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You’re walking on your hands down a tunnel…

Yesterday was not a great day and it led to a not great night of sleep, so today has been a struggle. Momentum has been difficult to come by. Thus the desperate need for a workout to fire me up a little.

Made it in for an 8:30 class with Coach Drea, Melissa, Logan, and Brent. Nice small class to work through the interesting assortment of movements for the day.

gymnastics-handstand-silhouette-body-silhouette-man-in-handstand-front-1Started with the same warm-up as yesterday and then talked about the workout.

  • Score Type:: Rounds and Reps,Β Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes
  • Performance:
    • 3 attempts max distance handstand walk or 50-ft.
    • 15 burpees
    • 20 single-leg squats, alternating
  • Fitness:
    • 5 arounds-the-worlds
    • 12 burpees
    • 20 single-leg squats, alternating

Two movements I struggle with mightily and burpees, which don’t like me either.

But we went through a whole range of options for the handstand walk and pistols. With pistols, we did a almost a Russian dance on a stack of plates at one point. It was interesting to compare our figure four warm-up pistols, which seem to give me additional stability with the crossed leg, with the other variations we tried.


And for handstand walks, it was even more interesting. We did “around the world” on a stack of weights, with toes on the plates and using arms to move us around the stack in a pike position. We did shoulder and hip touches on the wall, but walking ourselves up backwards from a plank. And then we did the most interesting variation of all… the box tunnel.


This lovely contraption had us in a pike position, head and hands down between the boxes, with our feet up on the boxes. And then we moved down it, rocking slightly side to side. Inevitably my feet would work their way backwards as my arms would pull me forward and my pike position was more like laying my thighs on the box and trying to do a very awkward bear crawl — but it was entertaining nonetheless.

i-survivedSo we had 15 minutes to get as many rounds in as we could..

  • Round 1: 5 around the worlds on a three-plate stack, 15 burpees, and 15 Cossack pistol kicks on a three-plate stack
  • Round 2: Did the tunnel once, 15 burpees, and 15 Cossack pistol kicks
  • Round 3: 5 reps of angled shoulder-shoulder-hip-hip on the wall, 15 burpees, 15 Cossack pistol kicks
  • Round 4:Β 5 reps of angled shoulder-shoulder-hip-hip on the wall, 10 burpees
  • Total: 3 rounds plus 15 reps

This was hellish on shoulders, but also on quads. Surprisingly so. I was a sweaty mess at the end.

Brent did a few actual handstand walks, which was awesome. And Brent & Melissa did awesome with pistols. Logan and I were chugging through our pistols and variations as best we could. πŸ™‚

Great work 8:30 class! Thanks Drea for a fun one! Back at it on Thursday morning!


Team WOD Saturday with Mickey!

Hello Saturday!

This morning it was just Mickey and I from Team Fitzy going in (indoor soccer and work prevented AJ and Ev from joining us), but we made it in for Team WOD with Coaches Jimmy & Drea. We were definitely not alone! Marino, Caleb & Megan, Lara, Dee, Brent, Robert and his cousin, Stacy, Amber & Liam, and a few others were there to join us.

b04c6ed2970ac4c861a63625f42d9532We started with the med ball warm-up and did some PVC work before diving into a refresher on all the various movements for this workout using an empty barbell. Mickey and I teamed up and used different barbells, but decided we’d chug through the workout together. πŸ™‚

Jimmy put together a good workout today… I never took his name in vain so far as I can remember, so it must have not been TOO bad. πŸ™‚

  • AMRAP – 5 rounds of 5 minutes each with a 2 minute rest between
  • 2 person teams
  • each person must complete the couplet before the next person can start
  • Round 1
    • 5 Deadlift #185/#125
    • 9 Push-ups
  • Rd 2
    • 5 Front Squat #135/#95
    • 9 Sit-ups
  • Rd 3
    • 5 Thrusters #95/#75
    • 9 Burpees
  • Rd 4
    • 5 Back Squat #135/#95
    • 9 Pull-ups
  • Rd 5
    • 5 Front rack Lunges #135/95
    • 9 Cal Bike/Row

lift-all-the-weightsSo how’d we do? Well, I knew a few things would be scaled through there. πŸ™‚

  • Round 1 – 10 rounds
    • 185# deadlifts (me)
    • 105# deadlifts (Mickey)
    • regular push-ups for me and a mix of regular and from-knees for Mickey
  • Round 2 – 7 rounds
    • 115# front squats (scaled from 135# for myself)
    • 75# front squats for Mickey
    • regular sit-ups
  • Round 3 – 5 rounds
    • 95# thrusters (me)
    • Mickey started at 55# and dropped to 35#
    • Burpees sucked across the board. πŸ™‚
  • Round 4 – 5 rounds
    • 135# back squats (me)
    • 55# back squats (Mickey)
    • pull-ups – I got through two sets of 9 unbroken and Mickey did a combination of regular kipping pull-ups (looked great!) and ring rows
  • Round 5 – 4 rounds +5
    • Dropped all the way to a 45# bar for me on these — lunges aren’t my favorite thing anyway, but adding weight makes them even worse!
    • Mickey did a 35# bar for her lunges
    • and we rowed

So not too bad… We kept moving, had fun, and didn’t scale a whole lot. πŸ™‚

Plus I got to talk geeky with Robert, Caleb, and Liam. What more could I ask for? πŸ™‚

Have a great weekend folks!!

Catching up post-Christmas

The holidays at my house are a bit like running a marathon. We have a ton of family time compressed into a handful of days and it seems like we don’t get a rest until it’s over. I’m not complaining — family and friends are awesome and I love them this time of year. But I can’t say that I’m going to complain about a brief respite today amid the chaos. πŸ™‚

It gives me an opportunity to write up the last couple of workouts we did at CrossFit Continuum over the Christmas holiday.

12 Days of Christmas

I want to say I did my first “12 Days of Christmas” workout in 2014 or 2015. And each year I wonder a) if I’m going to survive and b) swear I’m not going to do it again. Luckily, I have a short memory for that sort of pain and do it anyway.

This year we only had to run at the very end, but the beginning was deceptive. We essentially did the Bear Complex in the first 5 “days” of the workout, which meant a ton of barbell work throughout the whole thing.

Though Mickey was working this year, 3 out of the 4 of us made it to the 10am class. The 8:30 folks were staggering out as we got there, wishing us a Merry Christmas and good luck with the workout they just endured. We should have taken that as a sign. πŸ™‚

First Heat Went Before Us. πŸ™‚

We had a smaller crowd this year than in past years, but still has 12 or 13 of us suffering together. πŸ™‚ After a bit of a general warm-up, we did some work with the barbell (essentially practicing the Bear Complex) and then loaded up for the movements to come…

  • 12 Days of Christmas 2017
    • 1 Deadlift #135/#95 or #115/#75
    • 2 Power Cleans #135/#95 or #115/#75
    • 3 Front Squat #135/#95 or #115/#75
    • 4 Push Press #135/#95 or #115/#75
    • 5 Back Squat #135/#95 or #115/#75
    • 6 pull-ups
    • 7 Box Jumps 30/24/20
    • 8 KBS #70/#53/#35
    • 9 Push-ups
    • 10 Wall Ball #30/#20/#14
    • 11 Situps
    • 12 400 M run
  • ***Just like the song…..On the first day of Christmas****

I adjusted a bit:

  • 95# on the bar
  • regular kipping pull-ups
  • 20″ step-ups instead of box jumps
  • 20# wall balls
  • and a lovely 400m stroll on “Day 12”

It took a long time. I finished in under 44 minutes and I was the last one in our heat. But I finished. πŸ™‚

I was proud of the fact that I did my 6 pull-ups unbroken each round I had to do them. And I did the 10 wall balls in bigger sets than normal (6-8 made it go much more quickly).

But it was a good way to kick off the holiday weekend. πŸ™‚

Still Smiling After Our Heat. πŸ™‚

Christmas Eve and Christmas

We had a fun Christmas Eve and Christmas day with family and friends. Ate too much good food and may have had a few adult beverages on Christmas Day. But that’s all well and good — we’ll get back on track starting today with the diet.

On the nutrition challenge we’ve been on (and with no alcohol until the weekend of Christmas), I was down about 10 pounds — I promptly regained about 3 of it. πŸ™‚ But we’ll start working our way back down again.

The challenge has presented a good way to reorganize my thinking about food in general. It’s ok if we enjoy some days that aren’t quite as healthy so long as the majority of our days are on target. So that’s been a good reset since right after Thanksgiving.

Our “Fun” Workout for Today

And that brings me to today… Two days since our last workout, it was time to get back in and get some sweat going. Coach Drea did not disappoint.

The 8:30 class was me, AJ, Mickey, and Nick. We started with a new Nicole warm-up that began with a minute of assault bike, a minute of rowing, and a minute of jump roping, plus a few other movements. Good way to get up to speed in a hurry, but I won’t say I was moving all that well to start with. πŸ™‚

rower5And after that we started this “fun” one for today. When I looked at it last night, I have to say that I think Drea’s “fun” was not my idea of “fun” — but everybody has their own definition, right?

  • Score: Total Distance
  • Performance:
    • Run for 35 minutes
    • Every 5 minutes, stop and perform 15 burpees
  • Fitness:
    • Run for 25 minutes
    • Every 5 minutes, stop and perform 10 burpees

It was a balmy 10 degrees this morning and maybe… MAYBE… if it was closer to freezing I would have run, but I chose to do my cardio inside on the rower. So I did the Performance level with rowing instead of running. AJ rowed. Nick used the assault bike. And Mickey ran.

  • AJ made it about 4k meters
  • Mickey made it about 2.5 miles
  • And I rowed about 5100 meters
    • 1200m
    • 1020m
    • 950m
    • 1000m
    • 930m

My burpees were SLOW and my transitions back onto the rower were slow. But I got my 5k in for the month, so I guess if that’s a thing I pulled it off. πŸ˜‰ Not sure it was “fun” — but hey, to each their own!

Great work everybody!

Sneaky Team WOD

So nothing much to report for yesterday beyond starting the new nutrition challenge at the box. Sleep killed me automatically out of the gate, since I think I may have accumulated 4-5 hours between Thursday night and Friday morning. Thursday I didn’t get to bed until about 11 and Friday morning my family got up at 4 to hit a 5am workout, so I was messed up on both sides of the equation. Food wise I think I did ok, though I probably didn’t eat enough calories (1600 calories roughly).

0511-1005-0201-0040_Black_and_White_Vintage_Cartoon_of_a_Man_Asleep_at_His_Desk_clipart_imageToday however was better sleep-wise. Crashed about 10:15 and didn’t start stirring until 5, but stayed in bed after my wife headed to work for another hour plus of sleep. Gauging that at roughly 8.5 hours. I was up a few times (all this water we’re drinking really makes you have to pee) — but had blocks of about 2 hours, 5 hours, and 1 or so hours. Better night all the way around.

Got up, had breakfast, and started the day with a team workout at Continuum.

Let’s just say… this one snuck up on us. We started with the week’s warm-up (a minute of jump rope and a minute of jumping jacks still seems like forever) and then broke into teams of 3 (we had a lot of bodies). The workout was written for teams of 2, but Drea quickly figured it out for teams of 3.

Jonathan, AJ, and I teamed up today. We had two bars – one 95# men’s bar and a 35# bar for AJ – we added 30 reps and added another “station” for the resting team members to do a hollow body hold while the other resting member did a plank. One person was always moving.

  • Olympic weightsFor time with a partner (60 reps) or team of 3 (90 reps):
    • Power Cleans #95/65
    • Air Squats
    • Sit-ups
    • Thrusters #95/65
    • Burpees
  • one team member does the movement, one does a plank (and if there’s a third person, one does a hollow body hold)
  • break up the reps however you need

I kicked us off in the order, then Jonathan, then AJ, and we just rotated through the stations. Honestly it wasn’t bad until we hit the thrusters, though my abs were yelling loudly after Thursday’s GHD sit-up and row-fest. High plank plus actual honest to goodness hollow body holds wrecked havoc on my abs.

Much better thrusters than mine. πŸ™‚

At the thrusters, I had a couple of rounds where all I did was 5. And one when I did 10, but Jonathan and AJ did the rest. By that point all my planks were low planks (on my elbows) and hollow holds were knees up, not straight-legged — I was doing everything I could to save my shoulders.

And the burpees. Ugh. I managed to do three sets of 10 pretty quickly, but they were not comfortable at all. πŸ™‚

We finished all 450 reps in 27:05, which was pretty good I thought. We never really stopped moving, though I have to say some of my transitions to and from the floor were a bit slow. Even with that — I’m pleased. Doing 10 burpees in a row was out of character. πŸ™‚

Jonathan really killed the thrusters, knocking out 20 in one go. And AJ hung in with us the whole way.

Since then, we did some grocery shopping, fixed lunch, and are watching a new dog we may be adopting soon. Yeah — just another crazy day at our house.

Great work everybody who came to the team WOD! Nice to see all the faces!

30 minutes, a handful of reps at a time

Saturdays have been hit and miss for a while. Sometimes we have had soccer in the way. Sometimes I’ve felt like doing two WODs back to back (gymnastics + team) is a good way to sucker punch my body into not moving much beyond those two events. And sometimes we can sneak in a team WOD without too much trouble. Today was a good day to sneak one in.


Though Ev was working, I headed in with the girls and we had no idea what we were in for. Jimmy did a great job with this one, though wow I’m glad I have a day to recover now. πŸ™‚

There were a lot of us there to do the workout today. By the time we broke out into teams of two or three, I hopped into a team with Caleb & Marino, Mickey worked with Carrie, and AJ worked with Kaila and her friend. We all got our sweat equity in today, let me tell you!

The warm-up started out as a traditional Jimmy warm-up – 400m run – and then we came back in and did a hybrid of a few things from Nicole and some traditional Jimmy moves, from air squats to arm swings, Spider-man lunges to hamstring flossing, we definitely hit a few things today. And then after some barbell movement refreshers with an empty barbell (thrusters, sumo deadlift high pulls, and push press), we got to work.

This was a 30 minute metcon…

  • Etre-en-nage-800px2 Person Team, 30 Min EMOM
  • At the beginning of each minute both partners will perform 3 burpees. Athletes will use the remaining time to complete:
    • Min 1: 7 SDHP
    • Min 2: 7 Thrusters
    • Min 3: 7 Push Press
  • **** Repeat for a total of 10 rounds*****
  • Men will use #95 or #75
  • Females will use #65 or #55

Did I say this was a doozy? It definitely was.

Teaming with Caleb & Marino, we split things up a little differently for the three of us.

  • 95# barbell
  • 5 SDHP
  • 5 thrusters
  • 5 push press

1425faefe33929b0b86dcb3935ca368a--employee-motivation-work-motivationAnd honestly, it was the thrusters and burpees that really killed me. After only a few rounds I had to stop doing burpees because my shoulders were burning. I even had one round where I couldn’t convince my body to do any burpees at all, and that’s when I chose to scale. Instead, I did push-ups for a bit and then scaled further to air squats. Burpees, push-ups, and air squats – none of them were really pretty.

Caleb & Marino pushed for sure. I was ok through 15-20 mins and then struggled after that. My reps got slower and slower and all I heard was “chest up, Brian” from Marino, which helped. And at least with the thrusters, I know the “rest break” got less and less, but we finished every round under the 1 minute time so we were doing ok I think.

Mickey said they scaled a few things for her with a 55# bar, but she fought through. And AJ, Kaila, and Kaila’s friend also chugged their way through.

This was a serious challenge to keep moving. I was good for about 5 rounds, but after 6 and 7 I was wondering if I was going to make it to 10. Thankfully Caleb & Marino didn’t give me much chance to think about it. πŸ™‚

Thanks guys!

Burpees. Why did it have to be burpees?

This weekend was another blur. Spent a good portion of it participating in an online gaming convention on Friday night and Saturday afternoon, which was fun. Did get to work out Friday and Saturday at least. And then Sunday I spent most of the day writing something close to 5,000 words on various projects.

1zaxahSo today I definitely needed to move. Due to some mysteries with the scheduling app we use at the box, I had no idea what was on the docket for today however. Thankfully I didn’t give it much thought and just headed in for the 8:30 class with Coach Drea.

We were joined by Melissa, Sarah, and Logan, plus two newcomers to the box — Matt and Abigail. They seem like fun folks!

What wasn’t fun? Looking at the board when I got there and seeing two things… Rowing (yay!). Burpees (boo!).

We started with the same warm-up we did with Nicole during Gymnastics class on Saturday… Animals, animals, everywhere… Bears. Spiders. Ducks. Crabs. Lunges. Ok, so that last one really wasn’t an animal, but we’ll get over it. πŸ™‚

burpees-suck-white-e1415664950623All I can say is I was pretty winded after the warm-up, so looking at doing burpees really wasn’t a great proposition.

We started with a rower refresher. Four of us would be able to row. Two of us did the assault bike instead. Sarah and Matt bravely volunteered for the devil’s trike. That left Logan, Melissa, Abigail, and I on the rowers.

The workout was:

  • 20 minute AMRAP (Performance)
    • 15 burpees
    • 30/20 calorie row
  • 15 minute AMRAP (Fitness)
    • 10 burpees
    • 20/10 calorie row

So how’d it go? We were supposed to shoot for 5-7 rounds in the time frame, averaging 1:15 or so on every row and managing a round in around 3-4 minutes.

Honestly, the first round wasn’t too bad until I got to the rower. My 15 burpees were done in about 90 seconds and then I took nearly 2 minutes to row 30 calories. Let’s just say it got slower from there.

By the time the 20 minutes were done, I made it through 4 rounds plus 12 burpees. So almost 4.5 rounds. And honestly I’ll take it.

Now I’m tired, but that’s nothing new or different. And back to our regularly scheduled Monday, we go! Great work, 8:30 class!

Gymnastics plus Team WOD equals Tired

So this morning I had the opportunity not only to attend Coach Nicole’s gymnastics class (my core will be sore) but attend a Team WOD put together by Coach Clare. (And then I sat through the 2 hour 45 minute running time of Blade Runner 2049, but that’s a topic for a different blog.)

I was able to attend both with AJ today, which was cool. She’s had so much going on with soccer over the last few weeks that she hasn’t had many opportunities to WOD with us, so that was great. Plus it gave her an opportunity to meet Nicole!

Unfortunately she may have banged her head while at an all-day party for a friend’s birthday up at Great Wolf Lodge, so we think she may have a minor concussion — which came into play later.

Gymnastics Class

There were quite a few of us for Nicole’s class — Clare, Clara, Stacie, Deana & Marino, Carrie, Caleb & Megan, Jed, and Adi.

We started with some fun stuff. We started in two teams and did a kettlebell relay race where each person got into a plank and touched a line of kettlebells with each hand (one at a time), scuttling sideways, then did a bear crawl to a cone, and ran back. It was entertaining. πŸ™‚ (Here’s an example from Youtube!)


From there we did a few other movements, like holding a good plank for 1 minute, 48 seconds, and 36 seconds, with a 30 second Jefferson curl hold, and a decreasing rest (1 minute, 48 seconds, and 36 seconds funny enough).

And then we moved to the rig to do some “hanging around” — hanging from the bar in an active shoulders position for a 3 count, then putting your feet into a 45 degree hold for another 3 count, and then a 90 degree hold for a 3 count (or holding your knees up, which is what I did). I had a hard time showing AJ how to pull those off, so Nicole came over and helped.

supermanAfter that we did a Superman hold with 5 cat/cow’s and a rest, in the same 1 minute/48 seconds/36 second pattern we did with the plank/Jefferson curl/rest combination.

We did a bit of ring dip work, trying to focus on getting our shoulders into the proper place with our elbows up… That was entertaining. I definitely felt it in muscle groups I’ve not felt it before — especially my pectoral. Not sure I have that down yet, but it gives me somewhere to start.

Lastly we did some push-up work, because apparently we have a lot of push-ups to do on Friday. It was interesting to see the “snake” method vs. the butt-up method shown. Mine were ok, but they always give up eventually — so it was good to see some scaling options to change the angle — i.e. to weight plates (she used two 45#s), a weight bench, or a plyo box.

Team WOD

And that was it today for that. Of course, we couldn’t just let it be… No, we had to do the team workout as well — and I set myself up for that one by roping in Robert as well. πŸ™‚ (I felt a little bad that I think Adi thought we would be on a team together — using a 70# kettlebell for part of the workout– but he ended up going with another team and did great.)

assault-bikeSo we started the team WOD with a little competition… Devil’s Tricycle to Devil’s Tricycle. Two pairs would face off across from one another with a poor, unsuspecting foam roller in the middle. The breeze blowing from the assault bike would push the roller towards the competition — and the one who got it all the way across won.

We’ve done this before, but it was entertaining. I went vs. Brent and the damn roller didn’t move for what seemed like minutes, but it was only seconds. And eventually I ran out of steam and Brent got the better of me. Caleb went vs. Darcy with some help from Larry… AJ went vs. Adi with a bit of help.

It was a hoot.

2013-thrusters-combinedAfter that, we did some thruster refresher work with a PVC pipe before we broke into our teams and started gathering equipment. It was me, Robert, and AJ on a team, but we were far from alone. I think we had 6 or 7 teams all together.

We needed:

  • A kettlebell (we had two — a 55# for Robert and I and a 25# for AJ)
  • An empty barbell (45# for Robert and I and a 15# trainer bar for AJ)

kettlebell-swingItems in hand, we tackled the WOD in question:

  • Teams of 3
  • 100 KBS 53/35
  • 400m run
  • 100 barbell thrusters 45/35
  • 400m run
  • 80 burpees
  • 400m run
  • 100 barbell thrusters
  • 400m run
  • 100 KBS

Yes, this was going to be a doozy. Running and lots of reps. Yay? πŸ™‚ And, to make matters worse, Clare added the following to the workout:

  • While a member was doing KBS, another member had to do air squats (and the third could rest)
  • While a member was doing thrusters, another member had to plank (and the third could rest)
  • Burpees we could arrange however we wanted, together, separately, or sequentially…
  • And all three team members would do the run together.

That said, we started out with the best of intentions, but AJ’s headache got worse after the KBS and some air squats, so we had her bow out. She squeezed in a few more planks later on, but that was fine.

burpees-suck-white-e1415664950623We did:

  • 100 KBS
  • 100 thrusters
  • 80 burpees (these were no fun)
  • 66 thrusters
  • 66 KBS

And we did a lot of walking. There wasn’t a lot of rest for the two of us, so we used the “run” as our rest. πŸ™‚

Great work Robert! AJ’s head felt better later, but we’ll keep an eye on her just in case. And we all survived in the beautiful weather today.

So thank you Coaches Nicole & Clare for the fun workouts today. Definitely a challenge.

And somehow I managed to not fall asleep (much) during the movie! Have a great weekend folks!