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Team WOD!

After two weekends with too much soccer, we had a break this weekend — so it was definitely time to fit in a team WOD at Crossfit Continuum. Though Mickey had to work, 3/4 of our family had the opportunity to get in. And we were definitely not alone. We had an amazing turnout.


Ev worked with Danielle. AJ had a chance to work out with Kaila. And Jonathan and I partnered up and Isaac joined in the fun as well. As you can see, we were just a small part of the madness. ๐Ÿ™‚

Started with a light 400m jog and then did a strange little centipede crab walk race. Guys on one side. Gals on the other. And it was a disaster. We had enough guys that we almost made it the whole length between cones without moving, but moving was hilarious. The person in front of you had their hands on your feet and you were supposed to do the same with the person behind you, then somehow move forward.

If I’m being honest, the gals made it look easy. And we were awful. ๐Ÿ™‚

1tjdsfWith all that done, we grabbed equipment, found space on the floor and figured out how to make the insanity work.

  • Score Type: In Teams of 2, Competing for Total Time
  • Partner 1 performs 50 KB Swings 55/35# (each partner does 50 reps)
  • Partner 2 holds Handstand
  • **handstand broken=5 burpees
  • Partner 1 performs 50 Box Jumps (each partner does 50 reps)
  • Partner 2 holds 45/25# plate overhead
  • **overhead position broken=5 burpees
  • Partner 1 perform 50 sit-ups (each 50 reps)
  • Partner 2 hold bottom of squat with KB
  • **squat position broken=5 burpees
  • Partner 1 complete 200 meter run (each partner will complete 2 runs)
  • Partner 2 hold plank
  • **plank broken=5 burpees when runner returns

With a box, a 55# kettlebell, and an abmat, we got underway.

We started with the run at the end instead of the kettlebell swings to avoid the madhouse inside. I ran 200m with Isaac while Jonathan planked, then did the reverse, and went through the whole thing one more time.


The KB swings were interesting. Jonathan did really well holding a handstand on the wall, but we broke it up a few times, and I was right there with him.

As far as the box jumps (24″ jumps for Jonathan or 20″ step-ups in my case), the 45# plate didn’t feel too bad overhead honestly. Jonathan may not agree. ๐Ÿ™‚

And then the sit-ups. The squat with a KB was interesting. We basically sat at the bottom, put our elbows on our knees, and held the 53# KB at the bottom. I held all the way through Jonathan’s 50 sit-ups, but only barely. And I had to break up my sit-ups (26/24), so that slowed us down a bit.

I have to say that we only did two sets of 5 “penalty” burpees with the KB swing and box jumps rounds, but we didn’t during the sit-ups (though we should have done some there too). But the rest of the movements were plenty I think. ๐Ÿ™‚

By the time we were all done, it took 29:20 for us to finish up. Not too bad. Definitely a lot of reps. Both AJ/Kaila and Ev/Danielle were done before us (24:17 for AJ/Kaila and under 26 for Ev/Danielle), which was great. And I heard that at least one team (Dan & Adi) was done in 20 flat, which was fantastic.


So great work everybody! It was a fun one — a great mix of movements to keep things hopping. And an amazing turnout!

With soccer season starting, we’ll make as many team WOD Saturdays as we can, but it’s definitely going to be hit and miss. They’re always a fun challenge!

Hope everybody has a great weekend!


Moving that bar

I’m not fast. I’m slow but deliberate. When I go fast, usually I screw something up – and that’s definitely the case with crossfit and Olympic lifting. I watch my setup and try to duplicate the same steps over and over. When I’m patient, it works. When I rush…ย Well, usually something goes wrong.


Practicing the art of not beating myself up for every failure (after yesterday’s DNF), I went back to CrossFit Continuum for the Tuesday 8:30a class. I went in with a hopeful attitude hoping not to DNF two days in a row.

Coach Drea had me,ย Sarah, Dan, Jenny, Adrienne (and Jayda of course), Andrea, and Jake today. We started with a 400m run and then did a plank hold into some push-ups, a handstand hold on the wall, and some overhead plate presses with a 25# plate.

The first part of the WOD today was more handstand skill work. I worked with Dan and the two of us would work on kicking up to the wall and trying to hold our feet off the wall. One of us would stand behind (or beside) the other and try to just give a little nudge above the knee to keep us from falling over. It was supposed to be five attempts at a 20 second handstand hold – I think we got through three or four each in the time we had.

Barbell_Bench_PressAnd then we did a lot of movement prep with a PVC pipe and then an unloaded bar. Today was all about the squat snatch and the bench press. Bench wasn’t bad refresher-wise, but we went through a ton of reps to get form on the squat snatch down.

The workout itself was 12-9-6 reps for time of:

  • 165/115# squat snatches (Rx)
  • 225/145# bench presses (Rx)

I looked at those numbers last night and laughed. 225# bench? 12 times! My one rep max about 4-6 months ago was 230#. One. Rep. Max. HAHAHA.ย Dan and I both figured we were going to have to scale the heck out of it.

Level II for the workout was 135/95# squat snatches and 185/115# bench press. And level III was 95/65# squat snatches and 135/75# bench press.


Dan chose 115# for his squat snatches and we started at 155# for the bench press.

He finished in about 13 minutes at this weights. I had some issues with the bench press towards the end of my set of 9 and dropped to 115# for the set of 6, but stuck with 95# for my squat snatches. Except for a couple of squat snatches and one bench press rep I think I did pretty well and finished in 13:46.

Definitely under the 15 minutes that Drea said earlier classes were finishing under, so I was happy. Remember earlier when I said that if I rush things, bad things happened? Well those two squat snatches I botched were like that. I didn’t set up properly and dropped the bar forward on one. And on the other I got it all the way up and forgot to squat it.

Oh well. Perfect is like fast. Neither word really works for me. ๐Ÿ™‚

That said – everybody was moving right along for this one. Every time I looked up, folksย were throwing bars everywhere. ๐Ÿ™‚

Great work everybody! Much better for me today. ๐Ÿ™‚

Burpee Pull-overs? What?

Apparently I’m getting back to work at the box after two weeks of no workouts at all because today was my 4th workout in 5 days. Tomorrow will be a rest day I think, but I’m not feeling as bad as I did yesterday so I think I’m on the right track.

gymnastics-handstand-silhouette-body-silhouette-man-in-handstand-front-1Today didn’t start all that well, but I made it in for an 8:30 workout with Coach Heather at CrossFit Continuum. We had a fun group – Lori, Sam, Ashley, Sarah, Mike, and myself.

Started with a 1,000m row or 800m run. Figured I ran (walked) yesterday, so a row would be ok. Took about 4:20 this morning – not my fastest, but that’s ok. We then did some roll-to-candlesticks, Cossack squats, inchworms, knee hugs, and maybe one or two other things. Not too bad.

The workout today made up for that however. It was a 20 minute AMRAP…

  • 10 burpee pullovers
  • 30 squats
  • 60 seconds of handstand hold

You may be asking “what’s a burpee pullover?” I know I did. Well, maybe this will answer your question. It certainly answered mine. ๐Ÿ™‚

We attempted a couple of those. And I have to say I was able to get my knees to the bar but not pull myself over – which is honestly further than I expected to get. So instead I got to work on one of the modifications:

  • Burpee knee raises (knees to elbows or knees to chest)
  • Burpee strict toes to bar

I can do knee raises, but decided to go for the toes to bar which are a little harder. And though they weren’t exactly strict, I did do them one at a time through the workout.

February 16, 2016 at 1020AMSo I ended up doing:

  • Burpee toes-to-bar
  • Air squats
  • 60-second handstand hold on the wall

Folks in earlier classes were getting 2-4 rounds in 20 minutes. I was shooting for 2+ and managed almost 3 full rounds.Got through 2 rounds + 10 burpee toes to bar and 30 air squats. Ran out of time just as I was getting ready to go to the wall for a handstand hold.

The holds were interesting. I did the first one all in one go – but the second one I could only make 40 seconds for the first part, then did another 20 seconds to round it out. Shoulders and forearms were getting cranky.

Mike managed to do quite a few of the burpee pull-overs. They weren’t pretty, but he got through it, which was better than any of the rest of us. ๐Ÿ™‚

When we were done, we were supposed to do “Flight Simulator” which is all about double-unders. You do 5 – 10-15-20-…-50-45-40-…-10-5, taking a break between each mini round. And if you fail at any point you have to restart. Mike was working his way down the ladder when I left.

I am still working on double unders, so used it as practice time. Might have accomplished one or two but I’m still figuring them out and couldn’t tell. And that’s ok.

It was a good workout today. I sweat a ton, which was good. And everybody worked hard, which was also good. ๐Ÿ™‚ Great work everybody!

Thanks Heather for a fun one – and hopefully Drea and the 9:30 class had just as much fun!