Overhead Squats x3

Yesterday combined two of the body weight exercises I’m not the best at — pull-ups and push-ups. Yes, I’ve improved markedly over the last few years, but still. I get fried quickly.

Today featured another one of those movements that I am not all that confident with — overhead squats.


It was a smaller class at 8:30 for Coach Drea… Me and Ev, Jonathan & Sarah, and Adrienne (with Jayda). We started with a 500m row or 2 minutes on the bike and then did a mix of challenging mobility work with a PVC pipe, a stretch band, and the rig. But it was good — the stretching was meant to open up our shoulders and get things moving in the right direction for overhead squats.

From there it was OHS with PVC pipes, then with unloaded barbells, and loaded barbells.

The warm-up sets for me were:

  • 45# (x5)
  • 55# (x5)
  • 65# (x4)
  • 75# (x4)
  • 85# (x3)

And then we started doing our five sets of 3 reps:

  • 95# x3
  • 105# x3
  • 115# x3
  • 125# x3
  • 125# x3

I’ll take it. I felt pretty stable up through 115# and then had to fight to keep everything locked out overhead. But it was definitely a good struggle.

Not too shabby. Great work folks!


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