Who’s the jerk?

Ah yes, Monday. It was one of those days where the bed was warm and I didn’t want to rise. Three smacks of the snooze button later, I did eventually get up — reluctantly. And I even ate breakfast. But it was like moving in slow motion. Maybe it’s Monday. Maybe it’s the entire gluten free pepperoni & mushroom pizza from Domino’s I consumed last night. 🙂

Anyway, I stumbled into the 8:30 class. Logan, Todd & Melissa, and newcomer Jake, from Salt Lake. We were all there with a sleepy Coach Drea (little Noah has had a rough few days) and made the best of it.

always-warm-up-thoroughlyStarted with a new warm-up from Coach Nicole today…

  • 3 rounds of 20 seconds of jumping jacks and air squats, then a 20 second rest (much better than 1 minute each!)
  • 10 squat-to-stand
  • 20 knee pulses/hamstring flosses
  • 10 interesting hip rotations — lie on back, feet in a wide squat stance flat on the floor and knees up, then squeeze knees inward for a second, pulse out, repeat
  • 30 second puppy dog shoulder stretch
  • 30 second lat smash on each side with a lacrosse ball
  • 10 table “circles”
  • 10 prone scorpion stretches
  • 10 “ATYT” (not YMCA) arm/shoulder positions with 2.5# plates

From there it was empty barbells and warming up our clean & jerk movements… shrug, high elbows, fast elbows under the bar, keeping the bar close, and fast overhead.

My squat cleans have never been good, though they have improved over the last few years. My squat clean 1RM is 165# set back in 2016 and I was able to do a 205# clean & jerk last year at one point. Something tells me that wasn’t a squat clean, but hey.

KendrickClean_zpsea22d368And a couple of weeks ago we did some C&J work… I was all over the place, but may have done 165# at the end.

Today went like this:

  • (warm-up)
  • 95# x2
  • 115# x2
  • (7×1)
  • 135# x1
  • 145# x1
  • 155# x1
  • 175# fail
  • 175# fail
  • 165# x1 ugly
  • 170# fail

Not my best strength day, but not a horrible one. I felt more connected between the squat clean and the push jerk in most of the reps where I succeeded. And even the 175# and 170# attempts, I was able to power clean them — just not convince myself to get under them. If not for the squat aspect, I probably would have been able to go higher.

But that’s fine – today is what it is. And I’ll worry about next time when it gets here.

Thanks Drea and great work 8:30 class!



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