Deadlifts and… ugh

Burpees. Does anyone ever really get used to them?

So Saturday we had a little bit of everything in our workout and I managed (*gasp*) a rope climb. Legless and ugly as sin, but a rope climb. Add that to all the other fun stuff we did and I was a little sore the next day.

yi47uBut I discovered that I’d hurt my middle finger on my left hand. Weirdest crossfit injury ever for me. I’ve torn hands, bloodied shins, even tumbled on a run and bloodied myself up pretty good… but I’ve never hurt a single finger before. And how ever would I do a double back flip again? (Bad pun.)

Therapy? Ice and playing my guitar. It’s not 100% yet, but better than it was.

That brings me today… Back to burpees. (Ugh)

Made it in for an 8:30 class with my eldest. She hasn’t been to a class for a while, so the coaches (Bill & Larry) gave her a hard time (in a good way). She’s been missed. 🙂

We had a great group – Bill coached. We had Sarah, Maria, Rich (new guy – seems nice), Carrie, the two Dans, Jenny, Connie,  Justin, and Shauna… A pretty big group.

We started with 5 minutes of pigeon stretch (was needed to warm up my hamstrings), then “bowled” on the rower in teams of 3. Mickey, Maria, and I did pretty well. It was three rounds where each of us had to get to 100m on the dot. Mickey got “strikes” twice and I think the furthest over or under we were was 4 or 5m. When that happened, we had to do that many walk-outs. It was fun.


Then we did 3 rounds of:

  • 10 air squats to ball
  • 10 med ball deadlifts
  • and 10 pvc good mornings

And we followed that by a few things with an unloaded bar:

  • good mornings
  • back squats
  • elbow rotations
  • strict press
  • front squats


Once all THAT was done, we got to the workout itself. There were enough of us we divided into two groups and I went after both those groups finished (just worked out that way). It was fine.

It was 21-15-9:

  • Deadlift (275/185# Rx, 225/155# Level II, 155/105# Level I)
  • Burpees over the bar

We were supposed to go light enough to shoot for a 5 minute time. Even if I had gone down to 155# the burpees would have slowed me down!

I counted for Dan H and he did great. Just kept moving through and never gave up. He started at 225# and dropped to 185# but did awesome for his first workout back in a while.

And Dan, Shauna, and Mickey cheered me on when I did mine. Took me 11:39 to complete. Not bad. But those burpees. Geez. It wasn’t even the down and up that killed me – it was the hop over the bar.

But we survived. Nowhere near that fictional 5 minute mark, but hey… 🙂 Slow is better than not at all!

Great work everybody! The 9:30 class was going to kill it too, I’m sure.

Have a great day folks!


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