Last of the Team Series

So after a weekend where we drove 500+ miles and attended a fun wedding, it was time to go back to the box to work off some of the empty calories I consumed. This was a bit of a push, though I’m not sure if it was the workout or the fact that I wasn’t “good” about nutrition over the weekend. 🙂

johnny-automatic-Jumping-rope-800pxCoach Drea had a fun little class at 8:30 – me, Lara, Dave, and Carrie. We started with 2 rounds of a warm-up:

  • 1 minute of single-unders
  • 10 ring rows
  • 10 push-ups
  • 10 GHD hip-extensions (actually did these on the GHD machine and not the sit-ups on the floor)
  • 10 straight leg sit-ups
  • 10 squat therapy reps
  • 30 seconds of scorpion pose, each side (only did this first round)

After that we grabbed some dumbbells and a box and started talking about the dumbbell box step-overs. Step-ups are one thing, step-overs are something else. And then you add weight and it gets even more entertaining. But we worked on stepping up with the whole foot on the box and then pivoting to step down sideways off the box on the other side, rather than with a forward stride. During the workout I did a mix of sideways and forward, but it definitely helped to have that pivot when I remembered.

15-pound-dumbbellsWe did it with and without dumbbells. I started with 15# dumbbells during the warm-up and shifted to 30# for the workout, with a set of 20#s as back-up just in case. I was glad I did.

We also worked on form for toes-to-bars and knee raises/knees-to-elbows. Making sure that kick down was solid to prevent the crazy swing was essential. The fact that my finger was still split open from all the pull-ups last week was a bit of an impediment, but I made it work for a while.

And then the snatches. These felt a lot like what we did during the CrossFit Open last year or the year before, so that wasn’t too bad. 30# felt pretty good for most of it.

The workout was:

  • For time
    • 30 toes-to-bar (or hanging knee-raises)
    • 40 single-arm dumbbell snatches (50/35# competitor. 35/20# scaled)
    • 50 dumbbell box step-overs (24/20″ box competitor, 20″ box scaled)
    • 40 single-arm dumbbell snatches
    • 30 toes-to-bar (or hanging knee-raises)

box1Yeah… As you might imagine, I scaled this a bit.

  • 30 hanging knee raises
  • 40 single-arm dumbbell snatches (30# dumbbell)
  • 50 dumbbell box step-overs (20″, started with 30# dumbbells for about 15 reps and then dropped to 20# dumbbells)
  • 40 single-arm dumbbell snatches (30# dumbbell)
  • 30 knees-to-elbows with hands overhead on the floor holding the rig, touching my knees to elbows

Final time: 14:05.

I was the first one done in our group, but Lara & Carrie were doing actual t2b, so I had the edge with knee raises. 🙂 Great work everybody! And Dave looked great!

Thanks Drea!

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