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Monday Metcon

Monday. Ugh. Monday after pretty much being useless for three days with a cold. Double ugh. But it was time to get my butt in gear.Β Got the girls to school, checked in at work, and got ready for today’s workout.

b04c6ed2970ac4c861a63625f42d9532Really I was hoping we didn’t have to run today and when I saw how slushy the parking lot was, it was pretty much guaranteed I was just going to row. πŸ™‚ But I was not alone for Coach Drea in the 8:30 class. Melissa & Todd and Matt & Abigail were there (though their little one wasn’t cooperating with Matt getting a workout in). And we had a new warm-up from Nicole today with many new movements after a 2 minute row or bike.

  • cat/cows
  • hip presses and hip circles
  • cat/cows on forearms
  • trunk rotations
  • shoulder weaves
  • holds in three different positions
  • active and passive hangs

Mostly weΒ  hung out on the floor talking about how tight our hips and shoulders were. πŸ™‚

From there, we grabbed an empty barbell and did some clean & jerk warm-up as well as working through some variations on a kipping L-pull-up. Jumping. Knee tucks. All sorts of interesting things. I quickly decided to go with a kipping knee tuck where you use the kip on the way up to tuck your knees to your chest and hold them there all the way back down. Not pretty, but effective.

rower5Drea mentioned that we could do a 500m row or a 1:45 stint on the assault bike instead of the 400m run, but that she might recommend the bike over the rower since we have a long row tomorrow. Guess we’ll see how that goes tomorrow, but I decided to save my knees and row today.

The workout was:

  • Metcon, for total time
  • 5 rounds
  • 400m run (performance), 200m run (fitness)
  • 7 kipping L pull-ups (performance) or jumping, hanging knee raises (fitness)
  • 4 clean & jerks (135/95# performance, 75/55# fitness)

In my case, it became:

  • 5 rounds for time
  • 500m row
  • 7 kipping knee tuck pull-ups
  • 4 clean & jerks @ 115#

I think I could have done the 135#, but decided to try and keep my time closer to the 20 minute goal. Turned out to be a wise choice.

Took me 22:54 to complete it. Rows were all in the 1:55 to 2:30 range. Pull-ups took the longest. And the C&Js were consistent. I was definitely last, but I finished even if it was a little slower than I’d like. I felt like I was fast in that first round, but consistent after that.


Not bad for my first workout in a few days. Hacking up a few things now, but that’s good. πŸ™‚Β  Great work everybody!!



Speedy Row!

So this morning I headed in for the 8:30 workout and I was ready to run. I wasn’t happy I was going to run, but I had a goal in mind – a 10 minute mile. I had a hat, gloves, and an extra shirt to layer on. Thankfully it seems I can keep my good thoughts for another day when it’s warmer. πŸ™‚

winner-clipart-winner-clipart-1Headed in and met Logan. We both chatted about the fact that it was going to be chilly, but at least it wasn’t snowing. And as we headed in with Drea & Noah, she suggested that if we were fighting a cold or injuries, it would probably be a good day to row instead.

It was like winning the lottery. πŸ™‚

We did the same warm-up as yesterday and that proved that the prize for the day didn’t extend to that. πŸ™‚ But we chugged through it pretty well.

Once that was done, we talked about the skills work today. Strict chest-to-bar pull-ups and strict ring dips. We tried a few things and eventually I used the green band (little blue + red bands didn’t cut it) to at least get my chest to the bar. It was a challenge for sure — mobility wasn’t awesome at that point.

20180206_092038We finished talking about that and then headed over to the rowers. 2000m. Go fast.

I guessed and thought maybe I’d be done in the 8:30 to 9 minute mark. Drea thought maybe 9:30. Logan was about in the same boat.

And we were off to the races. Though my left knee was a little fired up, I chugged through and managed to get through 1000m in right under 4 minutes. Apparently I was moving better than I thought, despite what my knee said.

I finished it at 8:15.9. Fastest I’ve ever finished 2000m by a long shot. Usually I’m around 9 minutes. Not today!

Surprised myself, but I think I surprised Drea too. πŸ™‚ Caleb was cheering me on the whole time too. I was pretty fried by the end, but very happy with the result.

ring-dipFrom there, we went back to the rig and worked through the strict C2Bs and ring dips. C2Bs I think I may have touched the bar twice, but I was getting better height and pull than earlier.

Ring dips felt good though. I even did weighted ones with a 10# plate and should have gone heavier. Awkward dangling the weight on a belt with a chain, but hey… we made it work. πŸ™‚

So all in all a pretty good day, but I definitely feel the cold coming on. Bah.

Anyway – great work Logan! And thanks for the encouragement Drea & Caleb!

Mercy Me, Indeed

Time for a team workout today! This was workout #5 for me for the week, so it was going to be a slow one — or so I thought.Β Saturdays are always fun, but I love it when I get messages from my partner essentially saying this is gonna be rough before I even get a look at it. πŸ™‚

1vbtxdSo, with a bit of trepidation, we made it in for the workout. Ev partnered with Robert and I partnered with Jonathan and we figured we’d work through things a little at a time.

Started with a warm-up led by Coaches Drea and Jimmy. Same warm-up as we’ve been doing all week. And we followed that up with some running drills to get us warmed up. We had a good turnout this morning with Dan & Monica, Jonathan, Robert, Lara, Marino & Deana, Brent, Larry, Isaac, and a few others I think. Fun crowd.

The workout was aptly named today — Mercy Me. It was one of those “for time” workouts where you just try to finish as best you can.

  • 2 person team
  • Row 2000 M or run 1 mile
  • 75 Bar facing burpees
  • ***75 Partner front squats w/Barbell #135/#95
  • 75 Situps
  • 75 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls #135/#95
  • Row 2000 M or run 1 mile
  • Row and Run can be broken up in any variety between the 2 teammates
  • ***Both Teammates must hold barbell together on Front squat
How to Front Squat

This was rough in a few spots. Jonathan and I scaled a bit — dropped to 95# for the partner front squats and 75# for the SDHP — but the rest we kept as written.

So how’d it go? Considering that Jonathan and I were more than a little sore when we started (it was his 6th workout of the week and my 5th), it was likely to be rough in places.

  • Jonathan started with an 800m run and I was set to row when a rower opened up, but it never did — so I also ran an 800m (which Jonathan said was about 4:15 — if that’s true, it’s one of my fastest ever)
  • Bar-facing burpees became bar-over burpees, so we went back and forth doing 10 at a time. I’m better at this type of burpees than others because I don’t have to stand all the way up. It went fairly quickly. πŸ™‚
  • Partner front squats at 95# were a challenge more for the bar than the weight. We got through the first 20 (10 reps on one shoulder, then switch and do 10 on the other) and then I started running into problems with the barbell digging into whichever shoulder it happened to be. We did 10 and eventually Jonathan suggested wrapping the bar in a yoga mat — that helped. We did get slower and slower towards the end however due to yours truly.
  • We then did the SDHPs instead of the sit-ups (just got out of order a bit). We did sets of 10 for the most part, but I think Jonathan did at least one set of 15. 75# wasn’t bad.
  • Sit-ups went quickly. I did 25, he did 25, then I did 15 and he did 10.
  • And then we were back to the row or run. I rowed 500m and it was awful. Shoulders and forearms were ticked off. Jonathan ran 800m and then I chose to run a 400m (walked some).
  • We finished in 40:12.

I have to say that a few hours later, I’m still feeling this workout. πŸ™‚ Told Jimmy it was an evil workout with a capital E. πŸ˜‰


But we did ok. And I’m thrilled about the 800m. Fastest ever I think. That said, I think it’s good tomorrow will be a rest day. πŸ™‚

Great work everybody!

First WOD of 2018!

After a couple of days of R&R to end one year and begin the next, it was time to get back into the gym to get things back in motion. And, thanks to a few more days of winter break, the whole family was able to get into the box for a workout. We weren’t alone either — was a full house.

Coach Drea had the four Fitz’s, plus Matt & Abigail, Maria, Brent, Carrie, and Kierstie. I don’t think I’ve worked out with Kierstie since maybe last year’s Open, so it was good to see her at a later class, plus see all the other faces today. (The odds of me getting to a 5am class are slim and none. πŸ™‚ )

rogue-black-med-ball-web6_1We started with a new warm-up from Coach Nicole. Apparently we’re going to do a lot of medicine ball work during the warm-up this week.

  • med ball deadlift x10
  • med ball deadlift + shrug x10
  • med ball front squat x10
  • med ball shrug/pull-under (a clean without starting from the floor) x10
  • med ball cleans
  • then…
  • couch stretch, 45 seconds each side
  • 10 figure 4 single leg squats (5 each side)
  • 10 active/passive pulls on the pull-up bar
  • 10 kip swings
  • 10 “scoop and dump” backwards passes (with a weight or without)
  • 10 weighted PVC passthrus

With all that under our belts, it was time to talk about bar muscle-up progressions… I’ve done them on the lower bar, with a jumping variety, but today we did some skill work where we were between a bench and a box, with a banded PVC pipe, trying to thrust our hips and pull down with the pipe all at the same time.

We also did some snatch progressions, first with an empty barbell and then adding some weight. Apparently we were supposed to shoot for 12 unbroken power snatches each round of the workout, so I have to say I fell on the lighter side today with 75# instead of 95#. And I’m glad I did.

181snatchThe workout was:

  • 3 rounds for time
  • run 400m
  • power snatch x12, 95/65# (performance), 65/45# (fitness)
  • 3 bar muscle-ups (performance), or 6 ring rows & 6 push-ups (fitness)

My scaled workout looked like:

  • 3 rounds
  • run/walk 400m
  • 12x power snatches @ 75#
  • 3 bar muscle-up progressions on a low bar
My bar muscle-ups looked nothing like this. πŸ™‚

So how’d it go? Well…

  • ran 400m
  • 12 unbroken power snatches @75#
  • 3 attempts at bar muscle-ups
  • ran 300m/walked 100m
  • two sets of 6 and 6 power snatches
  • 3 attempts
  • ran 200m/walked 200m
  • 12 unbroken power snatches
  • 3 attempts
  • Time– 14:31

The “low bar” was maybe 3-6″ higher than I’ve attempted those before. And I couldn’t quite get myself over them. Solid contact with the bar, but no push over today. But good attempts nonetheless.

I’ll take it. I was moving the whole time.

Great work 8:30 class! Lots of smiling faces! Happy 2018! Have a great day!

Push it… 10x?

Monday morning. Mentally I didn’t want to get up at 7am, but physically I was ready a bit after 6am, so it was a struggle to get even that far. πŸ™‚ But I am dedicated to staying in bed until 7am every day I can on my vacation, so I’ll do it anyway! HA!

The whole fam-damily made it into Continuum for the 8:30 workout today and we were definitely not alone for Coach Drea. Connie, Abigail & Matt, Logan, Jonathan, and Rico were there with us.

dr-evil-air-quotes-yes-this-is-what-we-call-a-warm-upThe new warm-up was interesting. Long. Very long.

  • 2 rounds
    • 50 jumping jacks
    • 40 standing hamstring floss (20/side)
    • 30 second couch stretch (each side)
    • 20 scap push-ups (just shoulders, not going all the way to the floor)
    • 10 side-to-side lunges
  • 2 rounds
    • 50 second active hang on rig (this was a challenge after last week’s 6 minute hang)
    • 40 in-place butt-kickers
    • 30 second calf stretch on each side
    • 20 single-leg reaches to the floor
    • 10 PVC pass thrus

And we were definitely warm by the end. πŸ™‚


Once that was done, we grabbed an empty barbell and some weights and started warming up our push press. We did a few reps without weight, then warmed up to our working weight.

The working weight for guys at the performance level today was 115#. The way 95# felt overhead, it was iffy if I was going to be able to do 10 reps at 115# unbroken. So I stayed put at 95# and let it ride. Jonathan was suggesting I push 115#, but I didn’t bow to the peer pressure this morning. πŸ™‚

GHD sit-ups, I was on the floor the whole time.

And then we were supposed to row 250m, but with 10 people in the class, we had a choice of row, assault bike, or run 200m. I strangely enough chose to run.

keep-calm-and-amrapThe workout was:

  • Metcon – rounds and reps
  • 15-minute AMRAP
    • Performance
      • 250-meter row
      • 115/75-lb. push presses, 10 reps
      • 20 GHD sit-ups to parallel
    • Fitness
      • 250-meter row
      • 65/45-lb. push presses, 10 reps
      • 20 AbMat sit-ups

My workout ended up being:

  • 15-minute AMRAP
    • 200m run
    • 95# push presses, 10 reps
    • 20 GHD abmat sit-ups

Made it through 4 full rounds, plus the 200m run, plus the 10 push presses, and 5 sit-ups on the floor as time ran out. So 4+16. I wasn’t far behind Jonathan, who was doing it at 115# with the run and full GHD sit-ups (he did 4+19).

Not bad. Everybody was in the 4-5 round range I think, so everybody was moving right along. The run became a walk a few times and I turned it into active recovery to get breath back on track, but ran as much as I could.

Maybe I should have gone with 115# but I was happy to stay in the same rounds range as everybody else. πŸ™‚

I’ll take it. πŸ™‚ Good work 8:30 class!

Running? Again? (Team WOD)

Yesterday got away from me a bit, so I’m writing up yesterday’s workout now. πŸ™‚

Ev, AJ, and I headed in to Continuum about 9:30 for the 10am Team WOD and I knew it was going to be a sneaky workout. I’d looked earlier in the morning and it appeared easy, which is never a good thing. Even once we were there, Jonathan and I underestimated it a bit.

b04c6ed2970ac4c861a63625f42d9532We weren’t alone however. There were a good number of folks spread throughout. Ev & AJ teamed up. I teamed up with Jonathan. And we joined the throngs.

It began simply enough, with the same warm-up as the rest of the week, led by Coach Drea. We spread out for floor space and tackled it a movement at a time, avoiding the row/run/bike for 2 minutes at the beginning. We’d have plenty of that before we were done.

Once we were done with that, we grabbed an empty barbell and our partners and started warming up the rest of the movements: hanging power cleans and front squats. At first it was an empty barbell and then we added more weight. It was supposed to be 135/95# for guys. Jonathan and I felt like 115# was plenty heavy and stayed there.

Bill & Isaac demonstrated some ring push-ups (really low rings and you essentially do a push-up on them — difficult to stabilize a bit, but great practice for ring dips) and talked about toes to bar or knees to elbows.

1425faefe33929b0b86dcb3935ca368a--employee-motivation-work-motivationAnd then… it was off to the races.

  • 25 Min AMRAP, 2 person teams
    • 20 Hang Power cleans #135/#95/#75/#65
    • 20 Ring Push-ups
    • 20 Toes 2 Bar
    • 20 Front Squat #135/#95/#75/#65
    • 400 M run – Run together as team
    • (if 3 person team, increase reps by 10)
    • Must complete each movement before moving on

Like I said, seemed simple enough. Of course, it wasn’t.

Jonathan and I used a 115# bar for the cleans & squats, he did t2b and I did knees-to-elbows, and we both did ring push-ups and the run. When I say run, the first one was a run and the last two were… walk 200m and run 200m.

My issue with this workout was the lack of rest. You’d think with a partner, you’d get a little recovery time — but that wasn’t the case. And we weren’t the fastest of the teams or the slowest, but the run became my “rest” for lack of anywhere else.

1th9hbWe eventually finished 3 full rounds and got through the cleans, ring push-ups, and 12 of the t2b or k2e’s (3+52). I called it 295 reps, considering each 400m run 1 rep (each round was 81 reps, so 81+81+81+52 = 295).

Breathing was a problem. I was amused because we did the hanging and running hero WOD earlier in the week and I ran 400m five times, with plenty of rest in-between (the hangs became recovery time of 45 seconds to 1 minute), and the runs didn’t feel nearly that bad.

Cleans, we broke up in sets of 5 back and forth. Ring push-ups we did 10 each. T2b/k2e we did 10 each. And the first set of front squats was 10 and 10, second was 10 and 10, third was 10, 5 with a pause and 5 more, fourth was 5 with a pause, 3 with a pause, and 2. The lack of recovery time taxed everything pretty well.

Someday I’ll figure out how to “recover” and run at the same time. Someday.

But I was happy to get through 3+ rounds of that. When Jonathan talked before we started, he thought we’d get through 5 rounds — I predicted 3. We landed in-between. That’s compromise for you. πŸ™‚

Thanks for a challenging workout, Jimmy. πŸ™‚

Just Hanging Around with Coffland

Today was workout #3 this week, and it happens to be the second hero WOD of the week as well. I think that the crossfit programming folks are trying to get us to burn more calories heading into the holidays. But it’s the first day this week that I’ve had a chance to work out with my wife, so I was happy about that. πŸ™‚

U.S. Army Spc. Christopher J. Coffland

We arrived for the 8:30 workout with Coach Drea and were joined by Nick and Melissa. The four of us tackled the warm-up (I rowed 2 mins while everybody else biked) and we worked through the rest of the series. And then we talked about the workout.

Coffland is named for U.S. Army Specialist Christopher J. Coffland. He died from wounds suffered from an IED in Afghanistan back in 2009. And he was apparently an avid CrossFit athlete and in amazing shape. You can read more about Spc. Coffland on the CrossFit main site.

The workout named in his honor is definitely a challenging one,. more than it would suggest at first glance.

  • Hang from a pull-up bar for X minutes.
  • Each time you drop from the bar, perform:
  • Β Competitor (6-minute hang)
    • 800m run
    • 30 push-ups
  • Performance (6-minute hang)
    • 800m run
    • 20 push-ups
  • Fitness (4-minute hang)
    • 400m run
    • 15 knee push-ups

212wlwI will honestly say that I went in feeling like crud this morning. I didn’t manage to eat breakfast before the workout and think I may be coming down with the cold my kids have brought home from school. Plus, it snowed a little overnight, so it was cold and a little slick today when we got there. (It did warm up some as the sun broke through the low cloud cover.)

My biggest worry was just hanging onto the bar. My grip strength isn’t great and gives out frequently (especially on my left side) during workouts. But running isn’t one of my favorite things either.

We had the option of rowing or riding the assault bike for 3 minutes 30 seconds, or running 800m. Rather than making this a running workout, I chose to only do 400m, which would be a challenge in and of itself since I’ve only been running 300m stretches of late.

And with all of that said, I feel better after the workout than before (except for a couple of niggly things), so I think I’ll be ok. I did a hard stop at 30 minutes with 14 seconds of hang time left out of the 6 minutes, but couldn’t bring myself to run again.

7TaonKRbcSo I did:

  • Hang 1:21, Run 400m, 20 push-ups
  • Hang 1:10, Run 400m, 20 push-ups
  • Hang 1:00, Run 400m, 20 push-ups
  • Hang :45, Run 400m, 20 push-ups
  • Hang :45, Run 400m, 20 push-ups
  • Hang :45
  • Total time: 30 min
  • Total hang time: 5:46
  • Total push-ups: 100

Ev has a work-related injury on her hand (cat bit and scratched her at work a couple of days ago), but went for the 4 minute fitness time and literally hung in there through more than 4 minutes of hang time (4:23) and 7 rounds of running 400m and 20 knee push-ups. I think she was around 40 minutes by the time she was done.

Nick and Melissa both did awesome as well. I felt bad for Melissa whose last hang finished all but TWO SECONDS of the full 6 minutes and headed out for another run. I think she was doing full 800m runs and 20 push-ups, so she was pushing hard. Nick was on the assault bike the whole time…

Like I said, this was a sneaky one. You wouldn’t think that hanging on the rig would be such a challenge, but it definitely was a grip tester!

1425faefe33929b0b86dcb3935ca368a--employee-motivation-work-motivationWhen all is said and done, I have a few observations:

  • 400m didn’t seem so bad today simply because I had over a minute of rest between each run with the hang and the push-ups. And I ran most of every round — the only part I didn’t run was the top of the route which was covered in snow. I walked that each time to avoid any slippage. But I ran the rest each time even if I was swearing by the end.
  • Push-ups got worse and worse. Coach Nicole would have yelled at me by the end. πŸ™‚
  • The hang was brutal – even with readjusting when I could. Left hand just doesn’t have the same control as the right.
  • And the only body part upset at me after all that is my left ankle. Not sure why, but it’s a little angry after all that running. Go figure.

I am happy with how I did. I probably should have pushed through to do the last 14 seconds of hang, but it would have taken another 3-4 minutes and my body was yelling at me more than a little.

Next time, Coffland. Next time.