Burpees to Full Extension

You may find this hard to believe, but I don’t have a great vertical leap and I’m not a fan of burpees. Today we put both those movements to the test. πŸ™‚

I’ll admit to being a little concerned after running last night. But I woke up feeling sore, but not decrepit, and headed in with Ev to the 8:30 class. Coach Lara had a fun group — us, Star & Dave, Chris, Caleb, KB, and Alicia. I think the smarting off started not long after we walked in the door.

We did a warm-up :

  • 2 minutes on the bike, rower, or ski-erg, or run
  • then 2 rounds of
    • 10 inchworms with a push-up
    • 10 spider-man lunges
    • 30 second pancake split (legs wide, bow at hip, try to get hands to floor or to ankles)
    • 30 second hollow body hold
    • 30 second superman hold
    • 30 seconds of three or four banded shoulder abstractions

After that we chatted about burpees and did a few really focusing on full extension at the top as well as being more efficient at the bottom. Try to do a V-up of sorts, bringing feet to hands fluidly, more than independent movements as down to plank, push-up, back to plank, air squat, stand up, jump to full extension…

We also did a quick review of sit-up standards .

The workout? Pretty straightforward…

  • 7 rounds for time
  • 10 burpees (competitor), 8 burpees (performance), 5 burpees (fitness) to a target 3-6 inches above your max reach
  • 20 sit-ups (competitor), 15 sit-ups (performance), 10 sit-ups (fitness)

Surprisingly, my burpees were the better part of this one. I kind of had to “prime the pump” by stepping down into that first burpee each time, but after that I was moving better than expected from the floor to full extension overhead, hitting the tall bar about 7″ above the end of my fingertips. I may have missed the bar a couple of times, but that was more about my “no look” approach than actually not getting enough height.

It was the sit-ups that killed me. I ended up doing butterfly sit-ups in sets of 5 and 10 and dying in the middle of them.

My workout became “performance plus” —

  • 7 rounds for time
  • 8 burpees to rig bar 7″ above my fingertips at full extension
  • 20 sit-ups

Final time: 13:15. We were supposed to hit between 10 and 16 minutes, and I was right smack dab in the middle of that. I’ll take it.

I may or may not work out tomorrow morning depending on how I feel, but Ev has the day off so I might go for fun if I can still move. πŸ™‚

Great work everybody and thanks for the encouragement Lara!

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