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Catching Up and PR Monday!

This past weekend was a bit of a blur. I skipped the workout on Friday in favor of getting a few things done and relaxing playing a video game. Saturday we did Nicole’s gymnastics class and it was a good one. Lots and lots of core and quads followed by a double-header of soccer for AJ.

eyes-304338_640.pngYesterday after the time change, I was pretty much mindless. Played more video games and accomplished NOTHING. We all need those days once in a while. But I feel really guilty as a result.

Back to work today. Back to the box today. And though my brain wasn’t really in a great spot, I did my best to shake it off as soon as we started warming up for the workout. We had a fun group for Coach Drea — Nicole, Logan, Melissa, and Sarah.

We started with one of Nicole’s fun warm-ups — lots of squatting and stretching. Then we moved to PVC and empty barbell warm-ups for overhead squats. And we moved on to putting some weight on the bar.

Last time we did overhead squat PRs, I made it to 145# back in July. For a guy who started five years ago and could barely hold a PVC pipe overhead, that was a big deal. And a few weeks ago we did 5x OHS and I made it to 115#, which was great.

Today? I wasn’t sure what I was going to hit. Drea said to shoot for 75% or so to start and see where you landed, so that’s what I did.

  • Warm-up: 45#, 75#, 95#
  • 105#
  • 115#
  • 125#
  • 135#
  • 145# (old PR)
  • 150# (5# PR)
  • 155# (10# PR)

Here’s the crazy part. 145# felt better than 135#. And 150/155# felt better than 145#. The heavier I got, the better it felt. How weird is that? I felt like I could have pushed farther, but we ran out of time. And that’s fine – leaves me some room for next time I guess. πŸ™‚

Logan managed a 20# PR as well, so I know I wasn’t alone in seeing a few gains today. Good work! And thank you Melissa, Nicole, and Drea for the encouragement. I will do my best not to minimize PRs. πŸ™‚




All Overhead Today

This weekend was entertaining. After doing the Saturday gymnastics WOD, my back was very unhappy with me. We then sat in howling wind for Mickey’s soccer game and drove to the Denver Tech Center to cheer on AJ’s team, though she wasn’t playing. My body wasn’t a happy place for a while.

1xpb3dSunday I ate too much (fat & happy), watched football, and got some writing done, then drove to the Denver airport to pick up Ev. Got home about 12:30 this morning.

Did that mean that I would be smart and skip crossfit this morning? Hell no. It’s Monday. Gotta go!

Got everybody else up, moving, and on their way. Worked a bit. And then headed to crossfit.

Today’s workout was… overhead all day. How was my cranky body going to handle that, I wondered? The answer came during the warm-up… some parts better than others.

Thankfully I was not alone. Coach Drea had Nicole, Todd & Melissa, Connie, and Logan this morning. πŸ™‚

Overhead-squat-1We did some shoulder mash (it was a midnight smash! we did the mash…), some light windmills (I left the plates on the floor), some prone PVC passthroughs, some sky reaches, couch stretch, and some overhead squats with a plate before going through the movements for today:

  • Overhead Squats
  • Snatch Balance
  • Hanging Squat Snatch

We warmed up all of these with a PVC pipe first and then found a friendly squat rack to set up with an empty barbell and some weights. Before long, we were off and running.

  • Overhead Squat 5-5-5
  • Snatch Balance 3-3-3
  • Hang Squat Snatch 1-1-1

Now we did OHS a few weeks ago (OHS x5) and I stayed pretty low on weight, starting at 95# and going down to 85#. Though it was a rough start this morning, wasn’t sure where I’d end up, so I started low again and worked my way up.

  • 5x 65# OHS (felt good, but felt like my knees were going forward))
  • 5x 85# OHS (still felt good)
  • 5x 115# OHS (all felt good but the middle one)

That was 20# heavier than just a few weeks ago and it felt pretty good. Who knows where my 1RM will be if we try that again? My old 1RM is 145# and after doing five decent OHS at 115# I’m sure I can do 135# and probably match 145#, if not exceed it.

Then we did the Snatch Balance…

  • 75# x3
  • 95# x3 (kinda ugly)
  • 95# x3 (a bit better)

1xpdhcAnd finally the hanging squat snatches:

  • 75# x1 (was one of those “OMG, what did I just do lifts” where it felt awkward the whole way)
  • 75# x1 (much better)
  • 95# x1 (not awful, but my feet went way wide on the jump)

I’ll take that all the way to the bank.

Here’s the funny. I didn’t start feeling the bruises on my thighs from the pullovers on SaturdayΒ until I started doing the hang squat snatch. And was “yup — they’re there!” And I was feeling my abs from all the planks and toes-to-bar work and everything on Saturday.

It’s always fun to see what you’ve done to yourself two days after the fact. πŸ™‚

Anyway… Great work everybody! And thanks Drea for a fun class!

Lurong 2017 Workout #1 Redux

We’ll talk about the nutrition side of the Lurong Summertime Challenge 2017 another day, but today we retested on the 1st workout of this challenge. (We did this back on May 15…)

I headed in with the girls to the 8:30 class with Coach Drea today and we had a great set of folks join us — Nick & Lisa, Todd & Melissa, Connie, and Sarah.

Overhead-squat-1We started with about 10 minutes of mobility on upper body and anything else that needed work with a foam roller and lacrosse ball, then did a three round warm-up:

  • 100m row* or run/30 seconds on Assault bike
  • 8 overhead squats (with empty barbell or PVC – I used PVC)
  • 8 push-ups
  • 8 hollow body rocks

And then we did a lot of skill work with snatches and an empty barbell before grabbing a box, adding weight, and trying 3 reps each of:

  • power snatch
  • box jump
  • overhead squat
  • box jump

After trying the power snatch at 95#, I decided I’d drop the weight. So I went to 75#, which is what I thought Level 2 was. Apparently even THAT was overachieving for this workout. L2 was apparently 65#. Oops.

box-jump-failSo I did L2, but 75#/20″. Both girls scaled the weight but did 20″ box jumps.

  • 5 Minute AMRAP of:
    • 10 Power Snatches
    • 10 Box Jumps
  • Rest for 2 Minutes
  • 5 Minute AMRAP of:
    • 10 Overhead Squats
    • 10 Box Jumps
  • Rx 95/65# & 24/20″, L2 65/45# & 20/16″, L1 45/35# & 16/12″

Last time I made it through 96 reps with a 95# bar and 20″ step-ups (into but not through the 3rd round on either movement). This time (with less weight), I made it through 3 full rounds of each:

  • Three rounds flat of the Power Snatches & Box Jumps/Step-ups (60 reps)
  • Three rounds plus 4 more OHS of OHS and Step-ups (64 reps)
  • Total: 124 reps (28 reps more than last time!)

1kiekqFunny enough, looking back — that’s what Ev got the first time she did this workout with 55#. So I feel better. πŸ™‚

The girls each got through two rounds of each movements, plus:

  • Slight adjustment – apparently had the girls’ scores reversed
  • AJ: 46 + 53 = 99 reps total (front squats instead of OHS)
  • Mickey: 45 + 47 = 92 reps total

So they did great. Everybody did. Great work!

On to the rest of the day…

Overhead then row forever…

Last week was a blur. Finally, Sunday in the middle of the day, I felt like I came out of the fog that started the Monday prior. Today I’m back in an allergy-induced haze, but still humming along better than I have been… so I guess I won’t complain. Much. πŸ™‚

Today it was just me heading in for an 8:30 class at CrossFit Continuum. Felt good to get back to the “normal” routine this week. Coach Bill was there and we were joined by Jenny, Todd & Melissa. Fun crew for a Monday morning.

Started with a bit of mobility, ran a 400m, and then did some warm-ups with a PVC pipe:

  • PVC pass-thrus
  • Hollow-body rocks in an overhead position with a PVC pipe on the floor
  • Front squats
  • More pass-thrus & hollow body
  • Back squats
  • More pass-thrus & hollow body
  • Overhead squats

Once we were done with that, we warmed up further with an empty barbell and some overhead squats before starting to add weight. I warmed up with 45# and 75# before we started working through five sets of 3:

  • 95# x3
  • 95# x3
  • 105# x3
  • 105# x3
  • 110# x3

Except for my wrists (thank goodness for wrist wraps and knee sleeves), I actually felt pretty good today and Bill seemed happy with my reps, which was nice. The week off where I was sick seems to have done some good to help my body recover.

Once all that was done, we had a metcon:

  • 5 rounds
  • 5 minutes of rowing
  • 5 minutes of rest

I only did the full 5 minutes of rest the first round. The rest of them I just waited until the display on the rower timed out and started again. Had a nice chat with folks while we rowed forever.

The power went out in the building sometime in the 2nd 5 minute row, but the rowers had their own displays and were on battery so it didn’t matter. We had some light coming in the window so it wasn’t too bad and really didn’t affect us much. πŸ™‚

By the time I was done, I covered about 5350m. Averaged a bit more than 1000m each round without really pushing too hard.

Honestly it just felt good to get back to moving some weight and then getting my sweat on for the longer row. Β I didn’t feel like I was redlining, but pushed a bit. It was nice just to be breathing. Β πŸ™‚

Thanks Bill and great work folks!

It is Monday, right?

Today has been plagued by the sense that it’s Tuesday even though all the signs clearly show that it is not. What the heck is going on in MY head today?

With two meetings this morning, I missed the morning workouts (Ev got in for an 8:30 class) but headed in for a Noon class. And it is never a good sign when you are tired before your workout. πŸ™‚ We had Coach Drea today – along with Amber, Kelli, Andrew, and Leah.

Kelly Starrett makes it look easy!

We started with some couch stretch on the wall – and I have to say there’s a noticeable difference between my left side (crappy) and my right side (happy). So that’s always entertaining. From there we did some work with a foam roller or lacrosse ball (I worked my quads since my left knee/hip didn’t like the more upright couch stretch). And then the fun began.

Drea had us do a barbell complex with an empty barbell (45# for me) ten times:

  • Muscle snatch
  • Push press
  • Overhead squat
  • Sots press

Um, I did great with a 45# bar until I tried to lower the overhead squat to my shoulders behind my head. And I did worse for the Sots press. Neither shoulder was tracking well. I dropped to a 35# bar after a couple of sets and it wasn’t any better, then I moved to a PVC pipe for some sotz press. We’ve done it with PVC before but I’ve never tried it weighted – looks like I need to.

1ci6wdTo say the least, I didn’t get through 10 complete sets. And the sets I got through were ugly as sin. But we weren’t done there.

Next we did a combination of double- or single-unders and muscle snatches.

  • 15 doubles (or 30 singles) and 5 snatches
  • 30 doubles (or 60 singles) and 10 snatches
  • 60 doubles (or 120 singles) and 15 snatches

That took a little while, but at least it felt a bit better than those sotz presses.

Finally we got to the workout, which was from the 2014 Open – 14.1. A 10 minute AMRAP:

  • 30 double-unders (or 60 singles)
  • 75# power snatches (15 reps)
Ready for my AMNAP

First, the good – it was only 10 minutes. Next, the bad. Did Drea drain all the oxygen out of the room before we started? Geez!

I made it through three complete rounds plus the single jump ropes and 6 power snatches (3 + 36/66 w/75#).

Then she wanted us to run 400m or be on the rower or assault bike for 2.5 minutes. My left hip started twinging about 1 minute in, so I called it good and did some pigeon stretch to try and work out the hip.

Than I came home. πŸ™‚ And now I’m ready for a nap!

Thanks Drea and great work everybody!!

7 rounds of Monday

Nobody needs 7 rounds of Monday. A week of Mondays would be awful!

After a weekend of soccer madness, it was time to get back to the box for another workout. I missed the team workout on Saturday, but was eager to get another WOD in and start the week out right. School starts this week and one of the kids (AJ) started today while the other one (Mickey) starts tomorrow, so she got to tag along with Ev and I this morning.

709515018:30am was taught by a combination of Coach Drea & Coach Bill. We had Sarah, Maria, the three of us, Larry, Jenny, Debbie, and KB. Was a great, positive crew this morning. Plus lots of sarcasm and humor, as always.

We started with some foam roller, banded shoulder work, and couch stretch to get things warmed up a bit. And then we did 3 rounds with 100m run, pressing snatch balance (pvc), inchworms, and air squats. I didn’t mind the short run. It wasn’t a sprint and wasn’t so far. I still wasn’t FAST by any stretch of the imagination, but it was tolerable.

Once all that was done, we did some refresher work on the movements for today – muscle snatch and overhead squats. Started with a PVC pipe, moved to an empty barbell, and then started loading the bar with the weight we’d use for the workout.

snatch5The workout was 7 rounds for reps of:

  • 1 minute of muscle snatches (75/65#)
  • 1 minute of overhead squats (75/65#)
  • 1 minute of bar-over burpees
  • 1 minute of rest

I did fine in the first two and then died in the burpees.

  • Mickey: 20-25-21-23-24-21-30 = 164 (35# bar)
  • Evelyn: 23-26-28-26-25-26-28 = 182 (55# bar)
  • Me: 22-23-18-22-16-18-19 = 138 (75# bar)

I had a few issues with this one. The weight wasn’t one of them. Honestly it felt pretty good. My form wasn’t bad for a good portion of the reps either. I started out pretty far forward on the OHS and pulled back with some cues from Bill. And had a few other adjustments – but damn those burpees just were awful. Totally out of gas every round by the time I got to them and the numbers went down.

That said – the biggest issues I had were my quads. They were complaining big time by the 3rd round and by the 4th round my right foot was asleep from the calf down. That made it tricky to do every part of this because I wasn’t sure of it on any rep. And jumping over the bar at the end was damn near impossible so my “jump over the bar” became a step over.

But though I wanted to quit, I kept going. I just was slow to convince myself back to the bar or back to the floor.

So no DNF for today. We’ll count that as a good thing. πŸ™‚

Great work 8:30 class! Thanks Drea & Bill for the encouragement and guidance!

DFL means “Didn’t Give Up”

… but damn I wanted to.

Today’s WOD was a challenge on a lot of levels. One of those workouts where you go in thinking “sure, this will be fine” and it smokes you in ways you couldn’t predict.

The day started ok. Got a little done for work then headed in to Crossfit Continuum for the 8:30 class with my family. The whole Fitzy clan went today – Evie, Mickey, and AJ, plus myself. We were joined by a great crew – Anna, Debbie, Ellen, Adrienne (and Jayda today – yay!), Danielle, and Connie (happy birthday Connie!). And we were under the watchful eye of Coach Drea.

jumpropeWe started with a 400m run, then did some bear crawls, knee hugs, thoracic high fives, and some jumping. Pogo jumps and double-under practice for a few minutes.

Once that was all finished, we did some overhead squat practice with a PVC pipe and an unloaded barbell, got our equipment together, and started to work.Β That was where the trouble started. πŸ™‚

The workout was:

  • four rounds for time
  • 30 double-unders (or 60 singles)
  • 20 overhead squats (75/55#)
  • 15 wall balls (20/14# med ball)
  • 10 burpees
  • 2 minute rest between rounds

Fine. Sounds simple enough.Β I scaled to 60 singles and did everything else as prescribed.

snatch5Finished the first round a bit tired, but knew my thighs and hips were starting to bug me. Took longer for round #2. Round #3 I was doubled over trying to keep moving. It wasn’t the overhead shoulder position today – it was the squat at the bottom. I walked outside during round 3 to take a brief break, then came back in and finished slowly. And then with only one round left I decided I might as well just keep chugging.

I moved out of the way so the next class could get started and I wasn’t in their path and chugged a little at a time.

I eventually finished in 37:43. DFL, but I finished. Damn I wanted to quit. And I did a couple of times, but I kept going. It just took forever.Β I think the jumping and squatting was just enough to set everything in a pissed off mode.

stopwatchThank you to everyone who stayed to help motivate me through it. I am the exception for this workout – I think most folks finished around 20 minutes.

Took my wife 21 minutes. Took my daughters 27-30. It was a challenging workout. I’m fried.

I’m glad it’s done. πŸ˜€

Thanks for letting me just chew through it a little at a time Drea. It wasn’t the kind of pain where it was an injury – it was just discomfort more than anything. So I knew I needed to keep chugging along – I just didn’t want to. It was mental more than anything else.

Great work everybody – y’all killed it!