Team WOD with an interesting mix…

We had no soccer today, so Ev and I made it in for team WOD Saturday! Woo! Coach Isaac was there to whip our broken bodies into shape — and we were joined by Caleb, Heather, Lisa, Katie, Nick, and Stacy. We started with part of the Hinshaw warm-up — laughing and moaning the whole way because we were all sore from the rest of the week.

Once THAT was done, it was time to pick a workout — and we had two choices. Though we chose one, the other one somehow became the buy-in — so I’m not quite sure what happened and we may have been bamboozled. 🙂


Team-wise it was me and Ev, Caleb & Heather, Stacy & Max, Lisa & Katie, and Nick sat out to do some mobility work.

So what did we do?

  • Buy-in
    • 10 rounds (one team member goes through the complete round, then the next, until we get through all 10)
      • 8 wall balls
      • 4 power cleans
      • I used a 95# bar and a 20# ball, Ev used a 75# bar and a 8# ball
  • Main part
    • 400m medicine ball carry
    • 40 push-presses
    • 40 front squats
    • 40 partner med ball sit-ups
    • 300m-30-30-30
    • 200m-20-20-20
    • 100m-10-10-10
    • I used a 95# bar, Ev used a 55# bar, and we used a 20# med ball for the whole thing.

my-shoulders-are-on-fireHow did it go? Not horrible, but my shoulders were burning long before we were done!

Amazingly my wall balls felt great. Much better than the power cleans.

Push press and front squats weren’t horrible. Some rounds were better than others. We broke into 5 or 10 rep sets and worked through each round. We walked most of the medicine ball carry. And the sit-ups were fine. 🙂

We were done in 33:05. Not too bad. We were done about the same time as Lisa & Katie. Caleb & Heather smoked us all by about 5 minutes. And Stacy & Max did awesome finishing just after us.

When we were all done — apparently we weren’t done ENOUGH because Caleb & Isaac cooked up a plan to get everybody to do a round-robin of burpees. We stood in a circle (Isaac and Nick too) and just went around the circle with everybody doing a burpee at a time for 5 minutes. No idea how many we did, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought.

Clearly I can manage a single rep at a time. 🙂

Thanks Isaac and great work everybody!

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