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Brrr – time to row

We’ve been doing a bit of endurance training of late and today we had 400m runs on the agenda. I was actually considering running until I headed to the car to head in for a workout this morning and froze a bit in the wind. It looks nice until that wind hits you, then 32 degrees becomes half that in a heartbeat.

wind-lineart-800pxLogan and I had Coach Bill today, so it was pretty low key. But I was happy when I wasn’t the only one who thought it was too cold to run for the 8:30 class this morning. 🙂

We started with 2 minutes on the assault bike. And that pointed out a few things. One, my shoulders were a little fired up from the push-ups in yesterday’s workout. Two, my left knee and both calves were fired up from yesterday’s jump rope (800 singles!). But I pushed through two whole minutes at a slow pace and made it through ok.

From there we moved to the rig for a modified Cindy:

  • 5 minute AMRAP
    • 5 pull-ups
    • 10 sit-ups
    • 15 air squats

Made it into the 4th round, but it was the air squats that were the worst part of that. Hips and knees didn’t like me much.

rower5Once that was done, we moved a couple of rowers for easier view of the clock and did some rowing drills to get warmed up  there. And then it was time to get going…

  • Competitor/Performance:
    • 8 rounds for time of:
    • Run 400 meters
    • Rest 90 seconds
  • Fitness: 5 rounds for time

We changed it up to:

  • 8 rounds for time:
    • Row 400m
    • Rest 90 seconds

time-371226_640First few rounds weren’t so bad, but my left knee got cranky fast. Times were:

  • 1:29
  • 1:27
  • 1:26
  • 1:29
  • 1:29
  • 1:34
  • 1:31
  • 1:29
  • Total: 11:54 plus 10:30 of rest = 22:24
  • Fastest: 1:26, Slowest: 1:34, Average: 1:29

Not too bad. I kept up with Logan, who said his times were 1:26 to 1:36, so I was right there.

We’ll see what tomorrow’s workout is like, but maybe we’ll get to a 4:45 workout. Who knows. 🙂

Thanks for the push today Bill & Caleb! (Caleb came in and was cheering us on at the tail end of our workout.)


The Rope Trick

Isn’t it amusing that we usually put so much emphasis on Mondays because it’s the “first day of the week” in most cases — but that’s just a made-up thing for human “convenience” and tracking purposes really. It’s just another day, but it gets such a bad rap for being the first day back to work for most of us after a couple of days off.

Anyway… Today we had all sorts of “fun” things to look forward to… The first of the back-to-school madness events (we have another one tomorrow). Back to work for both my wife and I. A rainy fall-like day that would have been perfect to sleep in. And a later morning workout with my youngest. So no, it wasn’t all bad.

1tq3mvWe arrived to find Kelli & Lara running in the rain for Coach Drea and kicking butt from the 8:30 class. Our 9:30 class was pretty full — me & AJ, Nick & Lisa, Brent, Ashley, Carrie, Lorna, and Lyle. A great mix of folks — as always. 🙂

Because of the rain we didn’t do our warm up outside. Instead we worked inside. Started with a 1 minute row/bike, did a 30 second hang on the rig, 20 arm-less sit-ups, and a fun monkey swinging side-to-side thing on the rig. Hang on the rig with both hands. Let go with one hand and touch the hip on that side, Grab the bar again. Do the same with the other side.

It was almost like being on the monkey bars as a kid. When I asked Drea if it was inspired by the obstacle course from the CrossFit Games, she said it wasn’t but was intrigued by the idea. 🙂 (Also — congrats to Coach Drea — she just got her level 3 coaching certificate this past weekend — she’s only the 2nd level 3 coach in all of Colorado Springs, so that’s a phenomenal resource for our box!)

With all that done, we did some skill practice with GHD sit-ups and rope climbs. I honestly am awful at rope climbs. I’ve managed one legless rope climb largely because I just went for it with no expectations and almost made it to the top. I think if I could figure out how to wrap my feet I’d be able to get things going better — so that’s my goal. 🙂

new-ghd-header2Today’s workout was:

  • Score Type:: Total Time
  • Rx
    • 4 rounds for time of:
    • 25 GHD sit-ups
    • 15-ft. rope climb, 3 ascents
    • 400-meter run

Because of the number of folks and lack of equipment, today became less about time and more about skill work — which was honestly ok with me. It gave me some time to work on my leg wraps and GHD sit-ups, which was great.

We kind of paired up and divided into phases. Some of us started with the GHD, others with the rope climbs, and a few others with the cardio portion of the workout.

climbing-rope-atje23--853-pOur workout ended up being more:

  • 4 rounds for time of:
  • 10-15 GHD sit-ups (or GHD sit-ups to parallel)
  • work on rope climbs — in my case, try a J-hook and stand on the rope, eventually get a stable J-hook, hold onto the rope, and re-establish the J-hook
  • 500m row (AJ did about 2 minutes on the assault bike)

Some people chose to run in the rain, but I figured that was a bad idea. I might melt. 🙂

Really it became a fun workout because although time didn’t really come into the equation as much, I could focus on a 500m sprint on the rower (from a little less than 2 minutes to a little more than 2 minutes over the 4 rounds), working on the J-hook, and doing some GHD sit-ups with AJ. I actually am happy to report my GHD sit-ups didn’t feel awful — though towards the end it was easier to hit my right hand on the floor behind me than my left, so I went from a two-handed touch to a one-handed touch eventually.

This one, as opposed to some of the workouts last week which were either sprints or grinders where you had 250 reps to bang out, was just for fun and skill. It was a nice change from last week. 🙂

That said, I need to come in once we get new ropes at the box and just play with figuring out the J-hook or Spanish wrap to get up the rope. I would like to conquer the rope and make it a bit more efficient.

A huge thank you to Lorna, Brent, and Drea for helping get my feet in the right place. I wasn’t grokking the movement at first, but eventually I got more of the hang of it.

Great work everybody! Stay dry and have a great day!

Cardio… Done!

Last Thursday you may have noticed we did a running workout. I ran 1.5 miles. Even just immediately after that workout, my body was telling me how that was a bad idea. 🙂

Well, to say that Friday was a bit rough would be an understatement. And Saturday and Sunday didn’t go too well either. But when Monday rolled around, it was time to get back on the proverbial horse.

201504_2057_hbbfgAnd what should I discover? A cardio workout. One I could actually do without killing myself. Huzzah!

I went to the 8:30 class with Ev and we were joined by Shaun & a new gal whose name I didn’t catch. And Coach Drea was ready for us. Since there were only four in the class, it worked out great.

We started with a little foam rolling, but we had a 40 minute workout to get to – so we didn’t have long.

The workout was a 40 minute AMRAP:

  • 500m row
  • 100 double-unders (Rx) or single-unders (level 1)

I think Shaun was the only one doing double-unders. The rest of us did singles. And we were off to the races.


It was great working out with Ev because she just kept chugging along – consistently with the row and damn fast with her single-unders. About halfway through we hit a point where I saw her pull away and just about lap me. I kept pulling closer in the row and she’d pull away in the jump roping.

She made it through 10 rounds. I made it through 9. It was awesome. She just barely lapped me. 🙂

My right knee is a little cranky after all of that and my right calf started falling asleep around round 6, but we just kept chugging away. My fastest row times were a bit under 2 minutes and my slowest was about 2:25.

I was happy with my performance. Cardio is not my thing usually, but this was a great combination of skills for me. How often can I say THAT? 🙂