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Catching up, 10-FEB-2019

Since these catch-up posts have become more the norm than the exception, I figured it was time to give them their own header. πŸ™‚

Do we really need our minds anyway? HA!

Anyway, this was a hell of a week. We had things happening damn near every night and I have to say I may have lost my mind (briefly) at one point. Who needs their mind, anyway?

Tuesday was the last workout I made it to early in the week. Then I missed Wednesday and didn’t get much sleep that night. Thursday I decided to skip the workout due to the fact that I was so out of it, plus it was my youngest’s birthday. And that leaves the weekend — Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! Yes, even Sunday got involved. πŸ™‚


I don’t often make Friday morning classes, usually choosing to take those days as a rest day before catching Saturday’s team WOD. But missing the middle of the week, I felt I needed to get my arse back in the box.

Coach Drea had an entertaining group, though there’s been enough madness since then I only remember Melissa and Dave. Apparently getting older means needing to write EVERYTHING down. πŸ™‚

It was another workout involving strict pull-ups, which was a challenge. And I was a little sore from earlier in the week, so I went lighter than I originally wanted to. It was dumbbell clean & jerks, strict pull-ups, and GHD sit-ups.

  • 21-15-9
  • dumbbell clean & jerks (a pair), 35/25#
  • strict pull-ups
  • GHD sit-ups

As you might imagine, I scaled a little:

  • 20# dumbbells for the DB clean & jerks
  • a mix of strict pull-ups, banded pull-ups, and ring rows
  • and GHD sit-ups to parallel

Strict pull-ups were the worst. The band, even a black band, didn’t work with me the way I wanted, so I ended up dropping to ring rows when the strict pull-ups gave up. But I think I managed 15 in the first round, 10 in the second, and 5 in the last round before dropping to ring rows.

I think the time domain was 10-15 minutes, but I finished in 17:18. That said, I was happy to finish at all. My grip was gone on the left side by mid-way through the round of 15. And I was doing shorter and shorter sets of everything as I chugged through.

Saturday – Team WOD

The Team WOD on Saturday was designed by Larry. And it was a doozy. AJ and I went in as a team together but we were far from alone. I think there were 10 or 11 of us. He had a pair of AMRAPs in store for us…

  • 2 Person Teams (Each person completes all movements)
  • AMRAP 1 – 15 Min (3 Burpees on the minute)
    • 12 Push Press (135/95)
    • 12 Box Jumps
    • 12 HSPU
    • 12 Wall Balls
  • 5 Minute Break
  • AMRAP 2 – 15 Min (200M Run at 5 and 10 minutes)
    • 12 Hang Power Clean (135/95)
    • 12 Goblet Squats (53/35)
    • 12 KBS (53/35)
    • 12 Knees to Elbows

AJ and I scaled a little:

  • 95# bar for me and 35# for her
  • 20″ box jumps or step-ups
  • Pike push-ups for HSPUs

It was the burpees in the first AMRAP that really killed us I think. My arms were sore by the middle of the second full round of the first AMRAP and we were breaking up barbell movements into sets of 3 instead of sets of 6.

But we finished about 2 and a half rounds of the first one and nearly 3 rounds of the second when all was said and done. AJ did awesome and I think we wiped her out – she took a long nap that afternoon. πŸ™‚

Sunday – Yoga with V

And today Ev and I headed in for the afternoon yoga class with our Yogi, Vanessa. We always have a fun time in her class and today was no exception. We laughed A LOT as we stumbled through (in my case literally) some of the movements!

Definitely an “active recovery” kind of day, but it was good to keep moving. We’ll see if I feel that way tomorrow. πŸ™‚

We focused on a ton of balance moves, which was interesting. My chair pose felt pretty good, and I was able to balance for a while in warrior 3, but other than that it was a fun mix. I fell trying to do a handstand on my forearms while at the wall and nearly clobbered KB (SORRY KB!) but otherwise I think we were all unscathed. πŸ™‚

Thanks V!!


A Cold and Wintry Day

Winter has decided to come back to Colorado in the last few months and it made another appearance today. Snow and wind blew in and started smacking us around about 7am, but that didn’t stop me (or several other folks) from making it to the box for the 8:30 class with Coach Drea. Dave, Maria, Lisa, Lara & Jordan, and Andrew made it in as well.

We started with a short warm-up:

  • 2 rounds
  • 2 minutes on the bike or rower (I rowed first and biked second)
  • 10 broad jumps (mine weren’t all that broad)
  • 10 mountain climbers
  • 10 ski jumps (mine weren’t jumps at all, more like slow awkward slides)
  • 10 banded Good Mornings

With that done, we did some warm-ups on medicine ball cleans and box jumps. And I’m not going to lie, my knees and quads were not happy even after I warmed them up. I decided that moderation was key and adjusted my expectations for the workout accordingly.

What was the workout?

  • 50-40-30-20-10 reps for time of:
    • med ball cleans (20/14# ball)
    • box jumps (24/20″ box)

There were some scaling options. I chose the Performance level (40-30-20-10-5 reps with 20# med ball cleans and 20″ box jumps and step-ups – mostly step-ups). We were supposed to shoot for 17-20 minutes.

I made it through by breaking it up into small sets from the beginning. Sets of 10 and 5 worked most of the way through. And I did some box jumps in the first round and decided step-ups were the way to go. (No shins were harmed during the workout as a result.)

Took me 16:18 with my modifications. So I probably should have done more reps, which would have pushed me over the bump to the 20+ time limit. But my knees thanked me when we were done.

Great work everybody and thanks for making it in today Drea!

Up and down

Mondays are a challenge. Mondays after two days of poor nutritional choices… probably even worse. πŸ™‚ But after a meeting this morning, I made it in for a 9:30 class with Coach Drea even if I wasn’t quite my usual chipper self. We had Nick & Lisa, Andrew & Ashley, Elizabeth, and Maria with us. And most of them were in a good mood, so that helped. πŸ™‚

We started with two rounds of a simple warm-up:

  • one minute of single unders
  • 15 air squats with a band above the knees
  • 30 banded pull-aparts (30 was tough all in a row, broke second round up into sets of 10)
  • 45 seconds per side, doing a lunge with a kettlebell on the “up” bent leg to help stretch ankles, calves, and Achilles

Once we were done with that, we did some warm-ups for overhead squats — first with a PVC pipe and then with increasing weights starting with a 45# bar.Β 

  • 45# OHS x5, plus five broad jumps
  • 75# x5, plus three 20″ box jumps
  • 95# x3, plus three 24″ box jumps
  • 105# x3 (bailed on last one), plus three more 24″ box jumps (which I didn’t do)

Honestly the 95# OHS felt pretty rough and 105# was awful, so I dropped to 75# for the workout. And though I started with 24″ box jumps, I dropped to 20″ after missing a jump. We were supposed to scale to the point where we could do the workout in 7-9 minutes…

So my workout became:

  • 21-15-9
  • 75# OHS
  • 20″ box jumps (I did three at 24″)
  • Total time: 7:26

I think I maybe should have gone a little heavier on the OHS, but the combination of squats and box jumps was tough on the knees so maybe not. I broke the first set of OHS into two sets — 11 and 10. And I did 8 and 7 for the second set. But I did the last set unbroken.

Not awful I guess. I scaled so I was within the right time domain, so that’s something. πŸ™‚

Great work 9:30 class and thanks Drea!Β 

Heavy and high

After yesterday’s workout, I have to admit I was a little sore. This morning however, I was walking like an 80 year old man for a while. Stairs were a challenge. My quads and knees were very unhappy. And every once in a while one shoulder or the other would remind me it was still attached.Β 

So… how do I follow that up? By going back to do another workout today. Crazy, I know.Β 

Made it in for a 4:45 workout with Coach Nicole. We had a good crowd tonight – Ryan, Karen, Logan, Lara & Jordan.Β  And we were all saying similar things about how sore we were after yesterday’s workout.Β 

As a result, we did a lot of mobility work. Foam rollers on quads, calves, and hamstrings. Lacrosse balls on shoulder — side, front, and back. Then an interesting PVC passthru exercise where you have your back flat on a weight bench so you can’t arch your body and see how far back you can get the pipe. And finally some shoulder work at the rig and on the wall.Β 

I felt a bit better after all of that, but then the real work began. We did some kettlebell swing work — first with kettlebell snatches and then full swings, talking about the benefits of each. I warmed up with a 35# kettlebell at first and then started swinging a 55# one, but I ended up doing 70# kettlebell swings for the workout.

And we did some box jump work, figuring out how high we were going to jump or step up. I started at 20″ because I know I can do them — and I got caught a few times with my heels off the box. You’re supposed to land softly in a crouch with your whole foot on the box — I tend to land like a ton of bricks with my heels dangling.

I ended up moving up to 24″ jumps for the workout because they were more difficult and if I was going to do 70# swings, I might as well make the rest of the workout a challenge as well, right?

The workout was pretty straightforward:

  • Complete as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of:
    • 7 box jumps
    • 14 kettlebell swings
  • Competitor – 36/30″ box, 70/53# kettlebell
  • Performance – 30/24″ box, 53/35# kettlebell
  • Fitness – 20/15″ box, 35/24# kettlebell

My variation was:

  • 12 minute AMRAP
    • 7 box jumps, 24″
    • 14 kettlebell swings, 70#

It’s been a long time since I’ve swung the 70# kettlebell, but I made it work. And it’s probably been even longer since I’ve done 24″ box jumps in any numbers. Usually I defer to 20″ box jumps or step-ups, but I somehow felt compelled to push things a bit tonight. Thus “heavy and high” as the title for this post. πŸ™‚

So how’d I do? Made it through 5 full rounds, 7 box jumps, and 6 kettlebell swings in the 12 minutes. 5+13. Considering I was shooting for 4 rounds and made it midway through the 6th, I think I did ok. πŸ™‚

Everybody did awesome, actually. So that was fun. We all just kept moving. Great work!Β 

Thanks Nicole for the encouragement!

running and climbing

It’s nearly 1am on Sunday and I’m not sleeping, so I might as well get something done. Yesterday I went in with AJ for the 10am Team WOD and we did ok I think. πŸ˜‰

We were not alone — Coach Drea had a bunch of us milling about. Marino, Caleb, Lisa & Nick, Larry, Jimmy, Lara, Stacy, Scott, Ryan, Heather, and maybe a few others? I’m a bit fuzzy now.Β 

We did a jump rope warm-up…Β 

  • 3 rounds
    • 20 seconds of single-unders, 10 seconds of rest
    • 20 seconds of double-under practice, 10 seconds of rest

I think I may have managed one double-under, but that was it. πŸ™‚ After that we did a series of skill warm-ups for power cleans and thrusters before we got all of our equipment together and tackled the workout.

  • 31 Heroes WOD (read more here)
  • 31 minute AMRAP for teams of 2
    • 8 thrusters (155/105#, 115/80#, 75/55#)
    • 6 rope climbs (or progressions)
    • 11 box jumps (30/24″ or 24/20″)
    • While partner 1 runs a 400m weighted run (sandbag, med ball, weight vest, etc.), partner 2 works on the triplet — when partner 1 is done, switch…

AJ and I scaled this a bit so we could keep moving:

  • 31 minute AMRAP
    • 8 thrusters (95# for me, 55# for her)
    • 6 rope climbs (she has two broken toes, so she did a few rope climbs and some progressions; I tried to do as many rope climbs as I could but transitioned to knees to elbows on some)
    • 11 step-ups to a 20″ box
    • AJ did 2 minutes on the assault bike and I did 400m runs with a 20# weight vest on

So how’d we do? Well, I don’t think I’ve done that many rope climbs in a while and my feet got lost after a while. I probably managed at least 15-20 rope climbs as well as a mess of rope knees-to-elbows. AJ got stuck with most of the thrusters, though I did one full set of 8 and a partial set of 2 (same with step-ups).

Most of my time was spent running. It went something like this:

Even 20 pounds made those runs even more of a challenge… and some folks ran with 30 or even 40+!Β 
  • run 400m (only round I did the whole thing)Β 
  • run 100m, walk 200m, run 100m (200m)
  • run 150m, walk 150m, run 100m (250m)
  • run 150m, walk 150m, run 100m (250m)
  • run 100m, walk 150m, run 150m (250m)
  • so I ran nearly a mile with the weight vest and walked the rest

We made it through a bit more than 6 rounds, but counted that many at least.Β 

It was a good challenge today and AJ did awesome despite her broken toes. πŸ™‚

Finding a better pace

Running has never been my groove. I think I decided I hated it way back when I attempted Little League baseball about a hundred years ago and then really drove that home in junior high school running the mile in PE. From that point on I think my mind was set. And it was one of those “set it and forget it” kind of things for a very very long time…

running-failWhen I started with Continuum in 2013, that setting was firmly in effect. Running was a chore. Something to be dreaded, cursed, and avoided at all costs. I’d rather row than run any day of the week. And that was the way of things for a long time.

Two weeks ago I ran an 800m with Brent & Nick during a team WOD and we hit a nice, easy pace. Ran the whole damn thing and it actually felt ok. It was a bit of a watershed moment. Something about slowing it down, just letting it happen, made a huge difference in my mindset about running itself.

Today we had a running and box jumps WOD. And there was some grumbling last night when we saw it, I’ll admit. Maybe even a few choice words. But we went this morning anyway. πŸ™‚

Coach Lara had a bunch of us — Ev & I, Marino, Caleb, Bill, KB, Dave, his daughter, and her fiancee. I don’t know that any of us were exactly excited to run in the 35 degree temps this morning, but we were prepared to do so.

silly-walkWe started with a similar warm-up to what we did yesterday – a kettlebell complex – and then the Hinshaw warm-up and some box jump practice. During the whole thing we were listening to 90s music and Bill was “belting out the hits” as we warmed up… He was definitely in an expressive mood and we had fun with it.

The workout was pretty simple.

  • Three rounds for time:
    • Competitor
      • 800m run
      • 50 box jumps (24/20″)
    • Performance
      • 800m run
      • 35 box jumps (20/15″)
    • Fitness
      • 400m run
      • 20 box jumps (12/8″)

Lara gave us a 25 minute time cap and suggested that if we couldn’t consistently do a 5 minute 800m we should probably scale to a 600m or 400m run. I was going to do my best to stick to the 800m route and see where I ended up.

2jwf4uThough I warmed up with some 20″ box jumps, after that first 800m run I didn’t even attempt them, opting for 35 step-ups instead. But I was surprised by the pace of that first 800m run at a time of 4:37. That was very surprising actually and a good steady pace. Slowing down

My middle run ended up being mostly a walk, but I ran all but a small portion of the last 800m and came in around 5 minutes or so.

Final time? 23:37. Not too shabby. I’ll take it. πŸ™‚ Great work 8:30 class! And thanks for the encouragement Lara!!

Team WOD Saturday plus Monday

We get another twofer today. πŸ™‚ I worked out on Saturday morning at Team WOD with AJ because her game got moved to later in October — and then I started the week with a Monday workout. Can’t say I moved much in-between, but hey. πŸ™‚

Team WOD

We had a small but solid contingent at Team WOD on Saturday with Coach Isaac. AJ worked out with Carrie, Katie, and Carrie’s neighbor. And I worked with Brent & Nick. Caleb, Shaun, and Stacy worked together and there was another group as well.

dr-evil-air-quotes-yes-this-is-what-we-call-a-warm-upIsaac started with two “fun” warm-ups… The “circle up with PVC pipes and shift left or right” game. If a PVC pipe fell, we did 3 burpees. And then we did a partner warm-up where one partner sat on the floor and extended their arms while the other partner jumped over one arm, their legs, and the other arm, counting that as a rep.

I will admit — I stepped over AJ’s arms and jumped over her legs — and when it was my turn, I laid on the floor so she could just jump over me on the floor. I don’t trust my own jumping abilities and didn’t want to be responsible for breaking AJ. πŸ™‚

After that, we grouped up. Nick & Brent were kind enough to have me in their group and I don’t think I slowed them down too much all things being unequal.


run-thought-they-said-rumThe workout was:

  • Run 800m (entire team)
  • 150x Box jumps 30/24/20 inch
  • 75x Push press #135/#95
  • 125x Pushups
  • 125x Situps
  • 150x Overhead walking lunge steps #45 or #35 plate
  • Run 800m (entire team)

We did 24″ box jumps or step-ups and I only did a 95# bar for push press and a 25# plate for overhead walking lunges, but hung in for the most part.

We finished in 33:51.

  • They set a great pace for the first 800m jog, which meant I never actually stopped — that’s a first. Usually I stop somewhere. That wasn’t the case on the second 800m but I only walked a portion. πŸ™‚
  • Box jumps were all step-ups for me to the 24″ box and they felt ok in sets of 10 or 15
  • Push presses with 95# were good – two sets of 10 and one of 5
  • Push-ups, I did sets of 10 – they did longer sets, but I did what I could. πŸ™‚
  • Sit-ups, I banged out 25 reps two or three times
  • Overhead walking lunges, I did four sets of 15 steps with the 25# plate and they did the rest – not my favorite movement

Big thank you to Brent & Nick for slowing down a bit for me – they usually fly through this stuff. πŸ™‚ It was a good workout!

Monday, Knee Raises and Wall Walks

This morning we had a pretty good class for Coach Drea – Lara, Melissa, Melissa S, Carrie, and Dave.Β  We did a couple of rounds of:

  • 90 seconds of single-unders (double-under practice in the second round)
  • 30 second hollow body hold
  • 10 inchworms (was supposed to be a push-up at the bottom — oops, I didn’t push-up)
  • 5 v-ups (mine were more like knee tucks)
  • 10 PVC pass-throughs

toes-to-bar-big-shoesAnd then… Drea had Lara demonstrate some of the variations for handstand walks and toes to bar. We did a few of each modification along the way.

The workout was:

  • 10 minute AMRAP
  • Performance
    • 10 toes to bars
    • 25 foot handstand walk
  • Fitness
    • 10 hanging knee raises
    • 2 wall walks

Some days I can do T2B, but today wasn’t one of them. I did attempt a few and got my feet to the bar on a few of those, but mostly I decided that attempting knees to elbows was probably a better approach. Wall walks were harder than they should have been today, but I managed the 2 per round slowly. πŸ™‚

Ultimately I got through 5 rounds, so I’ll take that. Not a bad Monday workout. πŸ™‚

Now… back to work! Good work everybody!