Some Days are Meant for Cleaning

As I’ve grown older and adapted to being married to a force of nature, I’ve slowly become better at embracing change. Not always, but sometimes.

Today I went in at noon to CrossFit Continuum expecting to work on a new PR for clean & jerk. That did not happen. Instead I had about an hour’s worth of work with Drea and Bill on my cleans and my split jerks. Mostly cleans. It was just me in the noon class, so it was a great time to just focus on the skills and getting the body to work right (it doesn’t want to).


Started with a bunch of mobility, which was great. Did 2 minutes on the assault bike, which was less great. And then warmed up with a breakdown of the clean and jerk movements.

We then spent the next hour working with lighter weights (95/115/135) and breaking things down further. We did a ton of reps with cleans & jerks at 95# and 115# and a few at 135# before going back down to 95# and 115# to work on technique.


The three clean method – 1 clean each from a high hang, regular hang, and from the floor – worked out really well for me. It short circuited my brain’s need to control everything a bit. And the high hang and regular hang really helped a ton with my shrug and pulling the bar closer to my body, then landing in a squat position.

Was it perfect? Hell no. But I lost track of the number of reps we did and it was nothing like the 7 single clean & jerks that other folks got through, which I didn’t mind at all. I am not great at squat cleans under the best of circumstances and have been shrugging in the wrong direction, which meant my bar path was incorrect all this time.

jerk-clipart-olympic-weightlifting-clean-jerk-hiBetween the shrug and working on dropping under the bar faster (and foot position) it was a great hour. And Bill demonstrated just how awesome he his by jumping into a squat position between two plyo boxes. I immediately told him there was no way in heck that I was going to attempt it. Instead we set yoga mats on the floor beside my feet so I could have a feel of where my feet should be. That helped a bunch.

Ultimately I have to have done about 50 cleans about 10-15 jerks over the course of the hour plus. And I appreciated the help from both coaches. It was great to try and work on developing a skill in that kind of environment as opposed to doing it during a class with 4-10 other people.

So thank you Drea & Bill! I appreciate the time!

By the time we were done I was down to doing a deadlift from the floor to kind of activate my brain in the straight-armed and standing movements before dropping back to the floor and just going for a squat clean, putting it back down, and doing another squat clean. We’ll see if it sticks. I’m hoping it does.

Now I’m very tired. And I am ready for a nap. Think anyone will notice? zzzzzz

Have a great day!



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