Today is a Two Post Day… Post #1

The last few days have been crazy, so I have to break this up a bit into two posts. The second post isn’t nearly as exciting as the first, I promise. 🙂

Fundraiser for Reagan’s Trip to the CrossFit Games

Sometimes you get to do multiple awesome things at the same time. In the case of this weekend, we had an opportunity to donate some funds to help a little with the expenses incurred with sending a great kid to the CrossFit Games in Madison. Yes, you read that right. A family in our community – the Hinkins – have a granddaughter who has qualified to go to the 2017 CrossFit Games in the Teenage 14-15 year old division. Reagan is a beast.


When Reagan and her family come to visit, they have taken the time to come work out at CrossFit Continuum while they’re here. They are always fun to hang out with, not to mention kind folks. So helping raise funds to make their trip to Madison a bit easier was a no-brainer. Why the heck wouldn’t we help out members of our community? Isn’t that what crossfit is all about?

To put it simply: it definitely is for our community. It’s not the first time. It won’t be the last. And it’s one of the reasons I continue to hang out with all these crazy people. End of story.  🙂

So when Larry (her Granddad) got together with our box owners Drea and Jimmy to put a competition together to not only raise funds but have some fun along the way, they said yes. And they put together an awesome little comp for all of us to join in.

As a result, not only did we get to help out some great folks do something awesome, but we got to have a fun little bragging rights competition at the same time. So that’s two awesome things. And when you add in the fact that I had an opportunity to compete alongside my family and friends, that’s three awesome things.

It was a whole lot of awesome.

Competition Day

Before competition day came around, we had had a bit of a shakeup for the team I was on. Originally I was going to compete with Coach Isaac, but he came down with a bad case of pneumonia and ended up in the hospital for a couple of days — so he had to withdraw. (He’s doing much better now and we’re all glad he’s recovering quickly!) We were going to be the “Tortoise and the Hairless” but we weren’t sure who I’d team up with as we went forward.

The day before the competition, Caleb had to withdraw due to some knee issues, so his partner Nic needed a partner — so we partnered up. We named our team “Nic’d and Dented” and were ready to go on comp day! (Guess who was Dented? Same guy who’s the Tortoise!)

My wife worked with our good friend Danielle and our daughters Mickey and AJ worked together.

Before we got started that day I told Nic that we would just try and keep moving and stay steady through the day. That turned out to be a good plan. 🙂

Reagan Love Cindy

20170708_085254We started with “Reagan Loves Cindy” – a 10 minute AMRAP.

  • Partner 1 runs 200m with a med ball
  • Partner 2 completes the following until Partner 1 returns:
    • 5 pullups/ring rows
    • 10 push-ups
    • 15 air squats
  • Once Partner 1 returns, Partner 2 will take the med ball and complete a 200m run.
  • Partner 1 will start where Partner 2 left off in the triplet and continue to perform in order.
  • Score is total reps completed. Tiebreak score is total number of runs completed.

We had Reagan’s Dad, Brian, as our judge and I think we did just fine. 🙂 We got through 277 or so reps, which was more than 9 rounds of Cindy between the two of us. We did actual pull-ups and the only thing I had issues with was the push-ups after a while – which I ended up breaking into two sets of 5 for the second half of the workout.

Reagan Loves to Clean

After that we did “Reagan Loves to Clean” – 8 minutes to find each partner’s 3 rep max hanging power clean.

Now, I’ll be honest here. I’m not efficient at my clean. I pretty much muscle clean everything and the heavier it gets the uglier they are. 🙂 My one rep max for power cleans is 195#, so I was not sure how well I would do here. Nic on the other hand is a BEAST. Strong as an ox.

We were going to start at 135# and work our way up, but Coach Clare suggested we should go heavier. So we did. 🙂

We started at 155#. Nic made his look easy. Me – not so much, but I got through them. Then we went to 175#. Nic again made his look easy. Me – I struggled a lot, but did get through it. Then 195#. Nic again made his look easy. I couldn’t get anything to go. I think by the end of our 8 minutes Nic had made it to 205# or maybe 225# — proving his beast mode was in effect. 🙂

I’ll take my 175# x3 though. That’s not bad for me!

Oh Henry Floater

20170708_105506Between the other three workouts that were scheduled, we had to work in a floater. The “Oh Henry Floater” was:

  • 6 min EMOM
    • 10 cal bike
    • Goblet squats #53/35
  • Min 1: Partner 1 will bike 10 calories and with the remaining time perform as many goblet squats as possible.
  • Min 2: Partner 2 goes while Partner 1 rests
  • Score is total number of goblet squats performed.

Um yeah, this was the worst part of the whole competition for me.

I think we managed to get something like 89 reps between the two of us. I did 21, 16, and 10, or something like that — and my knees were ON FIRE when I was done. I remained standing simply because I felt like if I sat down my knees would possibly not bend again.

We were both fried after that one.

Chipping Her Way to Madison

And the last workout of the day was “Chipping Her Way to Madison.”

  • 16 min AMRAP
  • 100 cal row
  • 80 kettlebell swings #53/35
  • 60 box jumps/step ups
  • 40 waiter lunges #53/35
  • 20 unison partner burpees

This was another doozy.

We scaled a couple of things… We went with a 20″ box and did step-ups. And I used a 35# kettlebell instead of the 53# for the overhead lunges.

When we got to the burpees, I was barely moving. That whole “steady movement” thing was going out the window quickly. But somehow we made it through (thanks Dan for the encouragement as our judge!) and Nic even managed 1 calorie of the row of the second time through. I wasn’t sure we were going to make it all the way through one!

In the End…

We all survived!


But more importantly, we raised nearly $900 to help Reagan and her family afford to go to Madison. That was awesome.

We had an amazing crowd of people there.


And we wish Reagan and her family all the best. I know we’ll be watching here in a few weeks when the CrossFit Games start. They’re amazing people and I know she’ll do AWESOME.

Thanks to everybody who made the competition an amazing event!


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