Good L’il WOD

Oh boy. Some weeks I wonder what I’m thinking. Today I was thinking “Larry was kinder than usual when designing today’s workout.” šŸ™‚

Made it in with Ev for team WOD at 10. Coach Larry was there along with Brent & Steve and we were joined by a bunch of folks, including Karen, Lisa & Nick, Lisa & Mike, Deana, and one or two others. We warmed up with some jumping jacks, air squats, and burpees before pairing up and grabbing equipment.

I partnered up with Steve today and Ev worked with Karen for this 30 minute AMRAP.

  • Started with a 400m partner run
  • Then each round was:
    • 24 front squats (95/65)
    • 48 abmat sit-ups
    • 24 push press (95/65)
    • 48 box jumps (24/20″)
    • 24 burpees
    • 48 walking lunges

survived-didnt-dieSteve scaled down to 55# or 65# on the bar and I worked with 95#. But we did scale to 20″ box jumps (and in the last round and a half I scaled to step-ups). The worst part for me was the burpees. Left shoulder was a bit annoyed by the end, but we chugged through.

We made it through 2 full rounds plus the 24 burpees in 30:05, but we’re going to round that to 3 rounds. šŸ™‚ Great work Steve!

Ev & Karen worked with 55# on the bar and 20″ step-ups. They made it through 2 rounds and got through 24 step-ups by the time cap. I think Nick & Brent made it through into the 4th round, so they may have been the furthest of all of us.

Great work everybody and thanks Larry!

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