Some Light Overhead Work

Strength days these days have become a challenge in some ways. The rational part of my brain simply wants to do the best it can that day — approaching the bar, focusing on form, and moving as much weight as I can safely while keeping that focus. The irrational part of my head is like “dude! put more weight on that thing!”

captain-america-swoleThankfully most of the time I can push that “bro” talk out of my head pretty easily. Today I did pretty well with that until my last lift. 🙂

So I arrived for the 8:30 class this morning for Coach Lara and we had a fun group — Caleb, Logan, Marino, Dave, Melissa, Bri, and Evan. Like every day, we’re just there to have fun, do right by the workout, and encourage one another to be better. Can’t really argue with that, can you?

We started with a simple warm-up. Two rounds:

  • 200m jog (chilly outside, but not too bad for a jog)
  • 15 PVC overhead squats
  • 10 (5 each side) lateral squats (Cossack squats, but with the toes up on the straight leg)
  • 20 PVC pass-throughs
  • 10 burpees

When we were done with all that, we did a lot of skill warm-up for squat snatches with an empty barbell, working through muscle snatch progressions and full squat snatch progressions a little at a time (shoulder shrug, scarecrow, popping under the bar, etc.). None of it felt awful, but I did have a rough time keeping my feet from going into the “Superstar” position at the end. They tend to hop out on me when I try to fully extend at the top and land under the bar.

181snatchOnce that was done, we warmed up to our starting weight for the workout… 6 rounds of 2 squat snatches with 3 minutes in-between. Lara asked me what my goal was and it was simply to stay light and work on form, since I have struggled a bit with my overhead position for things like overhead squats and snatches for a long time. Getting that overhead lock-out where your armpits are facing forward and elbows are fully locked has been a challenge.

My warm-up weights looked like:

  • 65# x2
  • 65# x2
  • 75# x2
  • 85# x2 (no bueno here – decided to drop to start the workout)

snatch5For the workout I did:

  • 75# x2
  • 85# x2
  • 85# x2
  • 95# x2
  • 95# x2
  • 105# (failed first attempt and didn’t get a squat under the second, but did get it overhead)

Really I’m pretty happy with that. Other people were putting a lot more weight overhead (Caleb and Marino both had a lot more weight on the bar), but I felt like — except for my last couple of attempts — I did pretty well.

I think my one rep max is 135# or 145# for a snatch — whether it’s squat, hang, or power — but working on form today was a good reminder to slow things down a bit and do these lifts under control. The weight will come — or it won’t. 🙂

Thanks Lara and great work everybody!!!

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