Bench Press x5

This has been a weird week. Meetings at work have thrown a monkey wrench into my usual 8:30 workout plans on multiple days already. I’ve managed to work out with my wife a couple of times here or there, but our usual Thursday day just didn’t work out due to work meetings cropping up. Dang that work thing. πŸ™‚

is-it-friday-yetPlus, I managed to ding myself a little and pull a lat earlier this week. And yesterday during a workout I stressed my right shoulder on the assault bike. I’m a mess. I don’t like the assault bike anyway, but geez.

Even so, I did make it in for a 9:30 class today with Coach Drea. Ev went at 8:30 and worked with Logan. But we had a fun group too πŸ™‚ – Cara, Brent, Kayla, Steve, Nick & Lisa, and Caleb.

We started out with an interesting warm-up:

  • 2 rounds of
    • 1 minute of jump rope
    • ATYT with plates (shoulder work)
    • PVC pipe pushes (lock out overhead and engage shoulders)
    • Banded chest/shoulder stretches
    • Banded pull-downs
    • Push-ups off a bench

I think that was all of it. πŸ™‚ I was a bit worried today about the lat, but though sore it really didn’t get in my way at all. My shoulders didn’t really like the banded pull across the chest, but I did the best I could and we got through it.


Once that was done, we did a little refresher on bench press spotting and bench presses in general. I paired up with Steve and we vowed to stay pretty light today. πŸ™‚

The workout today was Bench Press – 5 sets of 5 reps, increasing weight if possible. Heavy if possible. And I wasn’t quite sure how I’d do. I knew my one rep max was in the 225/230 range and really didn’t want to push that too hard.

But we did ok. Started light and went from there.

  • 45# x10
  • 55# x8
  • 65# x6
  • 75# x5
  • ———–
  • 85# x5
  • 95# x5 (Steve stayed here a few sets and then went up to 105#)
  • 115# x5
  • 135# x5
  • 155# x5
  • 165# x5 (extra set)

Honestly didn’t feel too bad. And it shouldn’t have about 72% of my 1RM. The last set at 165# was a good push, but I should have probably ended in the 185/195# range. However – I’m trying to listen to my body more.

lift-all-the-weightsSteve did great and pushed hard in that last set of 5 where he added 10# to the bar. He did 105# for his last set and I only helped a little as spotter. πŸ™‚

(BTW, Ev said she made it up to 90# x4 and shimmied a bit on #4, so racked it and didn’t do rep #5. As she said – “I said form over reps and racked that bad boy.” Love her. πŸ™‚ )

When we were done, we did an interesting little dumbbell workout which amounted to three sets of:

  • 12 reverse curls into an overhead press (dumbbells in each hand – I went with 20 or 25#, which was plenty heavy enough)
  • 12 sets of exercises on the crossover symmetry bands

I only managed one set on the crossover symmetry stuff, but did the three sets of dumbbell work. And the whole time we chatted about nutrition questions (is food really necessary?), talked about Keto recipes (Cara has one for a Keto chili I might have to try), and more.

Long story short, it was a good day in the box. I have only missed one day this week so far (Tuesday) and may adjust tomorrow’s workout slightly so I can do Monday’s rowing workout. We shall see what the day brings. πŸ™‚

Thanks Drea for a fun day!


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