Minor Victories are Important

I’m not afraid to admit that this year has been a bit of a mixed bag so far. Whatever positive momentum I had built by the middle of January evaporated pretty quickly and February was a bumpy ride as a result. It happens. I’m keeping an optimistic eye towards March.

1kiekqBut I’m coming to recognize that the little victories are important when other things aren’t going as well. Yesterday it was the eval WOD that I shaved a few seconds off of. Today it was something else. Little things matter.

So getting to today, I made it in for the 8:30 class. Coach Drea had Todd, Carrie, Jenny, Sarah, and I this morning. A fun group and I was definitely in a bit better headspace today than yesterday.

We started with some couch stretch, moved to the foam roller, and then did an interesting little 3 round warm-up:

  • 100m run/150m row/1 min bike (choose 1)
  • 10 snatch balance
  • 10 jump and lands in an overhead snatch position
  • 10 hollow body holds with overhead press (mimic bar muscle up press)

I did the Devil’s Tricycle for the first one and rowed the other two. And the rest wasn’t too bad with a PVC pipe.

From there we grabbed an unloaded barbell and did some snatch progressions, then talked about the bar muscle-ups and chest-to-bar progressions. My shoulders were a little sore from yesterday, but once they got warmed up a bit the empty bar wasn’t bad. And adding 30# to the bar for 75# power snatches in the workout didn’t feel awful.

crossfit-openThe C2B on the other hand… Always a little problematic. That said, I tried some regular kipping C2B and then Todd mentioned pushing down instead of pulling up. After that I actually did two honest C2B’s for the first time ever. (Now, I wasn’t able to reproduce that during the workout, but I will take what I can get. 🙂 )

Minor victory achieved!

Downhill from there. 🙂

The workout was 16.3 from last year’s CrossFit Open:

  • 7 minute AMRAP
  • 10 power snatches (75/55#)
  • 3 bar muscle-ups

Scaled was 45/35# and jumping chest to bars. I stayed with the 75# weight and attempted a mix of kipping and jumping C2B. Didn’t hit my chest on any of them. After my minor victory apparently I was out of victories for the day, which is ok.

I went through the workout 4 full rounds. Last year I was able to at least get the jumping C2B, but I didn’t have them today. And I will survive.

Great work 8:30 class! It was a good one.

As far as later in the week, I’ll be back on Thursday for whatever that holds. And I’m hoping that Castro does a short WOD for 17.2 when he announces it on Thursday night. Guessing something to do with pull-ups and Drea mentioned wall balls. We’ll see if either of them show up. 🙂

Have a good day folks!


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