Another Open Done (CrossFit Open 2017)

As the 2017 CrossFit Open comes to a close, I’m left in a state where I almost wonder what happened. In some ways, it is a bit like a hit and run accident where I’m left piecing things together after the fact.

crossfit-openLet’s start by looking at the 2016 Open:

  • 16.1 – Scaled – score: 130
  • 16.2 – Scaled – score: 172
  • 16.3 – Scaled – score: 55 (also did Rx – score: 10)
  • 16.4 – Rx – score: 113
  • 16.5 – Rx (repeat 14.5) – score: no clue, but it took 46:56 to complete Rx

So looking at that, it was 3 scaled workouts and two Rx workouts. According to my profile at the Games site, I achieved 6235th worldwide, 350th in South Regional, and 149th in Colorado for my age bracket (45).

games-logo-2017This year, how’d we do?

  • 17.1 – Scaled – score: 182 reps
  • 17.2 – Scaled – score: 84 reps
  • 17.3 – Rx – score: 5 reps (5 chest to bars!)
  • 17.4 – Rx (repeat 16.4) – score: 99 reps
  • 17.5 – Scaled – score: 440 reps in 24:54

Let’s look at how I stacked up to the rest of the world in the 45-49 Masters Men’s division.

  • Worldwide – 10422 out of 13373
  • South West Region – 581 out of 738
  • Colorado – 238 out of 302

Those numbers are depressing if I was competing against those other people in any way, shape, or form. Guess what? I wasn’t. So honestly it doesn’t bother me a whole bunch.

What are my observations?

  • I had more fun this year (2017) than last (2016) and a ton more than three years ago when I tried this the first time (2014).
  • I approached it with less fear and just planned on doing the best I could and finishing every workout.
  • I managed chest to bar pull-ups in a workout for the first time, ever. Woot!
  • Once again I was good for the first three weeks and fell off a bit after that.
  • My wife once again kicked my ass. And I’m proud of her. 🙂

Will I do it again? Definitely. And I will go in with the idea that I’m there to have fun, cheer on my friends, and see what I can do.

Our crew from CrossFit Continuum kicked ass and I had a blast. Mission accomplished.

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