My Battle With Food, 2017 Edition

Do you ever feel like your body is talking in a language you don’t understand? I did for a long time. And then I started eating cleaner and the messages became very clear.

Essentially, my body was saying… “Keep the complex carbs to a minimum, buddy.”


Bread. Noodles. Tortillas. Beer. Wine. Damn near any dessert. This burger and fries looks phenomenal.

I’m not gluten intolerant, but apparently I’m sensitive to the stuff. And when I don’t eat it, my body responds in very positive ways.

Essentially, I feel better when I avoid that stuff.

So I have a bit of a battle between the wants and desires I have for certain foods and what my body is actually telling me I should eat.


Problem is I like bagels and cookies. Cider beers and fried foods. This cake looks awesome.

Damn you, body… I used to be able to eat anything. Getting old sucks. It’s like re-learning a skill again after a traumatic life change. You know you used to be able to do something, but now you have to do it differently.

Where is the metabolism of my youth? Bah!

Alas, poor body. We will face this struggle together. We will do our best to reach a compromise and eat better in 2017 for the most part. Occasionally there are going to be times where we slip and fall off the wagon, but thankfully it’s not moving fast and we can get back on without running.

I know I’m not alone in this one, so good luck with your own 2017 food goals.

Here’s mine… I just want to get into the habit of eating better. That’s it.

Seems simple enough, but we’ll see how it goes. 🙂


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