Strength Day!

The last two days have been a mess, but I am happy to say that I made it into CrossFit Continuum for the third day this week despite that. In fact, I made it in with my wife and youngest (my eldest was doing something I’m jealous of these days — sleeping in!).

We were definitely not alone… Sarah, Stacie, Melissa & Todd, Danielle, Connie, and Caleb joined us. Coach Bill had his hands full!

We started with a three round warm-up…

  • 250m row
  • 10 kettlebell sumo deadlifts (I used a 53# KB)
  • 10 push-ups

I thought they were sumo deadlift high pulls, so that is what I was doing for a while until Bill corrected me. But it was the push-ups, even 4 days after Murph on Monday, that were the challenge. And I wasn’t alone with some soreness.


When that was done, Bill went over the movements — bench press and sumo deadlifts — and we divvied up into pairs and trios to do the workout.

I worked with Todd & Caleb and they got heavy fast with the sumo deadlifts:

  • 135# x5 (warmup)
  • 225# x5 (warmup)
  • 275# x5
  • 295# x5 — ugly. Bill caught me not breathing
  • 305# x5 — mine were even uglier
  • 295# x5 — not as bad as 305
  • 275# x5 — better.

Todd and Caleb both looked great doing these. They’re a bit awkward for me. Not sure if it’s the grip with hands not as wide on the bar or the legs in that wide stance, but either way it was a challenge.


My one rep deadlift these days is 345# and I did 315# x6 back in April, so I’ll take 305# x5

From there we shifted to the bench press, which Caleb seems to do effortlessly.

  • 135# x5 (warmup)
  • 165# x5 (my weight in high school)
  • 175# x5
  • 175# x5
  • 185# x4 (my weight in college)
  • 175# x4

My one rep bench press is about 230# these days, so I’ll take today’s reps in stride. I stayed pretty close with Todd’s numbers, but Caleb I think did 5 reps at 255# to finish, so… yeah. He’s a beast.

Not a bad day. Better than yesterday when I didn’t get in to work out at least. 🙂

Great work everybody! And thanks Bill!



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