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Halloween Squat Snatches?

Made it to Wednesday this week, so we’ll call it good so far. Wasn’t sure we’d get that far after Monday! But headed in for a Halloween 5:45 evening class with Coach Nicole. We had a bunch of folks – KB & Zac, Evan, Jimmy & Drea, Aileen, and Rebecca. Looked like the 4:45 class was also quite full, which is awesome.

supermanWe started with a little warm-up:

  • 2 rounds
    • 90 second row/bike
    • 10 slow, controlled OHS with PVC
    • 10 ring rows
    • 10 hollow body with PVC raises
    • 10 superman with PVC raises

And then we talked quite a bit about scaling options at the rig for the muscle-ups and went over squat snatches in detail with an empty bar before adding some weight.

The workout? 2018 Team Series Event #5…

  • For time
    • 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1
      • Bar muscle-ups (or pull-ups or other scaling options)
      • Squat snatches (95/65#, 65/45#)
Yeah, I can’t quite do this yet. ๐Ÿ™‚

Time domain? 15-20 minutes? It’s 110 reps, so a good number of reps regardless of what options you picked on the menu.

My workout was:

  • 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1
    • Banded strict chest-to-bar (three bands) and strict ring-to-sternum ring rows
    • 65# squat snatches

How’d it go? Well, Nicole wanted me to focus on my head position in the snatches, so I attempted to “relax” my neck so it wasn’t thrust forward as far. And it does make a huge difference. If my neck is more vertical, my torso is too, which means my shoulders are as well — everything sits better when the whole chain is stacked vertically instead of diagonally… Go figure. ๐Ÿ™‚

I struggled with that a bit, but I struggled with the banded C2B more. I don’t quite have the range of motion to pull my elbows down, even with the bands, where our trainers want them. I did manage a few, but they fell apart pretty quickly. When that happened, I dropped to the ring pull to sternum and did that as best I could.

My final time was 17:11, which was right in the time domain they were looking for — so I think I scaled appropriately. ๐Ÿ™‚

Plus, it was fun to cheer on the folks (Zac & Evan) actually able to do the dang bar muscle-ups. Everybody did awesome. Thanks Nicole for a fun workout and great work class!


Some Light Overhead Work

Strength days these days have become a challenge in some ways. The rational part of my brain simply wants to do the best it can that day — approaching the bar, focusing on form, and moving as much weight as I can safely while keeping that focus. The irrational part of my head is like “dude! put more weight on that thing!”

captain-america-swoleThankfully most of the time I can push that “bro” talk out of my head pretty easily. Today I did pretty well with that until my last lift. ๐Ÿ™‚

So I arrived for the 8:30 class this morning for Coach Lara and we had a fun group — Caleb, Logan, Marino, Dave, Melissa, Bri, and Evan. Like every day, we’re just there to have fun, do right by the workout, and encourage one another to be better. Can’t really argue with that, can you?

We started with a simple warm-up. Two rounds:

  • 200m jog (chilly outside, but not too bad for a jog)
  • 15 PVC overhead squats
  • 10 (5 each side) lateral squats (Cossack squats, but with the toes up on the straight leg)
  • 20 PVC pass-throughs
  • 10 burpees

When we were done with all that, we did a lot of skill warm-up for squat snatches with an empty barbell, working through muscle snatch progressions and full squat snatch progressions a little at a time (shoulder shrug, scarecrow, popping under the bar, etc.). None of it felt awful, but I did have a rough time keeping my feet from going into the “Superstar” position at the end. They tend to hop out on me when I try to fully extend at the top and land under the bar.

181snatchOnce that was done, we warmed up to our starting weight for the workout… 6 rounds of 2 squat snatches with 3 minutes in-between. Lara asked me what my goal was and it was simply to stay light and work on form, since I have struggled a bit with my overhead position for things like overhead squats and snatches for a long time. Getting that overhead lock-out where your armpits are facing forward and elbows are fully locked has been a challenge.

My warm-up weights looked like:

  • 65# x2
  • 65# x2
  • 75# x2
  • 85# x2 (no bueno here – decided to drop to start the workout)

snatch5For the workout I did:

  • 75# x2
  • 85# x2
  • 85# x2
  • 95# x2
  • 95# x2
  • 105# (failed first attempt and didn’t get a squat under the second, but did get it overhead)

Really I’m pretty happy with that. Other people were putting a lot more weight overhead (Caleb and Marino both had a lot more weight on the bar), but I felt like — except for my last couple of attempts — I did pretty well.

I think my one rep max is 135# or 145# for a snatch — whether it’s squat, hang, or power — but working on form today was a good reminder to slow things down a bit and do these lifts under control. The weight will come — or it won’t. ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks Lara and great work everybody!!!

My Left Cheek!

Yes, I said it. “My left cheek!” Apparently when you do a lot of pistols and GHD work, your ass muscles get a workout. Go figure. My wife tells me I don’t have a butt, so perhaps this will help me remedy that situation — once it stops hurting. ๐Ÿ™‚

sore not deadSpeaking of my wife, today was the first time in a while I had a chance to work out with her. She’s been gone for a bit and is just coming back to the box after about a week and a half away (since doing Girls Gone Rx Denver she went on a road trip for a week). But we made it in for the 8:30 class with Coach Lara — and had Marino, Caleb, Melissa, KB, and Bri with us.

Started with a 400m jog in the nice fall morning (breezy and overcast, but pleasant about 50 degrees). From there we did some running drills, some PVC overhead squats, PVC pass-thrus, and some squat therapy on the wall. I think most of us were a little sore from yesterday’s workout. ๐Ÿ™‚

Once that was finished, it was time for some squat snatches — shrugs, high pulls, fast drops, muscle snatches, high pulls from the floor… we did a good cross-section of movements to get ready for the day’s workout:

  • snatch5Score: Total Time
  • Competitor & Performance (75/55# bar)
    • 21 squat snatches
    • 42 push-ups
    • 15 squat snatches
    • 30 push-ups
    • 9 squat snatches
    • 18 push-ups
  • Fitness (45/35# bar)
    • 15 squat snatches
    • 30 knee push-ups
    • 12 squat snatches
    • 24 knee push-ups
    • 9 squat snatches
    • 18 knee push-ups

Um yeah. We were supposed to shoot for between 6 and 15 minutes. HA!

I went Rx today, like a crazy person. But the weight was light enough I thought I could probably finish. And broke everything up into manageable sets – sets of 7 as long as I could, then sets of 5 as long as I could, then sets of 3-5.

It took me 14:37. Just under the line. ๐Ÿ™‚

Caleb was the fastest of us, just under 7 minutes. Ev did it at Fitness level at about 8 minutes flat. Marino was under 12. Bri was about 12:30. Not sure what KB got done in, but somewhere under 10 minutes I think. Everybody did awesome.


I was the last done, but I didn’t care because I finished. Wasn’t sure that was going to happen after the round of 15/30. ๐Ÿ™‚ But thank you Lara, Caleb, Ev, and KB for the encouragement in those last few reps!

Tomorrow (after 4 days of training in a row) is definitely a rest day — but I’ll be back on Saturday I think. ๐Ÿ™‚

Angry, Angry Penguins

I’ve been sneaking into the 4:45pm classes on Wednesdays every now and then,. more regularly of late though. And tonight I went in with my head in a daze. Not sure what was going on, but thinking clearly wasn’t on the agenda apparently.

That didn’t stop me from doing the day’s workout however. ๐Ÿ™‚

Coach Nicole had a full house tonight… Isaac, Lisa and Katie, Vanessa, Steve, Ryan, Chris, and one or two others. The place was hopping!

Angry-LinuxWe started with a different warm-up today:

  • 2 rounds
    • 500m row/400m jog/2.5 minutes on assault bike
    • 20 band pull-aparts
    • 10 windmills on each side
    • 10 kip swings on the rig
    • 10 false grip ring rows
    • 5 Russian dips (a new one for me) (T Nation has an interesting post on them) – we could do them on the floor or on two boxes and I’m positive I wasn’t quite right when I did ’em. ๐Ÿ™‚

After that, we did a squat snatch warm-up with a PVC pipe as well as some double-under scaling work. Lots and lots of angry penguins.

Let me start by saying that “squat” anything is not one of my favorite movements. It’s improved over the years, for sure, but it’s still awkward. And then if you thrust a bar over your head things get entertaining. Overhead squats are challenge enough, but thrusting a bar overhead when coming from the ground gets… complicated. Something or another about barbell physics or body geometry or some nonsense… ๐Ÿ™‚

snatch5Anyway, the workout was “Doubles and Oly” –

  • For time (Performance)
    • 50 double-unders andย 5 squat snatches
    • 50 double-unders andย 4 squat snatches
    • 50 double-unders andย 3 squat snatches
    • 50 double-unders andย 2 squat snatches
    • Add weight to the snatch each round
  • For time (Fitness)
    • 30 single-unders and 5 squat snatches
    • etc.
    • 65#/45# bar

When I first saw this, there were all sorts of fun numbers for weights.ย Men: 185-205-225-245#.ย Women: 135-145-155-165#. That’s for competitor levels. And then the performance level was —ย Men: 135-145-155-165# andย Women: 95-100-105-110#. See more at mainsite here.

Looking back through my notes, I don’t have a lot of squat snatch values on the spreadsheet. We did hanging squat snatches back in October 2017 and I did 95#. And long ago, I had “snatch” on the list at 145# back in August 2015.

Today, my right shoulder was unhappy and I have a severe mental block with double-unders, so… yeah. Not one of my best options for workouts today. But I don’t cherry pick these days and tackled it anyway.

angry-penguin-slapMy scaling options led me to this mix of fun:

  • 35 double angry penguin slaps or 50 single angry penguin slaps each round – some rounds were double, others were single – but no ropes were harmed in the making of these angry penguins
  • 85# hang squat snatch x5
  • more angry penguins
  • 95# hang squat snatch x5
  • more angry penguins
  • 105# hang squat snatch x3
  • more angry penguins
  • 115# hang squat snatch x1 (with 2 additional failures)

I honestly don’t know what my time was, but I put in 9 minutes – it was around there.

Get It TogetherThe thing I heard consistently from Nicole (and tried to fix, succeeding occasionally) was that my head was too far forward and I looked like a turtle with a rounded back. Essentially, my shoulders are too far back and my head is too far forward, creating a weird balance with the bar.

Had a great time clowning around with the rest of the class, but honestly this is one of the workouts that just wasn’t mine to own today. That didn’t mean I gave it a good shot – just that crossfit has a way of kicking your ass from time to time with movements you really need to work on but haven’t figured out yet.

Someday I will conquer these goats. ๐Ÿ™‚ Great work 4:45 class! And thanks Nicole!


Bribed by Chocolate Chip Cookies

My plan for the week included two rest days: Wednesday, which happened, and today. AJ bribed me with the promise of gluten-free chocolate chip cookies if I took her to work out this morning. I accepted the bribe. Thus, no rest day. ๐Ÿ™‚

We made it in for a 9:30 class with Coach Larry. Apparently nobody went to the 8:30 class, so he had some quiet time to himself in which he did the day’s workout. But at 9:30 we had a few folks – Brad and his son, Nick & Lisa, Lara, and the two of us.

spider-man-lungesStarted with a slightly different warm-up today:

  • 400m jog (or bike or row)
  • then two rounds of:
    • :30 squat hold
    • 10 PVC passthroughs
    • 10 jumping squats
    • 10 Spider-man crawls
    • 10 scap push-ups

From there it was a solid refresher on movements for snatches and squat snatches with a PVC pipe and then an empty barbell before moving on to a simple strength day:

  • 7×1 Squat Snatch

After all the other more complex WODs this week, it was a welcome change to have a simpler strength day in the mix. My one rep squat snatch PR from May was 115# and before that it was 135# back in 2015. Squats and overhead movements are not my cup of tea, though they’ve improved marginally over the years.

20180727_103729So here’s how today went:

  • 65# x3 (warm-up)
  • 75# x3 (warm-up)
  • 85# x3 (warm-up)
  • 95# x1 (awkward)
  • 95# x1 (little better)
  • 105# x1 (awkward)
  • 105# x1 (little better)
  • 115# x1 (no squat beneath)
  • 115# x1 (better)
  • 125# x1 (my “diddly squat” was mostly a power snatch)

20180727_103832Meanwhile, AJ managed to kick butt –

  • 35# x1
  • 45# x1
  • 50# x1
  • 55# x1
  • 60# x1
  • 70# x1

Yes, at age 13 she’s lifting a ton already and enjoying it.

Am I glad I got to go in today? Sure! But now I’m a little worried about team WOD tomorrow and what they may throw at us. ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks Larry and great work 9:30 class!

Now we’ll hope this mix of gluten-free chocolate chip cookies doesn’t taste too bad. ๐Ÿ™‚

Catching up on yesterday

I’m happy to say I *did* get a workout in yesterday and the rest of the day just kind of slipped away from me after that… so here we are today playing catch up.

So I headed in with Ev for the 8:30 class with Coach Drea and we were joined by KB, Melissa, and Logan. It was a fun group, as always!

scaling-wodWe started with the same warm-up as we did on Monday, but I was much more careful not to go overboard this time. I think that was one of the reasons my right shoulder was so ticked off at the end of Monday’s workout – so I scaled a bit.

  • 200m run became a 250m row
  • 15 GHD sit-ups became 15 abmat sit-ups
  • 10 strict pull-ups became about 6 strict pull-ups
  • 10 strict ring dips became about 6 strict ring dips
  • 10 reverse lunges with overhead reach (Samson reach) I think I actually did 10
  • 10 PVC passthroughs
  • 10 PVC overhead squats
  • 10 band pull-aparts became about 8

From there we dove quickly into the movements, doing skill work with an unloaded bar for power snatches, snatch balance, and full squat snatches. And then it was time to load up to the bar to our first working weight!

  • snatch5Power Snatch
    • 65# x3 (Warm-up)
    • 75# x3
    • 95# x3
    • 105# x3
    • 115# x3
    • 125# x3 (UGLY)
  • Snatch Balance
    • 65# x2
    • 75# x2
    • 95# x2
    • 105# x2
    • 115# x2
  • Squat Snatches
    • 95# x1 – this one was UGH with a frog hop at the bottom
    • 95# x1 – better
    • 115# – FAIL
    • 115# x1
    • 115# x1

So how did these numbers compare to my old PRs? HA!

  • Snatch – 145# back in August 2015 – not quite
  • Hang Power Snatch – did three at 115# on Monday, so 125# power snatches was pretty good
  • Snatch balance – 95# x3 back in October 2017 – definitely bettered this one
  • Squat Snatch – 145# back in August 2015 (didn’t even get close to this one)

Not awful really. Better in some places and worse in others. About par. ๐Ÿ™‚

It was a fun morning, so who am I to complain.

Today though – it’s definitely a rest day. I’m still feeling all those heavy wall balls from Tuesday! Geez!


Rough Monday, but Surviving!

Some days are tougher than others. The body doesn’t want to move. The brain won’t wake-up. Whatever the reason, Mondays are usually days to kick off the rust and get back into gear. Today was no different.

garfield-mondayMade it in for an 8:30 workout with Coach Drea today and there were a few of us – Jed, Dave, Abigail, and Matt. We tackled an intriguing array of movements for the warm-up, including a weird cross-body set of movements with a dumbbell or kettlebell that involved a lot of twisting and single arm movements.

Something tells me that the difficulties some of us had (*me* cough cough) doing partner Russian twists with a medicine ball on Saturday may have something to do with it. Twisting and turning in different ways was more than a challenge – it turned out to be downright painful going one way (right to left across my front) vs. not as awful the other (left to right), though I was passing the med ball over my right shoulder to Jonathan, rather than around my right side.

Anyway… warm-up aside (we were all groaning pretty good by the end), we then started warming up with some PVC squat cleans and clean & jerks, talking about the workout.

  • 12-minute AMRAP
  • Performance:
    • 115/75-lb. squat snatch, 1 rep
    • 115/75-lb. clean and jerks, 3 reps
    • 30 double-unders
  • Fitness:
    • 75/55-lb. hang snatch, 1 rep
    • 75/55-lb. clean and jerks, 3 reps
    • 50 single-unders

Warming up with 75# felt ok. I tried for 95# and my squat snatch was… um… underwhelming. I think my shoulders are still fried from last week. So I stayed at 75#.

1th9hbAnd, even funnier today, Drea asked me to do 30 seconds of double under practice. Normally I would say sure, but I couldn’t even string more than 10 single-unders together for some reason until about round 4 today. It was weird.

So I stayed with Fitness level, but stuck with squat snatches instead of hanging snatches. I aimed for 5-6 rounds (Drea said to shoot for 8), and managed 6 full rounds plus 4 — I picked up my rope just as time went out.

Squat anything with an overhead bar — like overhead squats or snatches — is always a challenge. That should have been easier than it was, but I’m happy with the results. I kept moving, despite fumbling through single-unders and taking my time on the lifts.

Great work 8:30 class!