got out the tires we’d be using for tire flips. Though we originally went with the lighter of two tires, we eventually went with the heavier one — I nicknamed “the Titan” since it was a “Titan” tire and it had a cool Greek myth idea. πŸ™‚ Flipping a Titan is a very Greek god kinda thing. πŸ™‚

(Not to scale) πŸ™‚

The workout was a 2 round metcon for teams of 2 where we were going for as many reps as possible.

  • 5 minutes at each station, as many reps per movement as possible
    • Station 1: Wall balls 20/14#
    • Station 2: Tire Flips
    • Station 3: Kettlebell SDHPs
  • 1 minute rest between stations


rogue-black-med-ball-web6_1Robert and I started outside with Station 2 (Tire Flips), then went in order — so Tire Flips, Kettlebell SDHPs, Wall balls, repeat.

  • 55 Tire Flips
  • 140 Kettlebell SDHPs 53#
  • 60 partner wall balls (bouncing the medicine ball to each other in sets of 10) 20#
  • 54 Tire Flips
  • 135 Kettlebell SDHPs
  • 95 wall balls (standard, alternating 10 reps each)
  • Total: 539 reps

Not too shabby for about 35 minutes of work. πŸ™‚

Meanwhile Ev & Danielle started as partners and then shifted to work with Lorna & her husband. So she kept on moving. Everybody was chugging right along!

So good work everybody! I’m tired now. πŸ™‚

Hope you all have a fantastic Labor Day weekend! And thanks Robert for being my partner today!

The First Hold is the Hardest…

The last few days were crazy, so I need to spend some time catching up on these posts. Let’s talk about Saturday first and then I’ll add another post about today’s later.

Saturday was a blur, but it began with a team workout at CrossFit Continuum. We had a great turnout — probably 15 or more people. I wasn’t counting heads, but Ev, AJ, and I wandered in to find Larry & Clare setting up and we had a bunch of folks drop in in 2s or 3s over time.

We started with a bit of tag. Larry had us chasing after one another with an ab mat held like a pizza box. Knock it off and pay the price, until there is only one person standing. We did burpees. We might have done something else as well. It was fun.

e3f65d7a351d0af573d2761d479b521eOnce we were warmed up, we paired up for the workout. Marino was kind enough to be my partner for the day and Ev & AJ paired up.

  • Team WOD for time with a partner:
    • 800m Farmers Carry 53/35#
    • 100 Bar Only Back Squats/Plank Hold
    • 90 Pull Ups/Superman Hold
    • 80 Sit-ups/Wall Sit Hold
    • 70 Burpees/Hang Hold
    • 60 Hand-Release Push Ups/ Handstand Hold
    • 50 Box Jumps 24/20″ box/V Hold
    • 40 Buddy Deadlifts 220/155#
    • 400m Farmers Carry 53/35#
  • Each partner carries two kettle bells for Farmers carry if we have enough. Every time partner breaks on a movement, switch positions and continue.

Larry changed it a bit — making the air squats into back squats — but the rest was pretty much as Jordy’s Goodbye was written.

After tearing both my hands last Thursday doing the bar muscle-up transitions, I was a little concerned about some of the movements. Farmer’s Carry and pull-ups? Ouch.

So we started off slow and we think fried ourselves doing the 800m Farmer’s Carry (Marino and I were talking about it later with Larry.) But we did:

  • f008c72de97f1682c087a03471242a37800m Farmer’s Carry – Marino had 45# kettle bells and I had one 55# kettle bell I passed hand to hand. We went to the 200m mark, not the 400m one or the longer 800m route. And we stopped quite a bit at the 50m mark.
  • We knocked out four sets each of 45# back squats pretty quickly while doing the plank hold
  • Pull-ups were rough. I did 5 pull-ups and the rest ring-rows. Marino chugged through the pull-ups and we did them 5-10 at a time. Superman Holds were interesting
  • Sit-ups were easy for me, but the wall sit hold was tougher than it should have been. I was starting to feel that in my core pretty quickly.
  • The burpees were AWFUL — and the hang hold on the rig I seriously thought I was going to pass out a couple of times. Breathing was a big problem during that round
  • Push-ups weren’t bad. I held a squat and Marino did a handstand on the wall while we got through them. I was just running out of hands and forearms by that point.
  • And we got about 30 20″ step-ups into the 50 box jumps before we hit a 45 minute hard stop Marino suggested. I was good with it. πŸ™‚

Seriously the holds in this one were the killer part. Somehow I didn’t manage to tear my hands again, but that was a big concern the whole time.

(Pictures courtesy of Larry Hinkin — thanks Larry!)

We got done, headed home, and then drove to soccer in Denver. So I’m sure sitting the rest of the day did me zero favors. πŸ™‚

Thanks Marino for being my partner — we didn’t finish but we kept on chugging!

Great work everybody!

Team WOD!

After two weekends with too much soccer, we had a break this weekend — so it was definitely time to fit in a team WOD at Crossfit Continuum. Though Mickey had to work, 3/4 of our family had the opportunity to get in. And we were definitely not alone. We had an amazing turnout.


Ev worked with Danielle. AJ had a chance to work out with Kaila. And Jonathan and I partnered up and Isaac joined in the fun as well. As you can see, we were just a small part of the madness. πŸ™‚

Started with a light 400m jog and then did a strange little centipede crab walk race. Guys on one side. Gals on the other. And it was a disaster. We had enough guys that we almost made it the whole length between cones without moving, but moving was hilarious. The person in front of you had their hands on your feet and you were supposed to do the same with the person behind you, then somehow move forward.

If I’m being honest, the gals made it look easy. And we were awful. πŸ™‚

1tjdsfWith all that done, we grabbed equipment, found space on the floor and figured out how to make the insanity work.

  • Score Type: In Teams of 2, Competing for Total Time
  • Partner 1 performs 50 KB Swings 55/35# (each partner does 50 reps)
  • Partner 2 holds Handstand
  • **handstand broken=5 burpees
  • Partner 1 performs 50 Box Jumps (each partner does 50 reps)
  • Partner 2 holds 45/25# plate overhead
  • **overhead position broken=5 burpees
  • Partner 1 perform 50 sit-ups (each 50 reps)
  • Partner 2 hold bottom of squat with KB
  • **squat position broken=5 burpees
  • Partner 1 complete 200 meter run (each partner will complete 2 runs)
  • Partner 2 hold plank
  • **plank broken=5 burpees when runner returns

With a box, a 55# kettlebell, and an abmat, we got underway.

We started with the run at the end instead of the kettlebell swings to avoid the madhouse inside. I ran 200m with Isaac while Jonathan planked, then did the reverse, and went through the whole thing one more time.


The KB swings were interesting. Jonathan did really well holding a handstand on the wall, but we broke it up a few times, and I was right there with him.

As far as the box jumps (24″ jumps for Jonathan or 20″ step-ups in my case), the 45# plate didn’t feel too bad overhead honestly. Jonathan may not agree. πŸ™‚

And then the sit-ups. The squat with a KB was interesting. We basically sat at the bottom, put our elbows on our knees, and held the 53# KB at the bottom. I held all the way through Jonathan’s 50 sit-ups, but only barely. And I had to break up my sit-ups (26/24), so that slowed us down a bit.

I have to say that we only did two sets of 5 “penalty” burpees with the KB swing and box jumps rounds, but we didn’t during the sit-ups (though we should have done some there too). But the rest of the movements were plenty I think. πŸ™‚

By the time we were all done, it took 29:20 for us to finish up. Not too bad. Definitely a lot of reps. Both AJ/Kaila and Ev/Danielle were done before us (24:17 for AJ/Kaila and under 26 for Ev/Danielle), which was great. And I heard that at least one team (Dan & Adi) was done in 20 flat, which was fantastic.


So great work everybody! It was a fun one — a great mix of movements to keep things hopping. And an amazing turnout!

With soccer season starting, we’ll make as many team WOD Saturdays as we can, but it’s definitely going to be hit and miss. They’re always a fun challenge!

Hope everybody has a great weekend!