Strength day!

It’s like hump day, but different. 🙂

January 21, 2016 at 0141PM (1)Today I made it in for an 8:30 class with my youngest. AJ and I were led by Coach Larry and had the opportunity to work out with Carrie & her son, Jenny, Sarah, Shauna, Melissa & Todd, Justin, and Dan. Another pretty big class for the Thanksgiving break.

I was very happy it wasn’t more deadlifts and burpees after yesterday! And I was not alone in being thankful for that!

We started out with some foam rolling and banded shoulder work, then did a bunch of slow air squats where we held at the bottom for a second or two, moved to the assault bike for a quick 10 calorie jaunt, and then… lots of push jerk practice — first with a PVC pipe and then an empty barbell.

Once all that was done, we grouped up near the various racks at the box to start doing the WOD…

  • Push jerk – 3-3-3-3-3

We’ve not done push jerks for a while. And I don’t actually have a number in my list for it. We did Clean & Jerk in 2014 and I hit 175# but that’s the last thing I can find. My 1RM for a push press is 195# (also set in 2014), but I figured 175# was a good number to shoot for.


Dan and I paired up. He worked a bit heavier towards the end but we ended up with:

  • 125#
  • 135#
  • 145#
  • 155#/165#
  • 165#/185#

Dan did awesome, going a bit heavier than I wanted to shoot for in those last two sets. And I did ok with the push jerk until the last set, which looked more like push press than push jerk. But oh well. I did it 3x and locked out overhead after dropping it once.

Everybody did really well. AJ managed to do – 25#, 35#, 45#, 55#, and 65#.

Great work folks! Have a fantastic day!


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