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Who needs hamstrings?

Today marks the 4th workout of the week for me… Tues, Weds, Thurs, and now Friday. And yes, even I was surprised I was in for a 4th day this week, though I’m still planning on going to a 5th day tomorrow for the team workout — so apparently I’m a bit crazy while on vacation.


Today we had a TON of people in the 8:30 class. It was awesome. Almost felt a bit like a team WOD because we had such a crowd. Drea and Jimmy had to deal with the whole Fitzy clan, plus Jonathan, Jordan, Austen, Todd & Melissa, Greg and his wife, Brian & Reagan, and Connie. I feel like I’ve missed a few people, but the place was hopping!

We did a modified warm-up (200m run instead of jump rope) but did all the rest, and then talked about and warmed up the various movements of the workout:

  • Metcon – score total time for 3 rounds
  • Performance
    • 100-ft. walking lunge
    • 50 squats
    • 30 hip extensions
  • Fitness:
    • 60-ft. walking lunge
    • 30 squats
    • 15 hip extensions

Air_SquatsWe spent a good amount of time talking about air squats and did a number of reps holding a 10# weight plate in front of us as a counterbalance. Considering that the workout called for 150 air squats, getting the mechanics right was a good place to start. And I have to say my hamstrings are a wee bit tight after all the KBS on Weds night, but we made it work.

After that we did a few good mornings with a PVC pipe and chatted about variations. The hip extensions could be done on the GHD or we could do Good Mornings with a band or an unloaded barbell. With as tight as I was, I decided that a PVC pipe was more my speed today, so I stayed there. Other than that, the movements were going to be ok, or so I hoped.

And normally when I see the words “walking lunge” in a workout, I cringe. (Who am I kidding, I did actually cringe when I saw it last night.) But I was encouraged by the fact that it didn’t say “overhead” on it. 🙂

20b1ee5c478bc827006dff37efa2d697--sloth-memes-sloth-humorDrea said the fastest time was 9 minutes, so in my head (like always) I doubled it and set a maximum time for myself of 18 minutes. I thought that was reasonable.

So when we got going… I plainly stated “and now going for the world’s slowest walking lunges… ME!” I wasn’t lying. 🙂

Walking lunges were slow, but I usually managed 50ft relatively unbroken before staggering back in sets of 3-5 steps. Squats I broke up into 10s and 15s at first and then did 10s, 8s, and 7s. And I think I did all the good mornings unbroken all three sets.

Took me 14:58 to finish everything. I am happy with that — a full three minutes under my max time I set for myself. Definitely not the fastest out of the gate, but I’ll take it.

1425faefe33929b0b86dcb3935ca368a--employee-motivation-work-motivationHow’d the rest of the Fitzy clan do?

  • AJ did it in 12:31 with GHD hip extensions
  • Mickey did it in 13:45 with 35# Good Mornings
  • Ev did it in 13:57 with 35# good mornings

So I was definitely slower than the rest of the clan, but happy nonetheless. I’m never competing with anybody but myself. 🙂

Great work 8:30 class! And it looked like 9:30 had a big bunch of folks as well! I like weeks where folks have vacation time. 🙂

And I’ve typed this whole thing up while standing at my new standing desk because I am afraid if I sit down, I might not get up again!!


Pushing More 50s

What have I done? I’m thinking the answer is “too much” as I learn a few things about myself getting a little older. But we’ll put that aside for now.

Today was workout #4 in a row for me this week. That’s unusual. Usually I try to do two on, one off, or one on-one off. Four in a row may be a bit much. Yesterday’s Fran just about killed me. I didn’t feel back to “normal” until a few hours afterwards with some ibuprofen and a 30 minute “nap”.


So what did today hold? Like Monday, this was another of the 50s. And it was Joe and I facing it under the watchful eye of Coach Bill today. Was good to see Bill — he’s been busy of late, so was good to have him back. I like the variety of coaching we have at Continuum and we’ve had a good mix in recent weeks with Drea, Larry, and Bill picking up the morning and noon classes.

We started with a 1000m row. Bill gave us a 5 minute max on this one, but I decided I’d try and use my more efficient rowing approach to see how I’d do at speed. Turned out I finished 1000m in just under 4 minutes, which was awesome. And Joe wasn’t far behind me.


From there we did some tabatas involving wall balls, push-ups, and sit-ups.

  • 4 rounds of 20 seconds of wall balls and 10 seconds of holding a front squat with the medicine ball at the bottom
  • then 4 rounds of 20 seconds of push-ups, 10 second transition, and 20 seconds of sit-ups

I have to say I struggled more than a little with all of the tabata. My lats, quads, shoulders, and just about everything else was unhappy with me. I honestly wasn’t sure how much of some of the movements today I was going to be able to do and planned to scale in a few places.

1tjdsfThe workout itself was another set of 50s… for time:

  • 50 jumping alternating lunges, 50 steps
  • 50 pull-ups
  • 50 push presses, 95/65 lb.
  • 50 hip extensions
  • 50 burpees

For me, this became:

  • 50 walking lunges (scaled)
  • 50 jumping or regular pull-ups (scaled)
  • 50 push presses, 95/65 lb.
  • 50 hip extensions
  • 50 burpees

Joe did a round of all movements (walking lunges and jumping/regular pull-ups) and did the 40s variation (level 2).

This one was rough. My body was really telling me off in a few places. The walking lunges were rough, but not terrible. The push presses were ok. The hip extensions were ok. But the pull-ups and burpees… ugh.

I originally set out to do three sets – 20/20/10 – but after doing the first set of 20, I decided I’d just suffer through a set of 30 to be done. My pull-ups started as jumping but I did about 15 kipping pull-ups in the round of 30 so tried to mix it up a bit. The burpees were a slog. 5 at a time.


Joe no-repped me at one point, jokingly, but he was right. My burpees are not legit burpees. I don’t raise my arms over my head. I do jump, but find that the whole full extension thing doesn’t do me any favors. Throwing my arms over my head for no good reason is a good way to not only make me slow way the heck down but also really want to stop… a lot.

Ultimately I was happy with the results. Took me 22:51. We had a 30 minute time cap and I was closer to 20 than 30, which was good. 🙂

Considering how sore I was when i went in today, I’ll take it. Now I’m done for a bit.

Great work Joe! And thanks Bill (and Joe & Logan) for the encouragement. 🙂 Hope everybody has a great day!

Oh “L” – Strict Pull-ups

First workout of the week and it’s a crazy week with the kids, so I knew I needed to make every effort to get into the box or I might lose my mind. Made it today.

1sn13rAJ and I arrived for a full 9:30 class with Coach Drea. Mickey had her first 8a soccer practice today and chose to do some yoga while we warmed up and did the workout, which was understandable. We had lots of folks to play with – Sara, Elyse, Brent, Nick and Lisa, Austen, Mia, Evie, and a few others.

Started with 5 minutes of cardio – row, bike, or run at a warm-up pace. I chose to *gasp* row (shocking, I know) and made it through 1100m in the 5 mins, so not bad. Still working on the mechanics of tucking elbows in more like a push-up when I pull back, so it was a good opportunity to feel that out for a bit.

Once that was done, we did some banded shoulder abstraction on the rig. Lots of bands going every direction when we got the whole class going.

Um. Why are these folks smiling? These things are tough!!!

And then we talked about the movements for the workout:

  • L pull-ups or strict pull-ups (Rx/Level II), or leg-assisted ring pull-ups (Level I)
  • Handstand push-ups (Rx) or seated dumbbell presses (Level I) or something in-between
  • Hip extensions on the GHD (Rx/Level II) or Good mornings with a barbell or PVC pipe (Level I)

Essentially the workout was a 20 minute AMRAP of:

  • 10 L pull-ups
  • 10 HSPUs
  • 20 hip extensions

Like always, I did a bit of scaling:

  • 10 strict pull-ups, attempting to tuck knees or hold one leg up when possible
  • 10 HSPUs – half kipping and half strict
  • 20 Good Mornings with a PVC pipe

Strict pull-ups are SLOOOOOOOW. HSPUs are inconsistent. When I get my hand position right, I can kip for about 5 and then have to kick off the wall.

I made it through 3 rounds plus 6 with my variations. Not too awful.


AJ worked on kicking up to the wall and was able to kick up to touch with one foot by the end, which was awesome. She did hip extensions on the GHD and did the ring pull-ups. She got through 4 rounds plus 17. I heard Sarah got through 5 rounds. Looks like Austin did too.

Because this was mostly skill work that I’m not good at yet, it was slow. And that’s all fine. I was cheering on Mia and one of the other gals who were getting frustrated I think — gravity makes it hard. Just focus on one. Then the next one. And the next one. It’ll come. And they did awesome. Really everybody was moving right along.

So great work 9:30 class! And thanks Drea!