More overhead dumbbells!

Continuing the trend of working out as often as I can during my vacation, we were back to the box today. It was me and AJ joining the 8:30 class with Coach Bill and a mess of other folks — Larry & his granddaughter, Jonathan and Sarah, Maria, Hillary, Carrie, Adrienne & Jayda, Valerie, and Connie. And another new gal who was very nice.

Overhead-squat-1We started with a 500m row and then did some shoulder mobility work with a PVC pipe, plus another little 3 round warm-up of:

  • 20 seconds – PVC overhead squats
  • 20 seconds – push-ups
  • 20 seconds – jump rope

But with as big a class as we had, Bill did a bit of demonstration and we were off and running pretty quickly.

Jonathan and I paired up on the first part:

  • Dumbbell overhead squat – 5-5-5-5-5

We started with 15# dumbbells and moved to 25# and 35# dumbbells over time.I did better than I expected. One set at 15#. Two at 25# and two at 35#. Tough, but doable.


After that I teamed up with Larry & Jonathan for the bench press.

  • Bench press 3-3-3-3-3

We did 135# to warm up, then jumped quickly…

  • 135# x3
  • 185# x3
  • 205# x2 (failed on #3)
  • 205# x2 (failed on #3)
  • 225# x1

jumpropeJonathan got to 230# or 240# and Larry pushed to 245#.

And when all that was done, we did a lot of double-under practice and called it good. It really was supposed to be:

  • 5 attempts at a max set of triple unders

But when you can’t do a double-under (like me) it gets to be a lot of double-under practice. 🙂


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