Losing Grip Today

There are good days at the box and bad days at the box. And even a bad day at the box isn’t really a bad day, but it’s definitely an interesting thing to deal with.

Today was the 3rd workout for the week. Not as crazy as last week, but it was good to have a bit of a break after the Christmas Eve workout, or so I thought. Tuesday and Wednesday this week weren’t too bad and I did better than I thought I would to some extent. Um. Not so much.

1gb5usGot in with Ev & the girls and it was another huge class with Coach Larry. Jonathan & Sarah, Nic & Nichole, Connie, and a bunch of other folks. The 9:30 class looked even bigger.

We started with some mobility work. A few minutes of couch stretch followed by some banded shoulder work and then another little 3 round mini-WOD…

  • 10 calorie row or assault bike
  • 10 med ball cleans
  • 10 push-ups
  • 10 hollow-body rocks

I actually chose to use the Devil’s Tricycle today. And as per usual, my knees quickly told me how bad a decision that actually was.

From there we grabbed an empty barbell and went through about 100 reps breaking down the different movements for the workout. For time:

  • 15 burpees, jumping over the barbell
  • 225/155# clean and jerks, 5 reps (185/125# for level II, 95/65# for level I)
  • 12 burpees, jumping over the barbell
  • 225/155# clean and jerks, 4 reps (185/125# for level II, 95/65# for level I)
  • 9 burpees, jumping over the barbell
  • 225/155# clean and jerks, 3 reps (185/125# for level II, 95/65# for level I)

Honestly I think all the warm-up movements completely fried my forearms and grip. I get the need to do them, but I need to find ways to loosen those suckers up.


When I got to loading the bar for the workout itself, I could squat clean 135# just fine but had no ability to close my hand around the bar once I got it to my shoulder. I tried everything I could think of, but nothing was working today. So I dropped to 115# and was pretty much told to go with power cleans since the squat cleans into a jerk simply wasn’t there.

Then there were the burpees. I have issues with side-to-side hops vs. forward/back hops. With all the people we had at the box, it was side-to-side and that didn’t work well for me. I couldn’t get a good rhythm and would do 2-3-or-4 before stopping to reset.

It took me 9:03 to finish this workout. Not awful, but definitely not my best work. And that’s ok.


I am coming to terms with being human finally. Things change. Everyone has bad days. And I need to give myself permission to not be 100% every day. It’s not possible.

So… Deep breaths. Mobility work. And we’ll see how we do tomorrow.

Great work everybody! Y’all killed it. 🙂


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