First Event of 2017 – Girls & Heroes

Occasionally it seems I lose my ever loving mind and agree to do something outside my comfort zone. Last year we did an in-house competition at CrossFit Continuum. And this year Continuum was invited to a small competition at CrossFit Pick It Up. We did a few little events to raise money for suicide prevention last year with them that were fun, so why not keep things going with a more formal competition?

Jonathan pinged me one day about it and asked if I wanted to partner with him. The competition was called “Girls & Heroes” and would be done by teams of two guys or gals, either Rx or scaled. It was a reasonable cost and literally a mile from my house — how could I say no?

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So this morning at 8am I headed over to Pick It Up. They were still setting some things up, but before long there were a ton of folks milling about. There were 15 teams registered. 5 male Rx, 5 female Rx, and 5 female scaled.

Jonathan and I were in the first heat as the team known as “The Empire Squats Back.” I already had the “Squat You Must” Yoda t-shirt and he picked one up too so we had a goofy “uniform” of sorts for the day. 🙂

The first workout was a good warm-up with a 7-minute time cap. First we did 6 rounds of Cindy, alternating:

  • 5 pull-ups
  • 10 push-ups
  • 15 air squats

And then we did Karen, which was 150 wall balls for time (10′ target, 20# medicine ball). We were not expected to finish Karen, but we would be scored by how many actual wall balls we completed.

15894787_1577256255622810_8861580824752041041_nJonathan started that one and we chugged right along. I think we made pretty good time until I slowed down a little with the last round of push-ups. But when I got to the wall for my wall balls, I had major issues getting started. I just couldn’t get into a rhythm. After that I was ok, but I’m not sure what my body was doing – it definitely wasn’t wall balls for that first round!

I think we got through 70-ish wall balls, which wasn’t awful.

Then we recovered while we waited for the next two heats to get through the first workout.

The second workout was a doozy with a 9 minute time cap and 135# on the bar:

  • Buy-In: 15 Calorie Row
  • 4 Alternating Rounds Of:
    • 5 Power Cleans
    • 5 Front Squats
    • 5 Shoulder to Overhead
    • 10 Pull-Ups
  • Cash-Out 15 Calorie Row
  • *One partner does buy-in, one does cash-out row.

This shouldn’t have been too bad, but man did it get hairy towards the end for me. I rowed and was done in about 40 or 45 seconds, trying to be efficient. We alternated rounds of the other movements then. Jonathan did great and I even did ok in the first round, not dropping the bar once.

But when I hit the second round, I immediately ran into issues. The cleans were ugly. And I only got through 4 front squats before I had to drop. And then I couldn’t clean it again immediately. The other teams were all on the rower already or completely finished, so I just took my time. I attempted the clean again, got through some ugly shoulder to overhead, and then did my pull-ups in fits and starts.

Jonathan closed quickly with a 39 second row of 15 calories, so we finished. That was what mattered on this particular WOD.

Then we were back to recovering a bit before the 3rd WOD — the one that I knew was going to stop us dead.

jumpropeWorkout #3 had an 8 minute time cap and two parts. First we did:

  • 30 Burpees
  • 30 American KB Swings (53/35)
  • 30 Double Unders
  • *You must complete the movements in order
  • *Teams can get the reps done however they prefer but each partner must perform 15 reps of each movement.

If we finished that, then we would evenly divide rounds of the Jack workout (5 reps/5 reps). Our score then would be our total # of rounds for Jack.

Jack is:

  • 10 Push Press (115#)
  • 10 American KB Swings (53#)
  • 10 Box Jumps (24″)

Yeah, we never got to Jack. My burpees were awesome. My kettle bell swings were decent. Jonathan struggled through the 15 double unders but got them done. And then I spent the next 4.5 minutes practicing double-unders without achieving a single one.


I am frustrated, but knew that was going to be the stopping point for me. I have only rarely accomplished even a lone double-under and it’s been inconsistent as hell.

So oh well… We did pretty well up to that point. I did practice the jumps until time was up. But that didn’t get us anything but an early break.

After that we watched the rest of the heats finish WOD #3 and then cheered everyone on in the Final WOD which was another two-parter with a 12 minute time cap:

  • 4 rounds of:
    • 15 toes to bar
    • 10 deadlifts (115#)
    • 5 power snatches (115#)
  • then
    • Maximum clean & jerk for each partner

We saw some phenomenal things happen during those three heats. So great work to everybody who went and kicked butt!

Most of the Continuum Gang who was at the competition

Many of our friends from Continuum ended up on the podium:

  • Caleb & Shaun got 1st place in the Men’s Rx division
  • Victor & Scott got 3rd place in the Men’s Rx division
  • Stacy & Kelli got 2nd place in the Women’s Rx division
  • Connie & Megan got 3rd place in the Women’s Rx division
  • and Emily & Clara got 3rd place in the Women’s Scaled division

Out of 9 possible spots, we captured 5 of them. That’s pretty darned impressive!

Thanks Jonathan for being my partner and putting up with my progress stopping lack of double unders. Guess I will work on those before the 2017 CrossFit Open starts in a little more than a month!

And thank you to all the great folks at CrossFit Pick It Up who hosted the event… Matt & Hannah and all the rest of the gang did a fantastic job. Thanks to all!

Next up… sign up for the Open. But until then, I think I’m ready for a nap. 🙂


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