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Review: Paleo Protein Bars from Julian Bakery

Every so often I get the itch to find a better snack in a pre-packaged form. Recently I’ve tried Zone Bars and a few others, but none have been all that tasty.

seven-barsBut I kept seeing the Julian Bakery ad show up in my Facebook feed for their “Paleo Protein Bars” and swore I’d give them a try. I ordered the 14 bar sample pack a couple of weeks ago – it includes 2 of each of the following:

  • Glazed Donut
  • Caramel
  • Cinnamon Roll
  • Cookies N’ Creme
  • Coconut Shred
  • Chocolate Brownie
  • Chocolate Mint

It’s a little pricey at more than $3 a bar, but shipping was free so I decided to give it a shot.

So far I’ve tried two of them…

Glazed Donut

glazed-donutI wasn’t all that impressed with Glazed Donut. It was hard, chewy, and not particularly donut-tasting. But here are the details: 200 calories (50 from fat), 20g protein, 2g sugar, 7g net carbs (total carbs 28g, dietary fiber 21g), 6g total fat, 250mg sodium, and 280mg potassium. Ingredients-wise: egg whites, prebiotic fiber (from tapioca), organic sunflower seeds, water, palm oil, orange pulp, vanilla, maple emulsion, stevia leaf extract, and sea salt.

Chewy is the only word I can think to describe the thing, which puts it squarely in line with most other protein bars that I’ve tried. None of them have been particularly tasty.

Cinnamon Roll

cinnamon-rollThat said, the Cinnamon Roll bar was delicious. Here are the details on this one: 180 calories (60 from fat), 20g protein, 2g sugars, 3g net carbs (total carbs 21g, dietary fiber 18g), 7g fat, 220mg sodium, and 250mg potassium. Ingredients are similar: egg whites, prebiotic fiber (from tapioca), sunflower seeds, water, palm oil, orange pulp, cinnamon, vanilla, maple emulsion, stevia leaf extract, and sea salt.

Did I mention it was delicious?

Zone Diet Time

Converting them to Zone for our “In the Zone Challenge” it looks like:

  • Cinnamon Roll bar: 3 blocks protein, almost 5 blocks of fat, and 2 blocks of carbs
  • Glazed Donut bar: 3 blocks of protein, 4 blocks of fat, and 3 blocks of carbs

Quite honestly, that’s not too bad. The Donut one is almost a perfect 3 block snack. But these aren’t bad for on-the-go or just for a mid-day bite.

Want more details?

Interested in trying them yourself? Looks like the only way to get them is by ordering from their website: JulianBakery.com. And it did take a little while to get here. I ordered on October 27th and it arrived yesterday. So about 9 days – not too bad. considering they bake them there and ship fresh. Looks like the batch I got is all dated to expire on October 28 2016, so they last about a year.

I’ll be very curious to see how the rest of them are, but I’m taking my time working through the box of 14 (12 to go, 5 flavors left to try). If nothing else, I may buy a box of the Cinnamon Roll bars ($39.99 for a box of 12) and enjoy them as a “treat” now and then. 🙂

I am not a fan of the Paleo Wraps (tried those a few months ago and they taste like cardboard or wrapping paper, I can’t tell which), but the bars so far have been a nice surprise. Looks like they offer bread, crackers, cereal, mixes, and more, so they have quite a few products to try.

Anybody else had any experience with these or anything else from the Julian Bakery? I’m curious!