Allergies + Run = Row instead

It’s nice to have a kinder, gentler coach when she knows you’re still recovering from a nasty cold the week before and allergies this week. This morning I couldn’t get into the box, but I did manage a Noon workout with Coach Drea and Chandler.

Today we had deadlifts and running on the agenda, but apparently it was really just running (deadlifts have been pushed off to next Monday). And neither Chandler nor I was physically up to running three rounds of 800m outside today, so we adjusted. He said he’d work on the assault bike and Drea said I could row.


We started with some running warm-ups, back and forth doing various movements like high knees, karaoke, butt-kickers, and so on. And then we did the workout:

  • 3 rounds for time
  • 800m run/1000m row/assault bike
  • 2 minute rest

I rowed while Chandler did the assault bike the same amount of time that I rowed for. And we were done in a bit more than 18 minutes. I kept slowing down. My first 1000m was 4:07, then 4:30, and finally 4:55.

But we got through it and then did some mobility work before calling it a day. Definitely not a bad workout — I got some sweat in and didn’t die in the process. That’s a win. 🙂

And honestly I’ll row any day over run. 🙂

Now tonight we see what Dave Castro has in store for 17.4 of the CrossFit Open!

Thanks Drea and good work Chandler!


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