Breathing is Overrated

You know that feeling in the pit of your stomach when you see a workout on the board at your box and think… “That doesn’t look that bad, what am I missing?” Yeah, me too. Today was one of those.

reading-the-wod-memeEvery now and then we get a workout where I look at it and think it should be easy. I’ve fallen into that trap several times in the last four years. So now I am a bit more paranoid. When something looks too good to be true, it usually is.

Today definitely fell into that category. So when I got there at noon for class with Coach Larry, I was almost prepared for the fun I was about to have. πŸ™‚ Almost.

It was just me and Larry today, so we worked through things and chatted a bit as we chugged through the four round warm-up:

  • 5 calorie row
  • 10 overhead walking lunges with a twist
  • 5 burpees
  • 10 wide-grip kipping swings on the rig

It didn’t help it was warm enough today that I was already sweating pretty good by the time I got through the warm-up. But we made it work.

When we were done we did some snatch skill work with a PVC pipe and an empty barbell and some rowing drills. I really need to focus on making my rowing more efficient. Didn’t realize how high my elbows are on the back end of the pull until Larry pointed it out and suggested I tuck my elbows in and down a bit more like a push-up.

sportsrow-800pxThe workout itself, as I said earlier, is deceptively simple:

  • (Rx) 3 rounds for time of:
  • 15-cal. row
  • 12 power snatches, 95/65#
  • 9 burpees

I did it at level II, which dropped the weight to 75# instead of 95# for the snatches. Though I probably could do 95# for a bit, I don’t think I could do 12 unbroken in a row off the bat.

My time was 11:42 for the whole thing, which averaged a bit less than 4 minutes per round. The burpees were the worst part for me. I did the calorie row around a minute each round and the snatches I either did 12 unbroken or in sets of 6. Burpees were fits and starts.

But I found it entertaining that it wasn’t my body hurting that told me to stop. It was the fact that breathing was more than a bit of a challenge. I felt like a fish out of water a couple of times.

That said, I was shooting for 10 minutes, so under 12 isn’t bad. Fastest time I saw was under 6 and a half minutes, so anything under 13 minutes would have been ok. πŸ™‚

I’ll take it. πŸ™‚

Thanks Larry! Appreciate the coaching and tips! Hope everybody has a great day!


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