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Farmer’s Carry for 30 mins

This was a weird week — a week between trips. I made it in for a Monday afternoon workout, a Tuesday morning workout, the Wednesday 4th of July WOD (which I never had a chance to write up), a workout on Thursday I DNF’d, and then today. That’s pretty good, I think.

Today’s was a Saturday team WOD after a great mobility class with Heather. She offered some great suggestions on foam rolling, the use of jump stretch bands, some lacrosse ball work, and even some voodoo flossing, plus lots more. I am going to have to figure out how to adapt that work into my daily life now. πŸ™‚


We had quite a few folks for the team workout today… myself & AJ, Jordan & Lara, Jimmy & Drea, Heather, Darcy, Nick & Lisa, Dan, Brent, Chris & his daughter, Carrie, Larry & Karen, Lisa G, and a few others.

Started with an entertaining 400m run where we ran parts forward and parts backward. I won’t say that I followed Drea’s directions well, but I did run parts forward and parts backward. And running backward was tougher on my calves than I thought. πŸ™‚

Farmers_Walk_CarryOnce back inside, we did some air squats, some burpees, and some side-to-side lunges before splitting up into teams of 3…

  • 30 Min AMRAP –Β 3 Person Team
  • 200 M Farmers Carry – Use two KB or DB #72/#53/#50
  • While team member 1 is doing farmers carry teammates 2 and 3 work through the following:
    • 30 partner wall balls #20/#14
    • 20 Box Jumps 24/20
    • 10 pull-ups

AJ worked with Carrie and Chris’ daughter. Jordan found me and we grabbed Chris. Huzzah! Teams of 3. πŸ™‚

fancy-team-work-meme-teamwork-meme-team-work-memeWe went with:

  • Two 55# kettlebells for the farmer’s carry
  • Jordan and I did 20# wall balls and we did 14# wall balls with Chris
  • Jordan did 24″ box jumps and Chris and I did a mix of 20″ box jumps and step-ups
  • Jordan and I did pull-ups (except when my grip gave up and I did a few ring rows) and Chris did ring rows

So how’d we do?

First, let me just say that the farmer’s carry was definitely the worst part of this one. My forearms and grip kept disappearing when we did the carry.

However, we made it through nearly 4 full rounds each of the carry. I went first, then Chris, then Jordan, and Chris finished the farmer’s carry as time ran out. That meant three full rounds with each of us (9 total), plus 2 more, for a grand total of 11.

Ayup. It was a good one. πŸ™‚ Great work Jordan & Chris!

I think AJ said their team got through 10 or so rounds, so they weren’t far behind us. The trick was just to keep moving and the farmer’s carry made that tougher than it should have been. πŸ™‚

So that’s it for this week. Next week we hope to get in some hiking and other fun activities in the mountains. May try and drop in to a crossfit class in Breckenridge. We’ll see how it goes.


A Little Team WOD Today…

Energy drain hit me something fierce today or I would have written this up earlier, but AJ and I made it to Team WOD this morning at Continuum. πŸ™‚

Coach Larry was leading the charge today, but we had a small core of dedicated folks ready to tackle the day’s WOD. We were joined by Jonathan, Brent, Bill, Heather, and new member Rob. One of the smallest team WOD groups we’ve had in a while, but we had fun anyway. πŸ™‚


We started with some foam rolling of quads and calves, then moved to PVC pass-thrus, PVC overhead squats, and a World Cup-inspired game involving all of us in a circle in crab position with a 10# med ball. The goal? To kick the ball out of the circle. It was actually quite fun and goofy.

Once we were done with that we broke into teams. The workout was built for teams of 2, but Jonathan, AJ, and I formed a team of 3 while Brent & Rob, Bill & Heather paired up. \

rogue-black-med-ball-web6_1The workout looked like this:

  • Buy In – 75 DU/150 Singles (Both Partners Do All)
  • 400M Med Ball Carry (20/14) – Pass Between Partners
  • 40 Box Jumps (24/20)
  • 40 Push Press (115/75)
  • 40 Front Squat (115/75)
  • 40 Med Ball Sit-Ups (Pass Between Partners)
  • 300M Med Ball Carry (20/14)
  • 30 Box Jumps (24/20)
  • 30 Push Press (115/75)
  • 30 Front Squat (115/75)
  • 30 Med Ball Sit-Ups
  • 200M Med Ball Carry (20/14)
  • 20 Box Jumps (24/20)
  • 20 Push Press (115/75)
  • 20 Front Squat (115/75)
  • 20 Med Ball Sit-Ups
  • 100M Med Ball Carry (20/14)
  • 10 Box Jumps (24/20)
  • 10 Push Press (115/75)
  • 10 Front Squat (115/75)
  • 10 Med Ball Sit-Ups
  • Cash Out – 75 DU/150 Singles

med-ball-partner-sit-upsBecause we had a team of 3, we arranged it a bit differently:

  • 95# bar for Jonathan & I, and AJ did 65# I think.
  • Jump rope buy-in
  • 400m med ball carry (20#)
  • 50s (20″ box jumps, push press, front squats, med ball sit-ups)
  • 300m med ball carry
  • 40s
  • 200m med ball carry
  • 30s
  • 100m med ball carry
  • 20s
  • Jump rope cash out

I did box jumps through the first couple of rounds (50s and 40s) and moved to step-ups after that. And we divvied up the reps each round in a variety of ways. I was happy it wasn’t 90 degrees outside as we moved with that med ball, let me tell you. πŸ™‚

Took us 33:59 to finish up. Brent & Rob finished about the same time and Bill & Heather finished well ahead of us. But we all kept moving right along.

Thanks for a fun workout today and good work everybody!

A Bit Behind and the Jack WOD

I know it seems I’ve dropped off the radar for a few days. Things have been a bit crazy. We’ve started a new nutrition challenge. I’m working to do more active recovery during the week. Doing some out-of-the-box training to supplement and work on some deficiencies. And still getting into the box 2-3x a week.

calendarHere’s how the last few days have gone:

  • Team workout last Saturday (2-JUN)
  • Out-of-the-box training (mostly mobility work) (3-JUN)
  • Out-of-the-box training (lots of double under practice) (4-JUN)
  • Active recovery day – 2 mile walk with our dogs (5-JUN)
  • Out-of-the-box training (front squats & DB push press) (6-JUN)

And today we were back at the box for the first time in a few days… Woo!Β Ev & I arrived and worked out with Melissa, Caleb, and KB, with Coach Bill presiding. πŸ™‚

We started with a little cardio (run, row, or bike). I was the only person who chose the run — weird! Then it was some PVC pipe work and three rounds of Cindy (5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 15 air squats) before doing some skill work.

Army Staff Sgt. Jack M. Martin III

Today was the hero WOD “Jack”:

  • Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
  • Competitor:
    • 10 push presses
    • 10 kettlebell swings
    • 10 box jumps
    • Men: 115-lb. presses, 53# swings, 24-in. box
    • Women: 80-lb. presses, 35# swings, 20-in. box
  • Performance:
    • 10 push presses
    • 10 kettlebell swings
    • 10 box jumps
    • Men: 95-lb. presses, 53# swings, 24-in. box
    • Women: 65-lb. presses, 35# swings, 20-in. box
  • Fitness:
    • 10 push presses
    • 10 kettlebell swings
    • 10 box step-ups
    • Men: 65-lb. presses, 35# swings, 20-in. box
    • Women: 45-lb. presses, 25# swings, 15-in.box

Jack is named forΒ Army Staff Sgt. Jack M. Martin III, 26, of Bethany, Oklahoma, assigned to the 3rd Battalion, 1st Special Forces Group, Fort Lewis, Wash.. He died September 29th, 2009, in Jolo Island, Philippines, from the detonation of an improvised explosive device. Martin is survived by his wife Ashley Martin, his parents Jack and Cheryl Martin, and siblings Abe, Mandi, Amber and Abi. (WOD originally appeared on mainsite here.)

time-371226_640So how’d we do? Well, we were shooting for 6-8 rounds in the 20 minute time period. Like most hero WODs, the idea is to push.

When we warmed up, I stuck with 20″ box jumps throughout, felt good with a 53# kettlebell, and tried 95# and 115# on the push press bar. Though I could do 115#, I knew after yesterday’s workout and my own shoulders that might not be a good idea, so I dropped back to 95#.

A few rounds in, Bill dropped a 35# on the floor in front of my box so I was slightly quicker on my box jumps. It helped a bit.

But the real thing that did me in was about round 3 when all ten of my push presses were up on my toes. My back really didn’t like that and gave me some grief every round afterwards, reminding me how poor that form was. I corrected it in round 4 — but it really didn’t help make it feel any better.


  • I made it through 7 full rounds plus 5 push presses with 95# on the bar, a 53# kettlebell, and a 20″ box (with a boost from a 35# plate).
  • Ev made it through 9 rounds plus 5 with a 55# push press, 25# kettlebell, and a stack of four 45# plates to step up on.
  • Melissa, KB, and Caleb all made it through 9 rounds plus. And we were all flat on the floor after that pretty much.

It was a good workout for sure. Tomorrow we’re supposed to do a 5k run. I think I’m going to stick to active recovery with a 2.8 mile walk around the neighborhood instead. And Ev is talking about doing a 6k row or so that night.

Back to the box on Saturday for team WOD. Meal prep on Sunday. And then back at it next week. πŸ™‚

Great work 8:30 class!

Just an Inch or Two…

Every week of the last few has been rough in spots. This week it was Hansen which kicked my butt, as well as the usual madness with work. But today turned out to be a bit of a bright spot.

Nobody wanted to get up at my house this morning, but of course we all did. I managed to get a bug fixed that I didn’t quite wrap up last night and then dashed into the box for the 8:30 class with Coach Bill. Ev met me there after running some errands and we were joined by Todd, Lara, and KB. A fun little group.

Black bear walking near lake
NPS Photo – Harlan Kredit – 1976 – Public domain image.

Our warm-up was made entertaining by Bill, demonstrating a “bear roll” on two mats only to discover that wasn’t quite what the warm-up implied. πŸ™‚

  • 2 rounds
  • 1 minute of running jump rope (or in my case just single unders)
  • 10 jumping squats
  • 10 plate calf raises (Bill had me use a 45# for these, which got a little spicy)
  • 10 bear rolls, 5 each side

Got through that and started through the Hinshaw warm-up. And then we did a few levels of box jumps to finish warming up.

box-jump-failNow, you know me. I have looked at 30″ box jumps and said no way for years. Well, Bill called my bluff today and had me add a 10# plate to a 24″ box to create a 25″ box. And after round 1, he upped that to a 15# plate, which is roughly another 1/2 inch for a 25.5″ box… Dang him.

  • 4 rounds for time of:
  • 15 box jumps
  • Run 400 meters
  • Competitor: 36/30″ box
  • Performance: 30/24″ box
  • Fitness: 15/12″ box

So how’d it go? Better than I expected honestly. We had a 20 minute time cap and I made it just barely.

  • Round 1: 15x 25″ box jump, 400m run
  • Round 2: 15x 25.5″ box jump, 200m run/200m walk
  • Round 3: 5x 25.5″ box jump, 10x 24″ box jump, 200m run/200m walk
  • Round 4: 24″ box jump, 300m run/100m walk
  • Time: 19:37

I’m good with that considering those are the highest box jumps I’ve ever done and I did a good number of them. πŸ™‚ I only missed once and didn’t actually hurt myself, so that wasn’t awful.

Thank you Bill for pushing me to do a bit more than I was thinking today. I needed the push. πŸ™‚ And great work everybody!

Weekend Catch-up Twofer

Thursday we did bench press and I shared how the week was going weird. Friday and Saturday have continued that trend between high school musicals, family visits, work, and the regular madness. So today’s post catches up a bit from the WOD on Friday and then the team WOD today.


My girls were off from school on Friday. They both slept in, but AJ chose to go in and possibly get some mobility work done while I did the workout. Yeah, that didn’t quite hold up. πŸ™‚

kettlebell-swingWe had a fun crew for Coach Drea – the two of us, plus KB, Lisa, Austen, and Steve. We warmed up with (going from memory here):

  • 200m run
  • sit-ups
  • air squats
  • Russian kettlebell swings (eye level)
  • Full kettlebell swings

And I feel like I might be missing something, but we went through it twice (only did the run once). Then we talked about the workout.

AJ didn’t say anything, so she got sucked into the assault bike and partnered up with KB. I think Austen & Lisa paired up and Steve went by himself. I decided the day before that I’d do the rowing workout from Monday instead. (Me and the assault bike haven’t been getting along recently.)

Evil Piece of Equipment

So they did:

  • 4 rounds, each for time:
    • Bike 1 mile
    • Rest however long it took you to do the mile

They were averaging in the 2-2:30 range for a mile and KB & AJ finished in 19:24 or so. They did awesome. I think I would have died. πŸ™‚

I did Monday’s rowing workout:

  • Competitor/Performance:
    • Row 250 meters
    • Row 500 meters
    • Row 1,000 meters
    • Row 500 meters
    • Row 250 meters
    • Rest 1 minute between efforts.

rower5I should have done better than I did, but my times were:

  • 250m – 49s
  • 500m – 1:50
  • 1000m – 4:11
  • 500m – 1:58
  • 250m – 51s
  • Total time with 4 minutes of rest – 14:11

It was pretty consistent, but yuck. Interval training just burned a bit. Knees were a little annoyed at the extra work, but my biceps were sore by the end as well.

Was happy to get in a little extra cardio training though. πŸ™‚ And, as I said, AJ did awesome on the bike with KB. πŸ™‚

Team WOD

So Saturday rolls around and I still felt halfway decent after getting in workouts 4 out of 5 days (yes, there is an unwritten one). My sore lat was feeling better and my shoulder didn’t feel too bad, so I figured – why not? AJ

Ev, AJ, and I headed in and we were far from alone. We had some new faces and old for Coaches Drea & Jimmy. Jordan & Lara, Brent, Larry, Bri, KB, Todd, Jonathan, Lisa, Steve, and a few others. Not a bad turnout for a snowy Saturday morning. πŸ™‚

We did a similar warm-up (without the run) to Friday’s workout and then broke into teams. AJ bowed out today, but Ev & KB teamed up and Jonathan and I worked together.

keep-calm-and-amrapThe workout looked simple on paper…

  • Score Type:: Rounds and Reps
    • Each Station will be a 5 Min. AMRAP Rest 1:30 between stations
  • Station 1 – Count your team reps for lunge, both Athletes working at same time
    • 20 cal on bike
    • other partner performing alternating OH DB LUNGE #25/#35/#45/#55
  • Station 2 – count your team reps for Thrusters
    • 3 Rope Climbs
    • Partner 2 will perform AMRAP of KB thrusters #25/#35/#44/#55
  • Station 3 – Count your team reps for burpees
    • 15/12 Cal Row
    • Partner 2 Will complete AMRAP of Burpees
  • Station 4 – count team reps of GHD/Situps
    • 50 Double Unders – 100 Singles
    • partner 2 will complete AMRAP of GHD/Situps
  • Station 5 – count our team reps of Box Jumps
    • 12 Wall Balls #20/#14
    • Partner 2 will complete AMRAP of Box Jumps

Jonathan and I started at Station 2 and ended up at Station 1. So rope climbs started us off.

Infinity_Legless_Rope_Climb_WEBAnd I’m happy to say that I managed a single rope climb all the way to the top today in my multiple attempts. I almost managed a second one, but couldn’t get my feet to lock hard enough to trust my hands to release and touch the knot at the top. But I managed my goal for the day of ONE rope climb and didn’t tear my hands, so I’m VERY excited.

For reps we managed:

  • 68 KB thrusters (35# KB)
  • 39 burpees
  • 102 GHD-style sit-ups (on the floor, kicking out feet)
  • 58 box jumps (I did 20″ step-ups and he did 24″ box jumps)
  • and 60 lunges (I started with a 25# db, but quickly dropped it and just did weightless lunges – and 20 calories on the assault bike was awful)
  • Total: 327 (Jonathan did the math and dropped 10 reps somewhere, listing us at 317)

survived-didnt-dieOur goal was to keep moving and oh my, that got hard in a few spots. Wall balls were not my friend today – just couldn’t quite catch my breath or get a rhythm going. And OH lunges didn’t work either. But hey, I kept moving. Huzzah. Jonathan did fantastic and just kept chugging along with me and pushed me in a few spots for sure!

That said, I’m thrilled about the rope climb. I think my PE teachers in elementary school would be happy with that as well. πŸ™‚

Let’s hope next week is much calmer (though something tells me it won’t be). πŸ™‚

DNF but DNQ?

Today was a weird day of crossfit that started with a very rough night of sleep (or a lack thereof). Not sure what that boils down to, but it made for a rough workout.

Arrived with the whole clan for a change (Spring Break FTW) but we were far from alone. Coach Bill had a full house today. Dave, KB, Katie C, Katie E, Jonathan, Bri, Connie, and Todd joined us for a full class of 12 peeps. Made logistics a bit entertaining.

always-warm-up-thoroughlyWe started with a warm-up that was supposed to be 2 rounds of:

  • 1 minute row
  • 30 seconds jumping jacks
  • 30 seconds goblet squats

But ended up being (for me and a few others):

  • 1 minute single-unders
  • 30 seconds jumping jacks
  • 30 second goblet squats (I used a 45# kettlebell)

And then we did a mess of box jump and front squat warm-ups before dividing up into pairs so that one group could start and the other would go while they were resting.

  • Five 3-minute rounds of:
    • 10 front squats
    • 10 box jumps
    • Row for max calories (count your calories for your metcon total)
  • Rest 3 minutes between rounds.
  • Performance: Men, 135# squats and 30″ box; Women 95# squats and 24″ box
  • Fitness: (Drop to 4 rounds) Men, 75# squat, 20″ box; Women 55# squat, 16″ box

box-jump-failNow, during warm-up I did 24″ box jumps, so I know I can do them. But I had a feeling with the way my hamstrings were acting that front squats + box jumps would be a bit rough, so I lowered it to 20″. And even that turned out to be too much.

  • Round 1: 10x 135# front squats, 10x 20″ box jumps, 29 calories
  • Round 2: 10x 135# front squats, 10x 20″ step-ups, 22 calories
  • Round 3: 5x 135# front squats and couldn’t convince my knees to do the job, so rowed 90 seconds (24 calories)
  • Round 4: Bill had me switch to 1 minute assault bike, 1 minute break, 1 minute calorie row (17 calories)
  • Round 5: same as round 4, 20 calories
  • Total calories: 112 (average 22.4 per round)

What happened? Round 1 I missed a box jump and that threw me a bit off.Β Round 2 my left knee really started giving me trouble. Round 3 that knee got very cranky and I knew if I didn’t trust it on front squats that I wasn’t going to trust it on box jumps.

Meanwhile, everybody else was bouncing right along. Jonathan finished 107 total calories, averaging a bit better than 20 calories a round while doing actual 30″ box jumps. Todd was flying right along too.

I just didn’t trust my body after that first box jump miss and as the knee got crankier and crankier I knew I should just cool my jets.

Quick note: I still hate the assault bike. I did the round 4 minute ok, but my round 5 minute was all over the place. I much prefer rowing.


In the spectrum of DFL > DNF > DNS I think DNQ (Did Not Quit) or FBS (Finished But Scaled) need to fit in somewhere… I didn’t exactly quit, but I stopped the workout we were doing and adapted it per my coach’s suggestions to keep moving. And I swore like a sailor a good portion of those last 4 rounds.

Just not my day. Good work folks. πŸ™‚

Just Keep Scaling, Scaling, Scaling…

This has been a weird week. I knew it would be and had a plan. Monday I worked out in the morning. Yesterday I had meetings and commitments but had a plan to row at home… but that was thwarted by addiction to a new video game on the computer. Darn those time sinks. πŸ™‚ Today I was able to sneak into a 4:45 class. πŸ™‚

Coach Isaac had his hands full. Karen, Marino & Deana, Shaun, Sean, Nick, and I gave him a little bit of grief here and there as we worked through the warm-up. I think most of us were still a little sore from 18.2, but we kept moving as best we could.

snatch5Once we were done with the warm-up, we did a little refresher to warm up our snatch technique and box jumps before we tackled the actual workout…

  • 21-15-9
  • Snatch
  • Box jumps
    • 115#/24″ box or 75/20″ box (Competitor)
    • 95#/20″ or 65#/16″ (Performance)
    • 65#/16″ or 45/12″ (Fitness)

As you might have imagined from my subject line, my workout was a little different:

  • 21-15-9
  • 115# snatch
  • 20″ box jumps and step-ups (started with 10 box jumps and shifted to step-ups)

box-jump-failMy technique was a little off with the snatches, leaning way forward at the bottom rather than sitting back on my heels. Isaac made some suggestions as I chugged through. Some reps were definitely better than others.

The time domain for this one was somewhere between 6 and 10 or 12 minutes. I split the difference and finished in 7:40. Not bad.

So why did I scale? My right shoulder was popping during snatches as we warmed up. I think I aggravated it during the warm-up by hanging on the rig. But I didn’t feel as stable in that wide hand grip position as I do in other positions, so I didn’t risk it. I did one 95# snatch to warm up and got it up, but it didn’t feel great.

As far as the box jumps, I went in thinking that I would try and bang out as many jumps as I could – but after 10 my knees were complaining a bit, so I dialed that back too.

A little wimpy perhaps, but I kept moving for that 7-8 minutes, so I think it was ok.

We’ll see how tomorrow’s workout goes ahead of the 18.3 announcement from Castro tomorrow night. πŸ™‚ Great work 4:45 class! And thanks Isaac for the tips!