Jump o’er the line, move your body in time…

I must start with apologies to classic R&B singer Harry Belafonte and songwriter Lord Kitchener for butchering the lyrics to  “Jump in the Line (Shake, Señora)” for my post title. After 600 times over a jump rope, I’m a little punch drunk I think.

Here’s the song from Bettlejuice if you too want to get it stuck in your head. 🙂

Evelyn and I arrived for an 8:30 class with Coach Jimmy and got to see Coach Drea with little Noah as well, so that was a nice surprise. We were joined by Todd, Melissa, and Carrie, so it was a smaller class. I expect class size to balloon next week once school is out for summer across the city and after the Memorial Day holiday.

rowboatWe started with a 1000m row (a little more than 4 minutes on the rower) and then shifted quickly to some barbell work for the squat clean. From the squat clean progression, we added weight to the bar and warmed up to our working weight.

Can I just say that 95# squat cleans felt phenomenal? I knew I had to add more weight. 🙂 115# didn’t feel quite as phenomenal, but still not horrid.

From there we talked about bar muscle-up progressions. Either full bar muscle ups, jumping muscle-ups, banded muscle-ups, chest-to-bar, banded or jumping c2b, etc… After Jimmy demonstrated a jumping muscle-up on the low bar, I just nonchalantly walked up to it and tried it with a “like this?” as I suddenly realized I was on the top of the frigging bar. And all of a sudden I realized I’d be mixing jumping bar muscle-ups with jumping c2b for the workout.

My bar muscle-ups looked nothing like this 🙂

What was the workout? A lot of reps. For a Games-level athlete, maybe 10-15 minutes max. For me? 30+. 🙂

stopwatchFor time:

  • 150 single-unders
  • 20 bar muscle-ups
  • 10 squat cleans, 115/75#
  • 150 single-unders
  • 15 bar muscle-ups
  • 15 squat cleans, 115/75#
  • 150 single-unders
  • 10 bar muscle-ups
  • 20 squat cleans, 115/75#
  • 150 single-unders

My workout looked like:

  • time-371226_640150 single-unders
  • 12 jumping bar muscle-ups, 8 jumping c2b
  • 5 squat cleans, 115#; 5 hang squat cleans, 115#
  • 150 single-unders
  • 9 jumping bar muscle-ups, 6 jumping c2b
  • 15 hang squat cleans, 115# (perhaps one or two hang cleans in there)
  • 150 single-unders
  • 6 jumping bar muscle-ups, 4 jumping c2b
  • 20 ugly hang power cleans and just power cleans @ 95#
  • 150 single-unders

That took me 32: 18.

Evie flew through this thing with 75# squat cleans and banded chest-to-bar in 23:23. She did awesome.

I was just happy to get done. 🙂


Great work 8:30 class and thank you Jimmy and Evie (and everybody else) for the encouragement and guidance. I appreciated it even if I grumbled a little. 🙂

Have a great day folks!

(Only bad part of my day is an angry left shoulder, which is what forced me to drop weight in the last round of cleans… but this too shall pass. Thank you honey for wrapping my shoulder with the ice pack!)



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