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You’re walking on your hands down a tunnel…

Yesterday was not a great day and it led to a not great night of sleep, so today has been a struggle. Momentum has been difficult to come by. Thus the desperate need for a workout to fire me up a little.

Made it in for an 8:30 class with Coach Drea, Melissa, Logan, and Brent. Nice small class to work through the interesting assortment of movements for the day.

gymnastics-handstand-silhouette-body-silhouette-man-in-handstand-front-1Started with the same warm-up as yesterday and then talked about the workout.

  • Score Type:: Rounds and Reps, Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes
  • Performance:
    • 3 attempts max distance handstand walk or 50-ft.
    • 15 burpees
    • 20 single-leg squats, alternating
  • Fitness:
    • 5 arounds-the-worlds
    • 12 burpees
    • 20 single-leg squats, alternating

Two movements I struggle with mightily and burpees, which don’t like me either.

But we went through a whole range of options for the handstand walk and pistols. With pistols, we did a almost a Russian dance on a stack of plates at one point. It was interesting to compare our figure four warm-up pistols, which seem to give me additional stability with the crossed leg, with the other variations we tried.


And for handstand walks, it was even more interesting. We did “around the world” on a stack of weights, with toes on the plates and using arms to move us around the stack in a pike position. We did shoulder and hip touches on the wall, but walking ourselves up backwards from a plank. And then we did the most interesting variation of all… the box tunnel.


This lovely contraption had us in a pike position, head and hands down between the boxes, with our feet up on the boxes. And then we moved down it, rocking slightly side to side. Inevitably my feet would work their way backwards as my arms would pull me forward and my pike position was more like laying my thighs on the box and trying to do a very awkward bear crawl — but it was entertaining nonetheless.

i-survivedSo we had 15 minutes to get as many rounds in as we could..

  • Round 1: 5 around the worlds on a three-plate stack, 15 burpees, and 15 Cossack pistol kicks on a three-plate stack
  • Round 2: Did the tunnel once, 15 burpees, and 15 Cossack pistol kicks
  • Round 3: 5 reps of angled shoulder-shoulder-hip-hip on the wall, 15 burpees, 15 Cossack pistol kicks
  • Round 4: 5 reps of angled shoulder-shoulder-hip-hip on the wall, 10 burpees
  • Total: 3 rounds plus 15 reps

This was hellish on shoulders, but also on quads. Surprisingly so. I was a sweaty mess at the end.

Brent did a few actual handstand walks, which was awesome. And Brent & Melissa did awesome with pistols. Logan and I were chugging through our pistols and variations as best we could. 🙂

Great work 8:30 class! Thanks Drea for a fun one! Back at it on Thursday morning!


Resisting Gravity

Today is another day. Amazing how that happens. Sun came up and everything! 🙂

And it’s a Tuesday, so it must be a day for CrossFit. Though it seems like most days are good for CF, sometimes things just don’t work out and life gets in the way. Tuesdays seem to continue to be good days for CF in my schedule.
Made it in for an 8:30 workout today with Coach Drea, Todd, Melissa, Jenny, Carrie, and Jonathan. We started with a 400m jog and then came in to continue the warm-up with some ankle & wrist mobility on the floor before tackling this fun little 3 round starter:

  • Candlestick5 pike holds (straight legs, weight shifted to shoulders and palms)
  • 5 handstand shifts from r to l on wall
  • 5 deep lunges per side (essentially a lunge to a stand)
  • 5 candlestick rolls

As you might expect, this was a bit awkward for yours truly. Certain movements just don’t work well for me yet. Sometimes I feel like I’m improving, but it’s definitely a struggle to get my head out of the way long enough to accomplish some movements or body positions. But I did my best. {Candlestick rolls are essentially butt bruisers for me, so awkward doesn’t even cut it.)

Once all that was done we started pulling together the equipment we needed for today’s skill work AMRAP, which was essentially just a lot of skill work for me.

gymnastics-handstand-silhouette-body-silhouette-man-in-handstand-front-1Today’s workout was:

  • 5 rounds for time
  • 100-ft handstand walk or 15 handstand walk-ups or 10 elevated inchworms
  • 30 one-legged squats, alternating (or 20 one-legged squats to a box, alternating)

I attempted the “handstand walk-ups” today onto a 15# weight plate and did my pistols to a stack including a 45# and 15# plate, plus a 20# medicine ball.

To describe a “handstand walk-up,” essentially you put a weight plate on the floor in front of the wall and kick into a handstand on the wall with your hands to either side of the plate. You move both hands onto the plate, then off again.

To me, this is akin to trying to convince my feet not to touch the ground when I walk and makes about as much sense. We’ve done similar skill work with “shoulder touches” while in a handstand on the wall. For those you lift your hand and tap the shoulder with it, put it down, then do the same with the other hand, back and forth.

Convincing my hands to come off the ground is exhausting. And to think that only a few years ago I was so geeked up just to be able to kick up into a handstand on the wall.

Today I did actually manage to rock back and forth a few times and get one or both hands onto the weight plate before falling down. Carrie was very good at demonstrating the smooth shoulder movement in a very goofy way while standing upright and it we all got a good laugh about it — but pretty much she had it right. The trick was to rock from side to side less than pick up one hand or the other, using that momentum to pick up the “up” hand and move it.


Was it pretty? No. Effective? Definitely not. Consistent? Hell no. But I did manage a few of them, so I’ll take it.

And my pistols were equally ugly though I was eventually able to string a few of them together when I got comfortable sitting back on my little pile of stuff and rocking forward to stand up again.

I’m now tired and sweaty and don’t think I got all the way through 2 complete rounds. Close, but not quite. And that was in about 20 minutes.

Here’s the thing. I made some progress. Jerky, awkward, uncoordinated progress. But progress. I’ll take it. 🙂

Meanwhile Todd was over on the other side doing pistols and handstand walks and making it look easy. 🙂

Good work folks! Have a great day!