Black Friday Catch-up

So here’s the thing… I cherry-picked the Wednesday workout at CrossFit Continuum. Yes, that’s right – I’m admitting to looking at the workout and saying “um, no”. But here’s my reasoning…

1eth3yRunning is not my thing. Sure, I’m getting better – I’m working on it. But we signed up for the YMCA Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving this year and running the day before a 5k seemed like a very bad idea. Our family has done the 5k race for the last few years. I didn’t go last year because the route was icy, but that didn’t stop my wife and daughters. And I knew I needed to go this year.

We were not alone by any stretch. We had a big crew of folks from our extended C. Springs family – crossfitters, soccer players, and friends from all walks of life.

So doing the workout on Wednesday (which involved either a 4k or 2k run) was not high on my list of things to do. I was already not going to break any land speed records. 🙂


My wife and youngest went, crazy people that they are on Weds. And I stayed home.

Then we did the 5k race yesterday. I ran/walked with my eldest while the rest of our crew walked. We only finished about 10 minutes ahead of them. But we all finished in the stiff wind with 3300 of our closest friends.

Mickey and I finished in 49:31. Definitely about turtle speed. And the rest of our crew finished at about the hour mark.

A good chunk of my family went to do Street Petz (my wife’s non-profit organization that helps pets of the homeless) and we then went up to Denver to spend time with my family up there for the holiday. We had a great time and caught up with a few folks we don’t get to see often.

3000 of our closest friends at the Turkey Trot 2016 5k

There was a killer workout at CrossFit Continuum that we missed while doing the 5k, but it sounds like it was a doozy. 🙂

But since our box is closed for the long weekend of the holiday, we saw it as a great opportunity to go visit our friends Ray and Stephanie at their box CrossFit NCS, which just opened about three months ago. We’d been by to check it out but hadn’t had an opportunity to work out with them yet, so this was a great chance to do that and catch up a bit. So we went in today – Black Friday – and Ev, AJ, and I were able to remedy that. 🙂

Steph was our coach and we worked out with a couple of other NCS regulars and another regular was doing some independent work while we did our workout. Small class was fun. Ev, AJ, and I “teamed up” and the other two worked together. They did awesome and we just kept chugging.

We started with a warm-up:

  • 8 Min AMRAP
  • 8 Burpees
  • 8 Perfect Air Squats
  • 8 Pull Ups

I warmed up through maybe 2 rounds after filling out our paperwork. 🙂 But it was fine. And then Steph went through all the movements for the workout while we pulled our equipment together…


The first part was a 14 minute AMRAP for reps where one person worked at a time and the other(s) did a run in the parking lot or a row inside. AJ & I rowed. Ev ran.

  • Max KB 53/35
  • Max Bear Crawl 36ft
  • Max Ground to OH 95/65
  • Max Pull Up

Then we did a 4 minute rest. And then we did a 20-minute workout for time:

  • 100 Double Under (singles are 2 for 1)
  • 100 Air Squat
  • 100 Push Up
  • 100 Wall Ball 20/14 10’/9′
  • 100 Double Under

I don’t know what our total was for the first 14 minutes, but I did a ton of kettle bell swings and then was pretty messed up after that. My grip (forearms mostly) just started to fry. Bear crawl is never one of my favorite movements, but it was entertaining nonetheless.


I finished out our 14 minute time cap with a handful of pull-ups after doing a bit of mobility on those forearms. Not bad, not bad.

The 4 minutes of rest took no time at all and then we dove into the next part. We did 150 reps instead of 100 since there were three of us (which meant 300 single-unders). The first round of singles went great. Air squats, AJ took off like a bat out of hell and banged out 50. I broke my 50 into two sets of 25. Push-ups took forever – Ev & AJ went from knees and I did full push-ups but could only manage sets of 5.

Wall balls… Ugh. We alternated in sets of 10. I did ok until the last set where I did two sets of 5.

And that last set of double-unders… Ugh. My feet wouldn’t get out of the way.

It was a solid workout. We had a great time playing with Ray & Steph. And I feel like I got my 3-4 workouts in this week. Life is good.

We love CrossFit Continuum but will hopefully sneak in the occasional workout at NCS every now and then.

Thanks for letting us come play Ray! And hopefully everybody survives their Black Friday!

Have a great weekend everybody!


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