Trying some new Advocare today

So just as a follow-up to today’s workout, we got some samples of the new Advocare FIT Line the other day from our friend Amy (a local Advocare Rep). We enjoy quite a few Advocare products (mostly Spark and Rehydrate, with a few other things like Biotune). So why not give FIT a try?

Essentially the FIT line gives you a pre-workout drink, a during-workout drink, and a post-workout drink. Plus some protein you can do any day. More of a complete regimen for your supplementation needs if you want to look at it that way.


From the Advocare Website


One of the things we’ve not really enjoyed is the flavor of some of the post-workout protein supplements from Advocare. After using Progenex Recovery for a long time (we like Loco Mocha and Chocolate Covered Banana), the flavor of the Advocare stuff is underwhelming. Nothing against it’s effectiveness, but if I’m going to use a product it either has to have zero taste and great effects or great taste and great effects.

So… for my FIT test today… Um, not a fan.

The PRE stuff tastes a bit like an expired Life Saver. The INTRA stuff tasted like watered down Limeade Spark (REALLY watered down). And the POST stuff tasted a bit like chocolate flavored chalk.

To say the least, it’s not my thing. Maybe other people can deal with the flavors, but I won’t be subjecting myself to them again.

I haven’t tried the PROTEIN shake yet, which Amy said tasted really good. But after three swings and misses with the other three products, I’m not holding my breath.

As for the effectiveness of the FIT line… I don’t know. I feel pretty good after a decent workout. But it wasn’t one of those 45 minute workouts that we sometimes get on Saturdays, so that might have been a better test.

In another post I’ll try and pull together my whole supplementation mix, which now includes some stuff from Red H Nutrition, Advocare, Ascent Protein, and Progenex. And in my 40s, I’m not looking to add more to my mix unless it fills a need. The latest two things are Super Flexy and Hibernate from Red H, which have helped me recover faster from knee pain and sleep a little better.

So to anyone who uses FIT and doesn’t mind the taste, more power to you. 🙂


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