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Team WOD 3-6-9

I really wanted to make the title “Team WOD 367-5309” because all the numbers I wanted were in there, but decided not to be too cutesy. πŸ™‚

This morning was team WOD at Continuum. Coach Jimmy had a full house – Larry, Brent, Shaun & Stacy, Megan, Kelli, me & Ev, Lara, Drew, Robert, Chris, Heather, Kurt… lots of bodies today.

We started with a little warm-up:

  • 3 rounds
  • 250m row/bike
  • 10 kettlebell swings
  • 10 medicine ball cleans
  • 10 kip swings on the rig

I think I may have only done 8 each round, but I was busy chatting with folks and lost count through most of it. πŸ™‚

The workout was deceptively simple…

  • 2 person teams, 4 rounds of 7 minute AMRAP
  • Each team member must complete their reps before the second teammate can start
    • 3 hanging power cleans (135/95#)
    • 6 burpees
    • 9 air squats
  • Rest 2 minutes between rounds

Robert and I teamed up and I thought I’d be a ton slower than I actually was. πŸ™‚ We scaled things a little, with only 95# on the bar for cleans, but moved along pretty quickly:

  • AMRAP 1 – 10 full rounds + 13 reps
  • AMRAP 2 – 10 full rounds + 3 reps
  • AMRAP 3 – 9 full rounds + 6 reps
  • AMRAP 4 – 9 full rounds + 9 reps
  • Total = 39 full rounds + 13 reps or roughly 5 rounds each per round
  • if you scored it as each “round” was really each teammate doing 3-6-9, we ended up with 19 + 15 reps or so if my math is right

Any way you sliced it, we did a ton of reps and kept moving. For the first two rounds of 7 minutes I tried to do hands over my head during the burpees, but during the second half I just tried to stand up and hop without my hands over my head. I had one round where I did step-up burpees instead of the normal hops, but it was too slow and I decided not to do that again. πŸ™‚

Robert did awesome. I feel like I was pushing him on this one, which is a new feeling for me. Usually I’m the teammate who slows everybody else down a bit. πŸ™‚

Anyway, I had a comment today that I was looking pretty solid today and heard something similar a couple of weeks ago, so decided it was time to do a pic. Shirtless if you can believe that. I don’t do it often, so here you go:

Not looking too bad for a guy nearing 50 (will be 49 in a few months)

It was a fun workout and we had a great turnout! Thanks for a fun one, Jimmy!


2-4-6-8-etc for 22 Minutes

Jimmy likes to test our mettle on Saturdays, but those tests are also usually built around getting us ready for what is to come. The 2019 CrossFit Open is coming and Dave Castro is going to push our limits and expose our weaknesses — I think Jimmy is trying to shore up the walls a bit when he writes his workouts.

This morning I made it in for the Team WOD with both girls. Ev had to work, but we had 3 out of 4 Fitzy’s present and accounted for. We were joined by Lara & Jordan, Drew, Larry, Megan, Kelly & Trey, Heather, Megan, and Lisa. And Drea stopped by for a bit as well. I think that’s everybody.

Castro is coming!

We started with a little 3 round warm-up:

  • 250m row or 1 minute on the assault bike
  • 8 med ball cleans
  • 8 med ball shoulder press
  • 8 glute bridges

After that we paired up in teams of 2 and started warming up for some double kettlebell work — double kettlebell snatches and double kettlebell thrusters. Larry and I teamed up today and worked with 35# kettlebells, which was heavy but not too heavy. I may have been able to go with 45#, but not for as long or as quick as we pushed.

The workout was simple:

  • 22 minute AMRAP
  • start with 2 reps each of:
    • double kettlebell snatches
    • double kettlebell thrusters
  • add 2 reps each round thereafter
  • 2-2, 4-4, 6-6, 8-8, etc.

We decided early on (with some early input from Jimmy) to try and keep our sets small — 3 or 4 reps max. That turned out to be very good advice. πŸ™‚

We made it through the round of 24 and then 8 of each movement in the round of 26 as time ran out. (Score: 24+8).

My left shoulder got cranky about the round of 14 or 16 and I won’t say that I managed a full lockout at the top of every snatch — some were better than others — but we kept moving at a pretty good pace and never really slowed down much.

AJ & Mickey paired up and did it with 20 or 25# kettlebells and made it through the round of 20 plus a few. And I think everybody else was in that 20-24 range by the end as well. Great work everyone!

Not too shabby for a Saturday. Thanks for being my partner Larry! πŸ™‚

Minute by minute

Though I give Jimmy grief every Saturday he throws a new workout at us, I have to say they always make us work hard and point out various weaknesses to work harder at. Today was no different. πŸ™‚

Coach Jimmy had a small, but dedicated (re: crazy) group to work with today… Me & Ev, Larry, Shaun & Stacy, Lara & Jordan, and Vanessa. I expect the next couple of weeks to be more crowded when more folks are off for the holidays, but it’s nice to have a smaller group.Β 

We started with a warm-up Stacy did for the Friday night Strongman class:

  • 3 rounds
  • 250m row
  • 5 push-ups
  • 5 ring rows
  • 5 line hop overs forward/back and 5 more side to side

After that we talked about the workout, got a refresher on what partner thrusters were (two partners facing one another, doing a thruster — set it on one shoulder, do a squat, push press it overhead to the other shoulder, repeat) and dove into the workout itself pretty quickly.

The workout was:

  • 28 minutes, EMOM style, partners splitting work as needed
    • At the top of each minute, partners would do 5 partner thrusters (135/95#)
    • Then on EVEN minutes do 12 burpee hop oversΒ 
    • and on ODD minutes do 12 handstand push-ups

Vanessa and I altered it a bit…

  • 65# for the partner thrusters
  • the burpee hop overs were bar-over-burpees, regular burpees, or burpees going down to parallettes, we split 6 reps each
  • the handstand push-ups were strict HSPUs to two abmats on the wall, pike push-ups, or regular push-ups, we split 6 reps each

Honestly we did pretty well. There were only 2 or 3 rounds where I didn’t get all the way through my 6 reps (my burpees became very slow after I tripped on the bar on a bar-over-burpee jump and started doing simpler bar-step-over-burpees). My left shoulder was giving me some grief and there wasn’t much rest in the workout to catch breath even when I was quicker!Β 

I think each round we finished with a max of 17 or 20 seconds and a minimum of maybe 5. It got hairy quickly with little time to catch breath.Β 

Vanessa was a machine through her reps though. Beast mode. I warned her ahead of time I wasn’t the quickest partner in the room, but we made it work. πŸ™‚

Definitely a challenging partner workout. Thanks Vanessa for being my partner and thanks Jimmy for another beast of a team WOD!Β 

More Than A Little Cardio

Yesterday was a much needed rest day, which meant I needed to get in for today’s team WOD and get moving again. πŸ™‚ Jimmy had just the thing… a cardio intensive team workout!

There were only a few of us today — Lisa & Nick, Caleb & Megan, and Melissa S — for Coach Jimmy today, but that was a good number for the workout he had planned.

We started with 3 rounds of:

  • 30 seconds of jumping jacks
  • 30 seconds of air squats
  • 30 seconds of squat-to-stand

And then we did some barbell warm-up of front squats, push press, and hang power cleans, before breaking into two groups and putting weight on the bar. Instead of teams of 2, we broke into two teams of 3 and it was guys vs. gals.Β 

  • 35 minute AMRAP, teams of 3, one team member working at a time
    • 75 calories on the assault bike
    • 50 calories on the rower
    • 25 front squats (135/95#)
    • 75 calories on the assault bike
    • 50 calories on the rower
    • 25 push jerk/push press (135/95#)
    • 75 calories on the assault bike
    • 50 calories on the rower
    • 25 hang power cleans (135/95#)

I worked with Nick & Caleb, who put 135# on the bar and I had a bar with 115#. Long story short:

Evil creature!Β 
  • the assault bike (aka “The Devil’s Tricycle”) was awful as per usual, unless your name was Caleb πŸ™‚ — we originally set out to do two sets of each of 15 and 10 calories respectively, but my knees were fried pretty quickly and I fell out of that, simply trying to do 10 calories each time I got on
  • the row wasn’t bad – I managed to consistently get a calorie almost every pull for a good while — we broke it into sets of 17 or 18 calories each and I usually left Nick 15 or 16 caloriesΒ 
  • and the barbell work wasn’t bad — we did sets of 4 and someone (usually me, with the lighter barbell) did sets of 5

We made it through one full round and into 4 push jerks/push presses (Caleb made quick work of 4 reps after Nick finished the row). I’ll call it 1 full round + 29 (25 front squats + 4 push presses).

I honestly have no idea who “won” the battle — we were all working hard. I felt bad about the assault bike though — definitely not my jam!

Great work everybody! Thanks Jim for a fun workout!

running and climbing

It’s nearly 1am on Sunday and I’m not sleeping, so I might as well get something done. Yesterday I went in with AJ for the 10am Team WOD and we did ok I think. πŸ˜‰

We were not alone — Coach Drea had a bunch of us milling about. Marino, Caleb, Lisa & Nick, Larry, Jimmy, Lara, Stacy, Scott, Ryan, Heather, and maybe a few others? I’m a bit fuzzy now.Β 

We did a jump rope warm-up…Β 

  • 3 rounds
    • 20 seconds of single-unders, 10 seconds of rest
    • 20 seconds of double-under practice, 10 seconds of rest

I think I may have managed one double-under, but that was it. πŸ™‚ After that we did a series of skill warm-ups for power cleans and thrusters before we got all of our equipment together and tackled the workout.

  • 31 Heroes WOD (read more here)
  • 31 minute AMRAP for teams of 2
    • 8 thrusters (155/105#, 115/80#, 75/55#)
    • 6 rope climbs (or progressions)
    • 11 box jumps (30/24″ or 24/20″)
    • While partner 1 runs a 400m weighted run (sandbag, med ball, weight vest, etc.), partner 2 works on the triplet — when partner 1 is done, switch…

AJ and I scaled this a bit so we could keep moving:

  • 31 minute AMRAP
    • 8 thrusters (95# for me, 55# for her)
    • 6 rope climbs (she has two broken toes, so she did a few rope climbs and some progressions; I tried to do as many rope climbs as I could but transitioned to knees to elbows on some)
    • 11 step-ups to a 20″ box
    • AJ did 2 minutes on the assault bike and I did 400m runs with a 20# weight vest on

So how’d we do? Well, I don’t think I’ve done that many rope climbs in a while and my feet got lost after a while. I probably managed at least 15-20 rope climbs as well as a mess of rope knees-to-elbows. AJ got stuck with most of the thrusters, though I did one full set of 8 and a partial set of 2 (same with step-ups).

Most of my time was spent running. It went something like this:

Even 20 pounds made those runs even more of a challenge… and some folks ran with 30 or even 40+!Β 
  • run 400m (only round I did the whole thing)Β 
  • run 100m, walk 200m, run 100m (200m)
  • run 150m, walk 150m, run 100m (250m)
  • run 150m, walk 150m, run 100m (250m)
  • run 100m, walk 150m, run 150m (250m)
  • so I ran nearly a mile with the weight vest and walked the rest

We made it through a bit more than 6 rounds, but counted that many at least.Β 

It was a good challenge today and AJ did awesome despite her broken toes. πŸ™‚

Gobble Gobble! Turkey Team WOD!

Thanksgiving is always a busy day for my family. My wife likes to do the Turkey Trot 5k up at the YMCA — and this year she and AJ took our dogs Pyrite and Rogue out with them, along with a whole gaggle of folks. Sounds like it was very well attended and a crazy scene.

Some years I have done the 5k with her, but this year I decided to bow out and hit the Thanksgiving team WOD at Continuum. And Mickey was able to join me, so we divided the clan evenly — 2 for the 5k and 2 for the WOD. Not too shabby.

We arrived and there were a bunch of people in attendance today for Coach Jimmy’s Turkey WOD… Lara & Jordan, Shaun & Stacy, Tim, Nick & Lisa, Drea, Melissa S, Heather, Todd, and a few other faces as well. We had a great mix.

Jimmy started us out with a 200m jog and then we did:

  • 3 rounds
    • 30 seconds of jumping jacks
    • 30 seconds of air squats
    • 30 seconds of burpees

I won’t say that I was fast with any of that. πŸ™‚ But we did our best.

Once that was done, we broke into teams of 3 and started warming up our hang power cleans, grabbing weights for a farmer’s carry, etc.

The workout was:

  • 25 minute AMRAP for teams of 3
    • Partner 1 – 200 M KB Farmers Carry #70/#53/#45
    • Partners 2 and 3 will work through the following
    • 25 Wall Balls #20/#14
    • 25 Hand Power Cleans #95/#75
    • 25 Burpees over the Bar

Tim, Mickey, and I tackled this with 95/65# on the bar, 20/14# wall balls, and 55/35# farmer’s carry.Β 

Do you know what killed us the most? The Farmer’s Carry! That was exhausting! But we got through 5 total rounds and chugged through as best we could.Β 

Long story short, we burned off a few pre-Thanksgiving dinner calories. πŸ™‚

Great work Tim & Mickey and I hope everybody has a happy and safe holiday! It’s awesome to spend part of our day with our Continuum family!

Thanks Jimmy for a fun WOD!

Kalsu, Team Style

When Coach Jimmy throws together a team WOD for Saturdays, we always know it’s going to kick our butts. Today was no different. Ev and I headed in and we were far from alone — Caleb & Megan, Nick & Lisa, Scott, Brian, Bill, Shaun & Stacy, Jordan & Lara, and a few others… there were quite a few of us hopping around like crazy people.

We started with an abbreviated Hinshaw warm-up — butt kickers, high knees, Spider-man lunges, toy soldiers,etc. — and then got right into some thruster warm-ups with an empty barbell. We found our “teams of two” and tried to figure out strategies for “Tag Team Kalsu” as Jim called it. (For regular Kalsu, see here.)

  • EMOM for 17 minutes, teams of 2
    • 5 burpees, both team members
    • max rep thrusters, 135/95#, one team member working at a time
    • team members can alternate during thrusters as needed

So our team-up? Ev and I. She started with 65# thrusters and dropped to 55# after the first minute. I stayed at 95# for the whole workout. And it was the burpees that killed me.Β 

This was a rough one… it started out ok, but after round 6, I began to fall apart. πŸ™‚

These look a lot better than mine did. πŸ™‚
  • 5 burpees each, 5 thrusters (95#), 5 thrusters (65#) = 10
  • 5 burpees each, 4 thrusters (95#), 4 thrusters (55#) = 8
  • 5 burpees each, 4 thrusters (95#), 4 thrusters (55#) = 8
  • 5 burpees each, 3 thrusters (95#), 4 thrusters (55#) = 7
  • 5 burpees each, 3 thrusters (95#), 4 thrusters (55#) = 7
  • 5 burpees each, 3 thrusters (95#), 3 thrusters (55#) = 6
  • 5 burpees each, 3 thrusters (95#) = 3
  • 5 burpees each, 4 thrusters (55#) = 4
  • 5 burpees each, 3 thrusters (95#) = 3
  • 5 burpees each, 4 thrusters (55#) = 4
  • 5 burpees each, 2 thrusters (95#) = 2
  • 5 burpees each, 4 thrusters (55#) = 4
  • 5 burpees each, 3 thrusters (95#) = 3
  • 5 burpees each, 3 thrusters (55#) = 3
  • 5 burpees each, 3 thrusters (95#) = 2
  • 5 burpees each, 3 thrusters (55#) = 3
  • 5 burpees each, 2 thrusters (95#), 3 thrusters (55#) = 5
  • Total = 82 (not 79 as I initially figured)

After those first 5 rounds, I had a hard time recovering enough to push forward in the next round. And we started alternating after round 6 until Ev pushed the last round to get a few extras. She was very consistent on burpees and I got slower and slower. πŸ™‚

So 85 burpees each and 82 combined thrusters in 17 minutes is 167 total reps, so nearly 10 reps every round. Not a bad pace. I was glad we pushed the first few rounds — we got 46 thrusters in the first 6 minutes and 36 in the next 11 — we definitely fell off quickly!

Great work everybody! And thanks Jimmy for a great challenge!Β