Snatch the Barbell to the Sky

So… Saturday we did a lot of thrusters, followed by many other things. A good time was had by all. Yesterday I did very little but cook, eat, watch football, game with the guys, and get some creative things done for a game I’m running this weekend. Nothing “active” like Saturday.


That meant that today, after all the crap I ate over the weekend (pizza mostly), it was time to get back to the box and work off a few calories.

Coach Drea led our merry band – with me, Brent, Justin, Sarah, Jenny, and Carrie in attendance. We started with 2 min on the devil’s trike (or 500m row), then did 3 rounds of 20 seconds each of:

  • pull-ups
  • push-ups
  • air squats

Once that was done, we did a lot of skill work on the snatch using a PVC pipe. Shrugs. High pulls. Muscle snatches. A few overhead squats.

181snatchThen we grabbed an unloaded barbell and some weights and started going through the same approach with an empty barbell. Once added weights though, things got interesting.

The workout is hanging power snatches:

  • 3 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3

We did a number of rounds together to warm up. I started at 75# and moved up from there…

  • 75# x3
  • 95# x3
  • 105# x3 (ugly)
  • 105# x3 (better) (this is where the 5 rounds began)
  • 115# x3 (ugly)
  • 115# x3 (better)
  • 125# x3 (ugly)
  • 115# x3 (better, Drea had me drop back after my three ugly ones at 125#)

Apparently my old 1 rep max was 135# set over a year ago (10-SEP-2015), so doing 125# three times ugly today is a good sign. Who knows? Maybe I can do more than 135#?

After all was said and done, we did some stretching on the floor and chatted about all the fun things on the horizon. Crossfit is almost always one of the best parts of my day. 🙂

Great work everybody! Have a fun day!



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