Dumbbells All Day

Constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. Yup. That’s CrossFit. And today we performed a lot of reps at a high rate of intensity, though I am not sure where double-unders come into the equation as a “functional” movement. šŸ™‚

I cuddled most of yesterday with our new puppy in my chair or on the floor and honestly didn’t move around a whole bunch — but today I made it in for the 8:30 class. We had a great crowd for Coach Drea this morning. Melissa S, Todd & Melissa, Dave, Chris, Lara, and two new gals who I’ve now worked out with at least one of them before and somehow have not learned either of their names. Shame on me.

crab-walkWe started with an entertaining warm-up for 2 rounds:

  • 1 minute of single-unders (double-under practice the second round)
  • 10 “seated chairs”, 5 per side — supported on the rig
  • 10 leg swings
  • 30 foot straight leg bear crawl
  • 30 foot crab walk (sorry for nearly running you over Melissa S!)

From there we worked on our dumbbell push jerk form a bit, with and without dumbbells. And we talked about our weighted step-ups a bit as well.

DumbellWhen we were ready to go, we all had our dumbbells and our plyo boxes ready to go for:

  • 3 rounds for time
    • dumbbell push jerks
    • double-unders, double-under practice, or single-unders
    • weighted step-ups
    • more double-unders, double-under practice, or single-unders
    • Competitor: 50/35# dumbbells, 24/20″ box
    • Performance: only 25 double-unders, 35/20# dumbbells, 20″ box
    • Fitness: 15 push jerks, 35 single-unders, 15 step-ups, 35 single-unders, 20/10# dumbbells, 15/12″ box

Yeah… no matter how I structured this, it was going to be a challenge. Single-arm movements are always hairy on my shoulders and I’m never sure how my knees will do with weighted step-ups or box jumps.

jumpropeSo how’d it go? Each round for me was:

  • 25 push jerks with two 30# dumbbells
  • 30 seconds of double-under practice and 25 single-unders (did 50 in the first round)
  • 25 weighted step-ups with the two 30# dumbbells (started with a few reps on my shoulders and then dropped to a hang for all the rest — too hard to get a breath and not collapse forward)
  • 30 more seconds of double-under practice and 25 single-unders
  • Time: 20:10

Not too bad. We were shooting for anywhere between 6 and 25 minutes, so I definitely pulled that off. Not sure I did much with my double-under practice beyond whack my toes with the rope a great deal, but eventually I’ll get there. šŸ™‚

And when we were done, we did some stretching on the 30″ box for our hips, so that was nice. Everybody kicked butt, but I think Todd was the only one using 50# dumbbells and going with the competitor numbers. He rocked it. šŸ™‚

Thanks Drea!

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