Cardio Saturday

So today is Saturday. The day began with an 8am indoor soccer game for my youngest and then I headed in for the team workout at CrossFit Continuum.

We had a great turnout today – probably 16-18 folks. So we worked in teams of 3 or 4 for the workout. I worked with Adi and Adrienne, which was fine. Isaac & Nancy, Stacy & Shaun, Megan & Caleb, Clare, Brent, Evan, and a bunch of other folks were there too.

We started with a 400m run and then a  Jimmy-style warm-up… high knees, butt-kickers, knee hugs, spider-man lunges, etc. It was entertaining as always.

rowboatAnd then we were off to the races with a 40 minute AMRAP:

  • 50 Cal bike/row
  • 40 Double Unders/single unders
  • 30 KBS 53/35
  • 20 Front Squats 135/95#
  • 10 HSPU/ push-ups

Partner 1 is running 400 m Partner 2 and 3 are working their way through the chipper. When partner 1 returns from 400 m run, partner 2 will run and partner 1 will continue chipper with partner 3. Partition reps as needed throughout the chipper.


  • Each 400 m run = 3 white poker chips
  • Each completed Rd = a black poker chip (worth 5 pts)

We were supposed to tally up how many chips we had at the end. It didn’t really matter, but it was kind of fun nonetheless.

7TaonKRbcAdi started with a run and I rowed. I ran at least 4x and rowed at least 3x. It got all muddled after a while. Beyond running and rowing I did 10 reps of 115# front squats and some single-unders. That’s really it.

Mostly I just ran and rowed. And I did run. At least a mile and a quarter I think. Ran most of it, all but one round.

And now I’m tired. 🙂 I didn’t feel too bad though when I saw Adi & Adrienne trying to get to 50 calories on the assault bike in that last round. They struggled mightily with it. After rowing at least 120 calories, I was ok with letting them go at the Devil’s Trike. 🙂

Good work everybody! Thanks for a fun workout!


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