Word for the day: “Ouch.”

Welcome to Thursday. I tend to get into the box at odd times on Thursdays. Sometimes it’s 8:30. Sometimes it’s Noon. And I think I’ve even been at 4:30 once in a blue moon. But usually I find a way.

Today I skipped a work meeting (I tend to go to this one every other week) and went at 8:30 with Ev. We had Coach Bill and a good mix of folks – we had Sam (and cute little Lilly), Carrie, and Ryan with us.

Started with a few minutes of couch stretch, moved to some lacrosse-ball induced agony on the wall in our shoulders, then did a 400m run. When we got back we did a few rounds of:

  • 20 sec each
  • Hollow body rocks
  • Med ball cleans
  • Thruster w/PVC

rogue-black-med-ball-web6_1My cleans were not up to par and Bill called me on it, which was good. But by the end of the mix, my left hip was starting to complain. When we did a bunch of thruster and clean drills with an empty barbell, it yelled further.And as we added weight for the workout, I thought that the hip was going to be my deciding factor. It was only in adjusting from the 115# prescribed to a more reasonable 95#.

So with a 95# bar and a 35# kettle bell prepped for weighted sit-ups, we started the workout:

  • For time:
  • 42 weighted sit-ups
  • 115/75-lb. squat clean thrusters, 21 reps
  • 30 weighted sit-ups
  • 115/75-lb. squat clean thrusters, 15 reps
  • 18 weighted sit-ups
  • 115/75-lb. squat clean thrusters, 9 reps

I clocked my head on the kettle bell in the first 42 sit-ups. Then dropped the thruster bar on it in the first 21 reps. Twice.


But even with all of that it was my left shoulder screaming bloody murder that I couldn’t quite work through. I adjusted my last set of sit-ups to be just weighted, not weighted overhead (we were reaching overhead for each rep). And even after adjusting that I couldn’t bring myself to pick up the bar for those last 9 reps.

DNF. Still beats DNS, but still. Not my finest hour.


So let’s tally, shall we? Left hip. Head. Left shoulder.

After all of that, it turns out to be my left knee that’s what’s causing me the most grief post-workout. Yay team. Starting a series of measures to help I hope… ice, Deep Blue, and ibuprofen.

My wife finished in the time cap (under 17 mins) with 75# on the bar and 25# weighted sit-ups. She did awesome and was pushed hard by Bill. It was good.

My goal for the next 24+ hours is to rest my body a bit and see if I can get it feeling better ahead of whatever Dave Castro has in store for the 17.2 workout we’ll be doing tomorrow night. Tonight we’ll find out what that turns out to be. I’m hoping for a kinder, gentler workout but know that’s never really in the cards.

Good work 8:30 class! Thanks Bill for pushing, sorry my body wasn’t up for accomplishing the task today!


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