Conundrums and Deadlifts

This week brought a few things to a head in my crossfit journey.

  1. I use crossfit as a mental escape valve as much as a transformative tool.
  2. My body has some limits even if my mind doesn’t want to accept them.
  3. Listening to your coaches is a good thing.

Let’s take a step backwards though and talk about today’s WOD. And apologies in advance because this post gets really long at the end…

sportsrow-800pxMade it in for an 8:30 with Coach Drea. Ev & I were there with Lisa & KB. Another small morning crew, but we were cheered on by little Noah so it was all good. ๐Ÿ™‚

We started with 5 minutes of running, rowing, or biking. I chose rowing, because the other two options are silly. ๐Ÿ™‚ My rower was set for calories, so through 5 minutes of rowing I got to about 62 calories. Not bad. The bad was that my left bicep and forearm were a little ticked off when I finished — but it released eventually. ๐Ÿ™‚

From there we did some warm-up:

  • Good mornings
  • Straight-leg deadlifts
  • Pistol chairs at the rig, 10 each side
  • Banded hamstring stretch, 30 seconds each side (lay on back, loop band over mid-part of foot, straighten leg, and pull)
  • Banded hip flossing (didn’t quite grok this one, so I can’t explain it. ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Barbell_DeadliftThen it was deadlifts all the way down. We warmed up with an empty barbell and then shifted to adding weight to the bar and finally warming up to our working weight for the WOD…

  • Deadlift: 5 sets of 3 reps

I warmed up:

  • 135# x10
  • 165# x8
  • 185# x8
  • 205# x5

And then did:

  • 225# x3
  • 245# x3
  • 265# x3
  • 285# x3 (very, very slow)
  • 265# x3 (couldn’t convince my body to get 285# off the ground again, so I dropped 20# – still slow, but not as ugly)

is-it-friday-yetMy best set was 285# x3 and it was UGLY. Let’s put that into perspective:

  • I did 275# x3 the last time we did this in December 2017
  • I did 315# x6 in April 2017
  • And my current 1 rep max is 345# set back in December 2016

I was supposed to shoot for 80-85% of my one rep today. That would have been 276#. My 285# was about 83% – so I was right in there.

The Elephant in the Room

So let’s talk about the REST of the week for a minute… Though I’ve only written about three workouts this week, in actuality I’ve done five. And it was pretty clearly a mistake when I was in more than a little pain on Monday night. I was on vacation (PTO) the first 2 days of the week and wanted to get as much done as possible… Silly me.

  • Monday morning (on vacation) we did a handstand walk/bear crawl/walking lungeย Elephant3workout (read here)
  • Monday night (still feeling ok), I did a supplemental workout with Ev & AJ and tweaked my right/lower back during a movement to the point where E-stim was the only thing that saved me that night. That was an interesting drive home.
  • Tuesday morning (on vacation, sore, but stubborn) we did Lynne – max effort bench press and pull-ups (read here). Bench press was rough, but I did well during my pull-ups.
  • Wednesday around lunch (back to work, wanting to escape) I went for a workout with Ev again and did a “birthday” WOD that involved a ton of movements and reps — handstand push-ups, dumbbell thrusters, knees to elbows, deadlifts, burpees, kettlebell swings, and pull-ups. To say that my body (and mind) fell apart during this workout would be an understatement and I scaled the hell out of it very very quickly.
  • Thursday (today) I did the deadlift workout I already talked about.

That’s 5 workouts in 4 days. Dumb. And the twofer on Monday was the beginning of the end.

To say that all of this was a stupid choice on my part would be the understatement of the week. I let myself down, but I also ticked off one of my coaches in the process. She’s not happy with me and we had a LONG chat over the last couple of days back and forth about adding more rest days back into the mix.

Anonymous-bullTomorrow will be a rest day. I plan on doing a mid-day walk around the neighborhood (2.5 miles) just to get some movement in. Saturday morning I’ll likely go do a team workout. Sunday will be a rest day. And then I have to figure out how to handle next week.

My issue is that crossfit is a refuge. It’s one place where I am only responsible for myself. I’m not letting people down at work or home. I’m not failing to keep my side hustle going. I’m just there to work hard for the hour or whatever it is, listen to my coaches, and do the best I can.

I have become more and more dependent on that refuge as the rest of my life has become more difficult to manage in a lot of ways. It’s an addiction of sorts. And though it’s largely a healthy one, I have increased my workouts per week without balancing that with enough bodily rest each week.

monkey-emojis-17So I need to find a balance between the bull in the china shop and letting my body recover. Logically, that makes sense. But the child inside is throwing a huge temper tantrum at the moment. He’s having fun and wants to continue, damn the consequences.

It’s pretty bad when you have to be an adult to temper the impulse control of your inner child.

I’m left with a couple of choices.

  • Shift to – Mon (Supp) – Tues & Thurs (Continuum) – Sat (Continuum) – which gives me rest days on Weds, Fri, and Sun
  • Stay with – Mon & Tues (Continuum) – Wed (Supp) – Thurs & Sat (Continuum) – which gives me rest days on Fri & Sun

But no matter what, I need to avoid multiple workouts a day unless it’s a competition of some kind — and in that case, I need to plan around that to give my body plenty of rest before and after.

We’ll try a few things over the summer and see if we can strike a good balance that helps my body recover and still keeps me active as much as possible. There will be at least two weeks (one in June and one in July) where there will be limited or no crossfit at all, so that will probably be good.

The next two weeks (around Memorial Day weekend), we’ll take it a little easy. Murph, if we get it in, always kills me.

I must achieve enlightenment like the great Wally Llama


Apologies to my coaches as I figure this crap out and do my best to listen to your advice. Thanks for all you do.

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