17.2 in the books

Well, we’ve hit Saturday and I’m still alive so I suspect I survived the last CrossFit Open 2017 workout. 🙂

We had another Friday Night Lights event at the box last night. We ran quite a few heats starting after 4:30 and running almost up to 8 pm. Great turnout. Lots of folks there to participate and cheer folks on.

Ev and I both were able to attend this week at the same time, which was nice. We actually went in the same heat. But we started by cheering folks on and then did a bit of a warm-up this time. A short row, some shoulder mobility, a few walk-outs, some sit-ups and I even ran a 400 m just to get moving.

Though I signed up for the Rx workout in our heat, I attempted to move with the 50# dumbbells during the warm-up and changed my mind. I felt very unsteady swinging those 50# dumbbells towards my head and felt that I would surely smash my head between them. Wanting to avoid that kind of trauma, I decided that it was wiser to scale.

Stacie took some great pics!

The workout itself was another dumbbell-laden doozy.

  • 12 minute AMRAP of alternating 2-round cycles:
  • First, 2 rounds of:
  • 50-ft. weighted walking lunge (50/35# Rx, 35/20# scaled)
  • 16 toes-to-bar (Rx) or hanging knee-raises (scaled)
  • 8 power cleans
  • Then, 2 rounds of:
  • 50-ft. weighted walking lunge
  • 16 bar muscle-ups (Rx) or chin-over-bar pull-ups (scaled)
  • 8 power cleans
  • Etc., alternating between those 2-round combinations

No matter which road I chose, whether Rx or scaled, I was going to have to deal with a few of my weaker movements:

  • rock-tape-knee-sleevesLunges in any form are slow for me. Weighted lunges would be slower. (Thank goodness for knee sleeves, which protected my kneecaps from being bashed to death directly.)
  • Dumbbells would tax my grip pretty quickly.
  • Toes to bar would take a long time to complete, but I felt I could probably do them even if it would be awkward. My tendency is to pull far too much with my arms, which causes my feet (and sometimes shins) to go way over the bar and not actually touch. That might have caused me some problems.
  • Hanging knee-raises would be ok as long as my grip held out.
  • Power cleans with dumbbells might as well be straight leg bicep curls, but we’d probably be ok.
  • Bar muscle-ups? HA! I just barely last week got to the point where I managed two (yes, TWO) actual honest to goodness kipping chest-to-bar pull-ups on the rig. A bar muscle-up is in my future, but unlikely.
  • Regular kipping pull-ups would be OK… as long as my grip held out


So how did it go?

  • I had a few no-reps on the weighted lunges and had to go back a few times. Either it was my stutter step or I had to drop the dumbbells, but I did OK.
  • 35# dumbbells weren’t awful, though grip went quickly.
  • Hanging knee-raises were doable. Power cleans were doable.
  • Regular kipping pull-ups were impossible because I was unable to keep my grip on the bar. I was not in a great position (hanging onto a bar I’m not used to), but more than that I think it was just grip.

knees-to-elbows2I managed to get through the first two rounds, the lunges of the 3rd round, and into the pull-ups before I ran out of time. Ended up with a score of 84.

  • lunge 10 (10)
  • knee-raises 16 (26)
  • cleans 8 (34)
  • lunge 10 (44)
  • knee-raises 16 (60)
  • cleans 8 (68)
  • lunge 10 (78)
  • pull-ups 6 (84)

My goal was to get through into the third round and I did, so I was OK with it. Would have been happier with more pull-ups, but hey.

My wife did awesome. She did the scaled workout and flew through the first 2 rounds in a little more than 4 minutes, then practiced pull-ups for the rest of it. Honestly if she ever gets pull-ups or handstands figured out she’s going to be unstoppable. She beat the snot out of me in the last workout (she finished under the time cap, I did not) and this time I beat her by a half dozen reps.

Good thing we’re  not really competing against each other or she’d kick my butt EVERY workout just to prove that she could. 🙂

Ok Castro… Let’s see what you have up your sleeve for next week.

Great work last night folks. Y’all killed it!


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