Deadlift Day

So workout #2 of the week… deadlifts. Much better than lifting a 70# kettlebell 150 times yesterday, right?

Well, maybe. Helps if you are in touch with reality about 1RM #s when you go in. Oops.

We had a good group of 6 of us for Coach Drea – me, Ev, Tionne, Brent, Jed, and a new gal.

banded-stretch-hamstringAnyway, we started with some hamstring work with a lacrosse ball on a plyo box and moved to a banded hamstring stretch on the floor before doing a 500m row (or 2 minutes on the devil’s tricycle), followed by another 3 round warm-up metcon:

  • 20 seconds of banded good mornings
  • 20 seconds of inchworm push-ups
  • 20 seconds of in-place lunges

From there we started pulling weights and such together, plus a PVC pipe. We did some deadlift refresher movements with the PVC pipe and then the empty barbell before starting to load our dumbbells for:

  • Deadlift – 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

Seven sets of increasing weight, moving towards our old 1RM or establishing a new one.


We warmed up with touch-and go at lighter weights. I did:

  • 5x @ 225#
  • 3x @ 275#
  • 1x @ 315#

And then we got started. We’d do 1 attempt (or 2) and then rest 3 minutes before going again:

  • 325#
  • 335#
  • 345# (1 failure, 1 success)
  • 355# (2 failures)
  • 345# (1 failure)
  • 335# (1 failure)
  • 315#

I went in with a number in my head that had nothing to do with reality because I didn’t bother to check my PR list. I thought my 1RM was 405#. Um. Nope. Let’s try 355# set about a year ago. And I was unhappy the last time we did PRs for deadlifts and I could only hit about 295#.

So I hit 97% of my 1RM. I really shouldn’t have been giving myself that much grief I guess. 🙂

Great work everybody! Lots of PRs today – so congrats to everyone who achieved that! Woot!


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