Skills and Cardio

This week has been a bit of a mixed bag. Monday started out pretty well and I got in a workout. Then Tuesday AJ was home sick. Wednesday both AJ & Mickey were home sick.

59980023I attempted to do the 500 single-unders for time workout at home on Tuesday and the dogs got in the way. Only got to about 350 before I was worried for our old dog’s life — she is deaf and mostly blind, so it was dangerous to be whipping that rope around!

Today I had meetings this morning but knew I needed to get back to the box for at least one more workout before the CrossFit Open kicks off. Coach Drea had me, Sarah, Joe, and the nice guy who I’ve worked out with many times and can’t remember his name. Plus Bill came in for a bit as well.

We started with 2 minutes on the assault bike and then did a 3-round warm-up:

  • 10Β toes-to-rig while laying on the floor
  • 30 sec hollow body hold
  • 5 burpee broad jumps (I think we only did 3)

And then we started the workout at our own pace… not so bad.

  • Make 3 attempts at each of the following:
  • Max set toes-to-bars
  • Max set ring dips
  • Broad jump for distance
  • Then, row 2,000 meters for time
  • Rest as needed between exercises.

We were supposed to not kill ourselves on this one since the first 2017 CrossFit Open workout is being announced tonight and we’re doing our first “Friday Night Lights” style event on Friday for it. So she didn’t want us getting hurt or tearing our hands, etc.

Muahahaha. More on that later.

aid5909547-728px-do-toes-to-bar-step-4-300x225So I made it through:

  • 6 toes to bars where my toes were above or on the bar each time
  • 7 ring dips
  • 72″ standing broad jump
  • 9:03 2k row

Then I paused for a bit. And I talked with Bill about the T2B. Inevitably my toes are over the bar and he even says there were times when my shins were at bar level. So for round two I did:

  • 3 t2b and 3 more t2b working with bill (definitely not pretty)
  • 8 ring dips
  • 73″ standing broad jump
  • started the 2k row and felt a twinge in my right shoulder, so I stopped

And from there I just did a lot of banded mobility to try and work out the kink in the shoulder. Drea also encouraged me to keep working on it at home along with mobilizing my forearms and wrists, since they were flaring up again as well.

1k7zcpIt might have been the two or three “skin the cats” I did on the rings as well that tweaked the shoulder. Who knows? πŸ™‚ I did one where I actually dropped off backwards (which you’re supposed to do) and I’ve not done that since I was a kid on the monkey bars, so I thought that was kind of cool. It’s a goofy, nonsensical move that has little application in crossfit but is kind of fun, so I will continue to do them when my shoulders are not bugging me. πŸ™‚

Tonight will be entertaining as we wait to see what hellish plot Castro has come up with for the 17.1 workout. And then we will have a good time enduring said hellish workout tomorrow night at the box as a community.

Fun will be had by all. πŸ™‚ Great work folks!


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