Deadlifts, Deadlifts, and more Deadlifts

After yesterday’s cardio-fest, it was good to get back to the box today and move some weights. 🙂

Arrived at 8:30 with my wife – and we joined Sarah, Jessica, Danielle, and Jenny with Coach Bill.

20160518_103040Started with some foam rolling and hamstring mashing with a lacrosse ball, and then did a bit of a warm-up after a 200m run…

  • 10 Goblet squats (45# kettle bell)
  • 10 lunge series (forward, back, side, side)
  • 10 Split squats (no weight, off the box)
  • 10 Glute Bridges

We did one round of sets of 10 and then a round of 6s before we started the actual workout.

  • Deadlift 10-5-3-1-1-1-3-5-10 reps – count the heaviest weight you did at the top


We were supposed to start at 60-70% and maybe match or beat your one rep max at the top. I didn’t quite get there.

  • 225# x10
  • 275# x5
  • 305# x3
  • 325# x1
  • 345# (failed twice, moved on)
  • 325# x1
  • 305# x3
  • 275# x5
  • 225# x10

If you add all the weight I lifted successfully, that was nearly 10,000 pounds – 9730#. Not bad for a morning, moving 5 tons. 🙂

My most recent 1RM was 335#. My old 1RM was 355#. I was trying to split the difference. It didn’t quite work. I think I could have done 335# but it wouldn’t have been pretty. But doing a (mostly) body weight deadlift (98%) twenty times isn’t too shabby.

Great work everybody! There was a lot of weight flying around. 🙂

Thanks for keeping everybody moving Bill!



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