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Weds/THurs catch-up

Some weeks, it’s work that kicks my butt and makes me wait to write stuff up. This week? A birthday and a high school graduate! Wow, crazy times ahead! But I’m happy to have taken some time off so I can (maybe) relax a little. Eventually. πŸ™‚

Wednesday – Push Press Strength Day

It’s been a while since I’ve hit a push press strength day at the box. I’m sure they’ve had some, but apparently I’ve missed them or somehow forgotten to log them since 2017. πŸ™‚ Last numbers for a one rep I had were 195# in 2014 and 185# in 2017. We’re now in 2019, so where’d 2018 go?!?

Ev had the day off, so the two of us went in with Coach Drea – and we had Lisa G and another new gal whose name is escaping me today but was very nice! The four of us chugged through the warm-up (all body weight stuff, including “seal jumping jacks,” regular jumping jacks, push-ups, and more.

Looks nothing like me. πŸ™‚

We got into the push press with some skill work first, focusing on strict press and then push press. And then we warmed up and were off to the races…

Here’s how it went:

  • 95# x5 (warm-up)
  • 115# x5 (warm-up)
  • 125# x3 (warm-up)
  • 135# x3 (warm-up)
  • 135# x2
  • 145# x2
  • 155# x2
  • 165# x2
  • 170# (dropped, couldn’t convince my body to push out of the front rack)
  • 145# x2
  • 155# x2

And Ev hit 95# at least twice, maybe three or four times. Her old one rep is 105# from 2017, so she did pretty well. πŸ™‚

So that was a fun day. Not bad doing strength work on my birthday. πŸ™‚

Thursday Metcon

And then today, Ev and I got to go in together again! We had Coach Lara and she had a bunch of us to contend with: Nick & Lisa, Nicole, KB, and Todd joined us. As you might imagine, we injected more than a little sarcasm into the mix. πŸ™‚

The warm-up involved a 200m run, some Cossack squats, push-ups, and then kicking up on the wall. As always, kicking up is always a bit entertaining for yours truly – my body lately has decided it wants to kick into a free standing handstand when I try to kick up at the wall — so my feet drift in mid-air for a moment or two before gravity takes over and I either hit the wall or hit the floor. πŸ™‚

We also did some ankle and wrist mobility to get ready for the day’s workout… a lot of reps of kettlebell swings, pistols (one-legged squats), and handstand push-ups. For me this was a continual downgrade… I can do KBS ok, pistols I have issues with, and handstand push-ups are hairy these days. Woof!

Our goal was to get things done in 15 minutes or less. Spicy!

I warmed up with a 45# kettlebell, but quickly dropped to 35# — we were shooting for 30 unbroken KBS out of a set of 80. I was going to be hard pressed to pull that off plus all the rest. So dropping was the good choice.

Next were the pistols. I did a modification that Coach Nicole showed me a year or so ago – where I put one leg behind the other. Not my favorite movement and I’m slow at them, but I’d give it a go.

And last were the handstand push-ups, which have been giving me issues for a while now. I used to be able to bang out strict HSPUs in sets of 5 for a while — but lately, strict or kipping, they’re hairy. I did three strict and three kipping during warm-ups and already knew they were going to fail pretty quickly.

So we did 80 kettlebell swings, 60 pistols, and 40 HSPUs. I was already scaling, so I scaled the 40 HSPUs to 20 at Lara’s suggestion. Good thing, too!

Took me 14:56 with my modifications. I got through 5 kipping HSPUs and then my body rebelled. I ended up doing Pike push-ups from that point forward to round out the 20 reps — and only barely got done ahead of the 15 minute time cap.

Plus, holy cow it was humid today. I was dripping sweat the whole time — and though I was working hard, I wasn’t working THAT hard (or so I thought). πŸ™‚

I wasn’t trying to keep up with anybody else, but there were some battles going on. Ev did everything she could to beat Nicole (and did by a little bit, I think). I was just trying to get done. πŸ™‚

Great work everybody and thanks Lara for the fun workout!

Fun with 50

It’s only a little ironic that we had the “Fun with 50s” workout today during Team WOD and I turn 49 next week. πŸ™‚ Not quite ready for 50, but we did a lot of reps today just the same.

AJ’s soccer game was canceled this morning, so I had an opportunity to make it in for the Saturday Team WOD with Coach Larry. And he came up with another doozy of a workout that hit a whole bunch of movements in 30ish minutes.

We had a pretty good turnout today too. A couple of newcomers, plus Heather, Caleb & Megan, Shaun & Stacy, Robert, and Melissa. Poor Larry did the workout on his own, but we had plenty of movements to go around!

  • Six 5-Minute Sets (One Minute Rest Between)
  • 50 Goblet Squats (53/35) / AMRAP Burpees
  • 50 Weighted Sit-Ups / AMRAP KBS (53/35)
  • 50 Push Ups / AMRAP Box Jumps (24/20)
  • 50 KB/DB Snatches (35/25) / AMRAP Walking Lunges
  • 50 Pull Ups / AMRAP Single Unders
  • 50 Push Press (95/75) / AMRAP Jump Squats
  • (Scoring is based on AMRAP Reps)

Thank goodness this was a partner WOD. πŸ™‚ I worked with Robert today and the two of us started at the Push Press at the bottom and then Goblet Squats, down the line to end on Pull Ups.

So how’d we do? (Well, we broke things up the same way each 50, with sets of 10-10-8-8-7-7, alternating.)

  • Push Press (95#) x50 (25 each), plus 115 jump squats
  • Goblet Squats (53# kettlebell) x50 (25 each), plus 40 burpees (slow and ugly they were!)
  • Weighted Sit-ups (20# med ball) x50 (25 each), plus 50 kettlebell swings (53#)
  • Push-ups x50 (25 each), plus 57 box jumps to 20″ (I did step-ups for all but my last 5 and I think Robert did jumps the whole time)
  • KB/DB Snatches (35# dumbbell) x50 (25 each), plus 70 walking lunges
  • Pull-ups x50 (I did 25 ring rows and Robert did 25 pull-ups), plus 295 single-unders
  • Total reps? 627, plus the 300 reps we did as buy-in

Yup, it was a good one. πŸ™‚ Burpees were the worst part I think. And I’m not too surprised by that!

Fun workout, Larry! Thanks Robert! And great work everybody!!

AMRAP x2 after 19.4

I have to admit that I was a bit leery of going in for today’s team WOD after doing 19.4 last night and suffering “crossfit cough” until several hours after the event. But the only body part complaining was my left knee, so I decided I should go in — especially since I missed Weds & Thurs due to the blizzard.

So I shuffled in with quite a few other folks — Caleb & Megan, Lara & Jordan, Vanessa, Lisa & Nick, Drew, Stacy, Melissa, and maybe one or two others. We were there to do a workout designed by Larry, so you know it was going to leave a mark by the time we were done. πŸ™‚

We did a brief warm-up, paired up and went through some movement standards. I worked with Caleb today and didn’t really scale much, so I’ll take that as a good sign that my body wasn’t too fried.

  • Teams of 2 (or 3) – each member must complete all reps before moving on
  • AMRAP #1 (15 minutes)
    • 15 push press 115/85#
    • 25 walking lunges
    • 15 SDHP 115/85#
    • 20 goblet squats (53/35# KB)
    • 100 single unders
  • 5 minute rest
  • AMRAP #2 (15 minutes)
    • 15 deadlifts (205/155#)
    • 20 mountain climbers
    • 20 kettlebell swings (53/35#)
    • 20 push-ups
    • 15 box jumps (24/20″ box)

For the first AMRAP, I didn’t scale anything and Caleb actually scaled up to a 70# kettlebell for goblet squats. I did pretty well for the first round and was fading by the end of the second — I got through my jump rope and Caleb finished his in the first minute of the rest between AMRAPs.

For the second AMRAP, I scaled box jumps to step-ups on a 20″ box to avoid ticking off my knee further, but that was my only scale. And Caleb continued to chug through the KBS with that 70# kettlebell, plus did 24″ box jumps.

Except for the single unders, the walking lunges, the mountain climbers, and the box jumps, we pretty much just alternated doing 5 reps each. I did one round of push-ups with 10 reps, but that was the only deviation there.

So we got through 2 rounds of the first one (bleeding into the 5 minute rest) and 2 rounds of the second one (with about 15 seconds to spare). Not too bad really — but I was pretty tired afterwards. πŸ™‚

Thank you Caleb for being my teammate today — and everybody was pretty much flying right along. And thanks Larry for a fun workout!

Catching up, 10-FEB-2019

Since these catch-up posts have become more the norm than the exception, I figured it was time to give them their own header. πŸ™‚

Do we really need our minds anyway? HA!

Anyway, this was a hell of a week. We had things happening damn near every night and I have to say I may have lost my mind (briefly) at one point. Who needs their mind, anyway?

Tuesday was the last workout I made it to early in the week. Then I missed Wednesday and didn’t get much sleep that night. Thursday I decided to skip the workout due to the fact that I was so out of it, plus it was my youngest’s birthday. And that leaves the weekend — Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! Yes, even Sunday got involved. πŸ™‚


I don’t often make Friday morning classes, usually choosing to take those days as a rest day before catching Saturday’s team WOD. But missing the middle of the week, I felt I needed to get my arse back in the box.

Coach Drea had an entertaining group, though there’s been enough madness since then I only remember Melissa and Dave. Apparently getting older means needing to write EVERYTHING down. πŸ™‚

It was another workout involving strict pull-ups, which was a challenge. And I was a little sore from earlier in the week, so I went lighter than I originally wanted to. It was dumbbell clean & jerks, strict pull-ups, and GHD sit-ups.

  • 21-15-9
  • dumbbell clean & jerks (a pair), 35/25#
  • strict pull-ups
  • GHD sit-ups

As you might imagine, I scaled a little:

  • 20# dumbbells for the DB clean & jerks
  • a mix of strict pull-ups, banded pull-ups, and ring rows
  • and GHD sit-ups to parallel

Strict pull-ups were the worst. The band, even a black band, didn’t work with me the way I wanted, so I ended up dropping to ring rows when the strict pull-ups gave up. But I think I managed 15 in the first round, 10 in the second, and 5 in the last round before dropping to ring rows.

I think the time domain was 10-15 minutes, but I finished in 17:18. That said, I was happy to finish at all. My grip was gone on the left side by mid-way through the round of 15. And I was doing shorter and shorter sets of everything as I chugged through.

Saturday – Team WOD

The Team WOD on Saturday was designed by Larry. And it was a doozy. AJ and I went in as a team together but we were far from alone. I think there were 10 or 11 of us. He had a pair of AMRAPs in store for us…

  • 2 Person Teams (Each person completes all movements)
  • AMRAP 1 – 15 Min (3 Burpees on the minute)
    • 12 Push Press (135/95)
    • 12 Box Jumps
    • 12 HSPU
    • 12 Wall Balls
  • 5 Minute Break
  • AMRAP 2 – 15 Min (200M Run at 5 and 10 minutes)
    • 12 Hang Power Clean (135/95)
    • 12 Goblet Squats (53/35)
    • 12 KBS (53/35)
    • 12 Knees to Elbows

AJ and I scaled a little:

  • 95# bar for me and 35# for her
  • 20″ box jumps or step-ups
  • Pike push-ups for HSPUs

It was the burpees in the first AMRAP that really killed us I think. My arms were sore by the middle of the second full round of the first AMRAP and we were breaking up barbell movements into sets of 3 instead of sets of 6.

But we finished about 2 and a half rounds of the first one and nearly 3 rounds of the second when all was said and done. AJ did awesome and I think we wiped her out – she took a long nap that afternoon. πŸ™‚

Sunday – Yoga with V

And today Ev and I headed in for the afternoon yoga class with our Yogi, Vanessa. We always have a fun time in her class and today was no exception. We laughed A LOT as we stumbled through (in my case literally) some of the movements!

Definitely an “active recovery” kind of day, but it was good to keep moving. We’ll see if I feel that way tomorrow. πŸ™‚

We focused on a ton of balance moves, which was interesting. My chair pose felt pretty good, and I was able to balance for a while in warrior 3, but other than that it was a fun mix. I fell trying to do a handstand on my forearms while at the wall and nearly clobbered KB (SORRY KB!) but otherwise I think we were all unscathed. πŸ™‚

Thanks V!!

More Than A Little Cardio

Yesterday was a much needed rest day, which meant I needed to get in for today’s team WOD and get moving again. πŸ™‚ Jimmy had just the thing… a cardio intensive team workout!

There were only a few of us today — Lisa & Nick, Caleb & Megan, and Melissa S — for Coach Jimmy today, but that was a good number for the workout he had planned.

We started with 3 rounds of:

  • 30 seconds of jumping jacks
  • 30 seconds of air squats
  • 30 seconds of squat-to-stand

And then we did some barbell warm-up of front squats, push press, and hang power cleans, before breaking into two groups and putting weight on the bar. Instead of teams of 2, we broke into two teams of 3 and it was guys vs. gals.Β 

  • 35 minute AMRAP, teams of 3, one team member working at a time
    • 75 calories on the assault bike
    • 50 calories on the rower
    • 25 front squats (135/95#)
    • 75 calories on the assault bike
    • 50 calories on the rower
    • 25 push jerk/push press (135/95#)
    • 75 calories on the assault bike
    • 50 calories on the rower
    • 25 hang power cleans (135/95#)

I worked with Nick & Caleb, who put 135# on the bar and I had a bar with 115#. Long story short:

Evil creature!Β 
  • the assault bike (aka “The Devil’s Tricycle”) was awful as per usual, unless your name was Caleb πŸ™‚ — we originally set out to do two sets of each of 15 and 10 calories respectively, but my knees were fried pretty quickly and I fell out of that, simply trying to do 10 calories each time I got on
  • the row wasn’t bad – I managed to consistently get a calorie almost every pull for a good while — we broke it into sets of 17 or 18 calories each and I usually left Nick 15 or 16 caloriesΒ 
  • and the barbell work wasn’t bad — we did sets of 4 and someone (usually me, with the lighter barbell) did sets of 5

We made it through one full round and into 4 push jerks/push presses (Caleb made quick work of 4 reps after Nick finished the row). I’ll call it 1 full round + 29 (25 front squats + 4 push presses).

I honestly have no idea who “won” the battle — we were all working hard. I felt bad about the assault bike though — definitely not my jam!

Great work everybody! Thanks Jim for a fun workout!

Strength Day – Overhead Work

Yesterday was a doozy of a workout, so I was happy to see that today’s was a strength day! Huzzah!Β Made it in for the 9:30 workout with Coach Lara, Caleb, Nick, and Janiece, as the 8:30 class was heading out. We had a fun little group. πŸ™‚

old_windmillWe started with little warm-up:

  • 500m row
  • 10 PVC Passthroughs
  • 10 Inchworms
  • 10 Windmills
  • 10 Seated Forward Tables

And we bounced from there to some skill refresher on the strict press (or shoulder press), push press, and push jerk, with an empty barbell. From there we each found a rack, warmed up to our starting weight for strict press, and got going.

So how did it go?

  • Strict Press
    • 75# x3 (warm-up)
    • 95# x3 (warm-up)
    • 115#
    • 125#
    • 135#
    • 145#
    • 160# (fail)
    • (old one rep: 155#)
  • Push Press
    • 95# (warm-up)
    • 135# (warm-up)
    • 155#
    • 165#
    • 175#
    • 185# (fail)
    • 180# (fail)
  • Push Jerk
    • 135# (warm-up)
    • 155#
    • 165#
    • 175# (fail)
    • 165# (fail)
    • 155#

strict-press-illustrationSo my heaviest overhead movement was a 175# push press, followed by a 165# push jerk, and a 145# strict press. My old 1RMs (which still stand) are: 195# push press, 185# push jerk, 155# strict press.

As I told Lara, I didn’t really care about the weight too much. But she said my form was pretty good, so that made me happy. And I moved some weight and had fun. What more could I ask for?

Meanwhile, Nick, Caleb, and Janiece all had some nice lifts too. πŸ™‚ Great work everybody! And thanks Lara for the encouragement!

Post-workout Nutrition Check-in

So it’s been a month since I started back with some nutrition coaching with Drea and time to check in and get measured. My measurements didn’t move much, largely because I was incredibly uneven across the month of October. To say that we have been crazy in the last 4-6 weeks would be an understatement.

  • 2-OCT-2018 – 220.4#, 22.1% Body Fat
  • 6-NOV-2018 – 221.8#, 22.3% Body Fat

tom-Bathroom-scale-800pxWe had a long chat about a number of topics, but I ended up with some goals to work on:

  1. Get some help with meal prep from the girls. Ask each to prepare one item each week (roast veggies, crock pot or insta-pot something, chop something, etc).
  2. Commit to making breakfast for myself every day after I feed the dogs at 6am.
  3. Commit to writing in my journal every night at bedtime to help wind down.
  4. Pick 1 meal from the meal plan to duplicate during the week.

And I’m still tracking “points” for myself:

  • 1 point for a workout or yoga class
  • 1 point for double-under practice
  • 1 point for using the crossover symmetry bands
  • 1 point for a “good” meal (no bread/tortilla, more veggies, more protein, etc.)
  • (new) 1 point for checking in with Drea (once a month)
  • (new) 1 point for any sort of meal prep

Today for example, before dinner, I have 5 points (breakfast, lunch, workout, meet with Drea, and insta-pot chicken for shredding). Compare that to this past Saturday night where I ate like crap, hardly moved (we drove 250 miles), and I had quite a bit of wine and champagne to drink. That scored me a big fat zero. πŸ™‚

Most days have been in the 2-4 point range, with a few 1s in there too. I’ve been pretty uneven. We’ll see if I can do better in the next 30 days. Like all of life, it’s a work in progress.

Thanks Drea for helping get me back on track and the good chat!

Forearms are swole!

Made it for the 8:30 workout this morning with Coach Drea, Melissa S, Melissa, Emily, Rebecca, and Bri. We were ready to get “swole” on a Monday morning apparently. πŸ™‚

yoga-down-dog-2We started with two rounds of:

  • 1 minute of single-unders or double-under practice (no double-unders were harmed during my double-under practice in the second round)
  • 30 second straight-arm plank hold
  • 30 seconds of banded pull-aparts (green band)
  • 30 seconds of hands-on-box shoulder stretch (like child’s pose, but arms are raised so your head can dip below parallel with the shoulders)

After that we moved to talk about push presses (empty barbell warm-up and then added weight to get to our starting weight). I warmed up with 95# and set up at 115# with the ability to strip off 20# when it got to be too much.

And then we moved to the rig… Strict pull-ups are not really my jam. I tend to do them with a grip like chin-ups rather than an over-hand pull-up grip. And weighted ones? Well, that’s definitely a challenge. But with the chain belt on, I tested with some 25# weighted pull-ups and then got ready for the performance weights (30/20/10#)…

PullupThe workout itself was simple:

  • 5 minute AMRAP
  • 3 minute rounds with 2 minute rest
    • Performance
      • 20 push presses (115/5#)
      • and max effort weighted pull-ups (30/20/10# weighted, then strict, then kipping or 15/10/5# weighted, then strict, then kipping)
    • Fitness
      • 20 push presses (95/65#)
      • max-rep jumping pull-ups

So my workout went something like this:

  • Round 1 – 20 push presses @ 115#, 6 strict chin-up style pull-ups with 30# weight (one at a time) (push press I did 17 in a row, then dropped, then did last 3 – that was probably a poor choice)
  • Round 2 – 20 x 115#, 5 strict pull-ups with 20# weight (left forearm was blowing up at this point and causing all sorts of entertaining problems) (did 10 push-presses in a row, then 5, then 3, then 2)
  • Round 3 – stripped off 20# and moved to 20 x 95#, did 6 weighted strict pull-ups at 10# (one at a time) – (same rep scheme as round 2 for push press)
  • Round 4 – 20 x 95#, 8 strict pull-ups one at a time
  • Round 5 – 20 x 95#, 15 kipping pull-ups
  • Total pull-ups: 40

We’ll see if I can move my left arm tomorrow. πŸ™‚ But I was happy I was pretty consistent round to round. That’s the most weighted pull-ups I’ve ever done I think.

Not bad for a Monday! Thanks Drea and good work 8:30 class!