Team WOD Doozy

I’m a day late writing this one up. It’s been a busy weekend!

So Saturday morning I headed into the box with AJ for a little team WOD action. Had looked at the workout the night before and it looked hairy, but nothing particularly awful except for an 800m barbell carry with 115#. The rest seemed… doable?

So we got there and found Coach Clare looking for a fun warm-up to start off her workout. We did a little mobility work while folks trickled in and Coach Isaac was working on-on-one with a new athlete at our box. Chatted a bit, strapped on the knee sleeves… the usual.

clipartbest-com-traffic-cone-clipart-600_600And when Clare called us together to warm-up, we were almost ready. I say almost because it was a sneaky little WOD in the end.

We started with a 200m group run and came back in to do a new warm-up that involved squats, listening, and dexterity. I can squat. And I can listen, but I’m not the fastest when it comes to dexterity moves. 🙂

She had us line up across from one another. I lined up across from AJ, with a small orange cone between us. The idea was to go into the bottom of a squat and put our hands behind our back. Clare would call out “head,” “knees,” or “feet” and we would have to put our hands there, like Simon Says. And when she called out “cone” — whichever of us grabbed the cone first was the winner. The loser had to do a burpee. And the loser on the last one had to do five burpees.

I’m not too proud to say that I only one one bout with AJ. She’s 12 and has much faster reflexes than I do. But I snagged that cone once and I was happy with that. 🙂

After that, we paired up and set up to gather our equipment… We had a great group and divided up as follows…

  • Caleb and I
  • Dan and Brent
  • Clare and Stacy (and AJ initially)
  • Jeremy and Adi
  • Monica and Deana
  • and when Isaac joined us, he paired up with AJ.

rogue-black-med-ball-web6_1The workout was a doozy and this is how Clare wrote it up…

  • Teams of 2
  • 10 rounds – this should be fast!
    • 3 clean & jerks 115/85#
    • 6 wall balls
    • 12 toes to bar
    • Each partner completes the movement before moving on to the next
  • THEN:
    • 800m alt partner rear rack carry 115/85 – must switch at least once
    • 100 push ups
    • 100 deadlifts 115/85#
    • 100 double-unders
    • 800m alt partner rear rack carry 115/85# – must switch at least once

When we were done, Clare said she wasn’t sure why she thought that first part would be fast! 🙂

Caleb and I went with:

  • 115# bar for C&J
  • 25# medicine ball for 6 wall balls
  • and both of us had ripped hands, so we did strict knees to elbows (or knee raises) to start with… after about 5 rounds, I dropped to the floor for leg raises and then dropped to sit-ups.

Once that was done, the real fun began. That 800m rear-rack carry was a bear. Caleb made it look easy, but mobility-wise it was anything but for me. I maybe did 100m on the first 400m lap and then we swapped bars with Isaac & AJ (they only had 55#). That was MUCH easier, and then swapped back for the last little bit.


The push-ups were a challenge, as always. I started with a set of 10 and Caleb stuck with 10s the whole way. I was doing them in 5s, so he did the majority.

We split up the deadlifts. He’d do 10 and I’d do 10. By about 25 in, I was doing grab and drop deadlifts, not touch and go. But we made it through.

And for the double-unders — Caleb actually did two sets of 25 double-unders and I did two sets of 50 singles.

When we were done, I asked if we could drop from 115# to 95# on the bar for the last carry and we did. That was a bit easier. I probably did 300m and he flew through his 500m, but we got it done.

In the end, it took us 50:08. And we were the second team done. Dan & Brent were first. I really didn’t feel bad about scaling some of it. That’s the most wall balls I’ve ever done with that 25# ball — usually it’s the 20#, so maybe that will help. I just scaled a few other places so movements would work for me. Caleb could have done it all Rx except for the torn hand.

By the time we were done, my left shoulder was screaming bloody murder. Caleb (our chiropractor) tried to put my shoulders right, but they weren’t cooperating. Definitely should see him this week sometime.

Now we get to see what this week brings. 🙂 Thanks for the challenge, Clare!


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