Get by With a Little Help From Your Friends… (Team WOD)

Today is the last day of 2016. And how better than to go out with another crossfit workout? It just so happens to fall on a Saturday, so a regular team workout day. And we got to revisit a workout we didn’t actually get to go through earlier in the month due to weather.

The whole Fitzy clan went this morning, with a bit of grumbling and groaning. But we were definitely not alone… We had Drea & Jimmy, Brent, Caleb, Todd, Jonathan, Sarah, Lori & her daughter, Emily, Deana, Jenny and her daughter, Monica & Dan, Stacy & Shaun, Megan… the list goes on. Plus we got to see Clare with her new dog Penny (cute!).

The workout was for teams of 3 and I think we had 6 or 7 teams of 3 or 4 people in all. Lots of bodies.

Once we were all done milling about, we started with one of Jimmy’s warm-ups that included everything and the kitchen sink. Stretching. Running. Butt-kickers.

From there, we divided into teams and set up “stations” for the various parts of the workout… I had the good fortune of working out with Todd, Brent, and Jonathan today. So we did a workout designed for 3 people as a 4 person team. As a result, we got done much faster than I think we expected. 🙂

reading-the-wod-memeThe workout itself was the 2013 Regional Marathon…

  1. Jackie
    • 1000m row
    • 50 thrusters (45/35# bar)
    • 30 pull-ups
  2. 30 burpee muscle-ups (or C2B or pull-ups or ring rows)
  3. A quad…
    • 100 wall balls (20/14#)
    • 100 chest to bar pull-ups
    • 100 one-legged squats, alternating
    • 100 one-arm dumbbell snatches, alternating
  4. 21-15-9
    • Deadlift 315/220#
    • Box jumps 30/24″
  5. A quintuple…
    • 100 double-unders (or singles)
    • 50 handstand push-ups
    • 40 toes to bar
    • 30 shoulder to overhead (160/115#)
    • 90 ft walking lunge (or 30 in-place lunges) with 160/115# in a front rack

Yeah… It looked pretty hairy. At least it did until we broke it up with 4 people.

PullupWe started with #5 and then did #1-4 in order. And some folks (Caleb, Jimmy, Shaun) even added a 6th workout with rope climbs, heavy squat cleans, and a run.

Armed with knee sleeves and wrist wraps, we tackled this one. I felt like I held my own in the early going for this one. Single-unders were easy and then I banged out 9 strict HPSUs on the wall pretty quickly. I did a handful of awkward single toes-to-bars. And we did 135# for the barbell movements. S2OH wasn’t bad and I let the other guys bang out the lunges.

From there, the row wasn’t bad, the thrusters with an empty barbell felt great, and I think Todd did most of the pull-ups in butterfly mode.

t-rex-hates-wall-ballsThe burpee muscle-ups got awkward as all get-out. I’d burpee and then try to jump into a C2B. I only may have done about 6 of them.

I did 20 wall balls, flailed at a lot of jumping C2B, did pistols on a bench after an aborted attempt to do them to a medicine ball, and then did a ton of snatches with a 35# kettle bell (the other guys used a 53# I think).

Once we got to the deadlifts, I was content to let Brent & Todd do all the 30″ box jumps and do my part on the heavy deadlifts. But they must not have been too heavy because I did sets of 7, 5, and 4 as touch-and-go at 315#. Not too shabby.

We finished the whole thing in 43:15. Crazy. But I was glad when we were done. There were areas I didn’t do well in, but I feel like I made up for that in others, so hopefully I wasn’t too much of an impediment to the rest of the team. 🙂

Honestly everybody was moving really well. The whole place was hopping!

Huge thank you goes out to my team. In a week I’ll be doing another mini-competition with Jonathan over at Pick-it-Up and I have to say I’m excited about it… if I can get all my joints to be happy again between now and then and go back to work this week. 🙂

Great work everybody! Hope you all have a fantastic New Years’ Eve and New Years’ Day! Stay safe and have fun! Let’s hope 2017 continues the great ride of crossfit!


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