Cardio… Done!

Last Thursday you may have noticed we did a running workout. I ran 1.5 miles. Even just immediately after that workout, my body was telling me how that was a bad idea. 🙂

Well, to say that Friday was a bit rough would be an understatement. And Saturday and Sunday didn’t go too well either. But when Monday rolled around, it was time to get back on the proverbial horse.

201504_2057_hbbfgAnd what should I discover? A cardio workout. One I could actually do without killing myself. Huzzah!

I went to the 8:30 class with Ev and we were joined by Shaun & a new gal whose name I didn’t catch. And Coach Drea was ready for us. Since there were only four in the class, it worked out great.

We started with a little foam rolling, but we had a 40 minute workout to get to – so we didn’t have long.

The workout was a 40 minute AMRAP:

  • 500m row
  • 100 double-unders (Rx) or single-unders (level 1)

I think Shaun was the only one doing double-unders. The rest of us did singles. And we were off to the races.


It was great working out with Ev because she just kept chugging along – consistently with the row and damn fast with her single-unders. About halfway through we hit a point where I saw her pull away and just about lap me. I kept pulling closer in the row and she’d pull away in the jump roping.

She made it through 10 rounds. I made it through 9. It was awesome. She just barely lapped me. 🙂

My right knee is a little cranky after all of that and my right calf started falling asleep around round 6, but we just kept chugging away. My fastest row times were a bit under 2 minutes and my slowest was about 2:25.

I was happy with my performance. Cardio is not my thing usually, but this was a great combination of skills for me. How often can I say THAT? 🙂


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