Hello Elizabeth II

Back in August, we did one of the “CrossFit Girls” — Elizabeth. It was not my most favorite day. We had a time cap of 12 minutes and I think I finished in 11:59, cutting it a bit too close for comfort.

elizabeth-wodSo when I heard that today’s workout was Elizabeth, I have to admit I was not all that happy to see it show up again. It didn’t stop me from going, but I didn’t have to be happy about it. 🙂

We arrived for an 8:30 class with Coach Drea and she immediately set us to warming up with a 500m row (or 2 minutes on the devil’s trike). There were 9 of us today – Ev & I, Sarah & Jonathan, Todd, Brent, Jenny & her daughter, and Justin. So it was a good mix of folks.

Once that was done, we dove right into some clean warm-ups with a PVC pipe and then an unloaded barbell before dividing up, loading bars, and looking at ring dips.

If you don’t remember… Elizabeth is one of the “girls” (this post has a list of all of them, with Glassman’s explanation as to why they’re named for girls):

  • 21-15-9
  • cleans (squat cleans) 135/95#
  • ring dips

Jonathan and I teamed up. He went first with 115# on the bar and ring dips, doing 21-15-9 for everything. I went second with 95# and ring dips and did 21-15-9 for everything as well.

Olympic weights

When we did it before, Jonathan worked with 95# and got a time a bit over 6 minutes. This time he did it in under 8. And I don’t think Drea is going to let him do anything but Rx the next time it comes up. 🙂

Now looking back – when I did it last time, I struggled with 95# and did 21-15-9 for the squat cleans and 15-9-6 for the ring dips as prescribed in level II. As I said in that post, “I scaled to level II and did 95# squat cleans, a few ugly ring dips, and then a lot of ugly banded ring dips.” My time was 11:59. Today Jonathan remembered that I was giving people the “death stare” because I just wanted to be done. 🙂

1fwcp7Today I actually did more reps than last time. I did 21-15-9 for everything. I never had to drop to a band, though my ring dips towards the end were uglier and uglier.

And I did it in 10:47. I shaved more than a minute off my time and did more reps. How is that possible??

Drea even said next time I should try with a bit more weight.


Ev did level II and got 9:15 with 65# and banded ring dips. Sarah kicked butt finishing in 8:30 with 95# and banded ring dips.

So I wasn’t the only one doing crazy things today. 🙂 Great work everybody!!


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